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I have long stated in the discord that you can contact Cartography to request a leave so that you aren't removed from the map but in my infinite wisdom I forgot to actually set up a formal place to do so. So here it is, a thread where you can state a formal request to not be removed.

[b]Date Hiatus Begins:
Expected Date of Return:
Reason for Request:[/b]
If the reason is something personal or something that you would rather not make public. This can be submitted to myself through a "conversation" in this forum or over Discord (

*Note 1: I will share this reason with other members of Cartography and RP Moderation over non-public discussion unless otherwise requested to not do so.

**Note 2: I didn't think I would have to say this....... but DON'T USE THE LIKE FEATURE IN THIS THREAD!
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Date Hiatus begins: 03-24-19
Expected date of return: 08-01-19
Reason for request:
Schooling. But mostly because I might be going through another transition phase thereafter this semester in University. I will make an effort to try and post on a monthly fashion. Stress however, makes everything, including the things that you love to do, much more difficult to do. Thank you Lore for making a thread for this.

Note: Cartography has come to the decision that the fact you signed up for an RP not two weeks after you made this request showed that it was made in bad faith.

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America on Lotion
Date Hiatus Begins: 4/27/19
Expected Date of Return: 6/11/19
Reason for Request: Mainly school. I need to focus on passing this year, and discord/forums(and the rmb) has been distracting me abit too much from that, so.. yeah. However, after my date of return comes, and I can finally focus on the forums, I should be able to make more posts then before.


Date Hiatus Begins: 4/29/19
Expected Date of Return: 5/10/19
Reason for Request:
Life basically. Its been a hard month, which is why I haven't been posting at all. Its been really stressful. Until this date, I need time to return to a normal schedule.

Note: 12 Days is not really an effective time frame for a hiatus, and not really a good reasoning behind it. Also the fact that you waited until the day before you became eligible for removal to ask for a hiatus screams bad faith. Take some time and really get your stuff together and then come back.

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Date Hiatus Begins: 5/1/2019
Expected Date of Return: 5/30/2019
Reason for Request:To Cartography here, I might go inactive for a while. I have several other things to deal with in some other discords and such alongside the fact my thumb is screwed atm. Might need a few weeks off because I am currently having not only a writers block but my thumb is atm unusable because a massive bandage is on it and I have to use Rivanol everyday to clean the wound.


Date Hiatus Begins: 6/10/2019
Expected Date of Return: 9/1/2019
Reason for Request: On the 10th I am shipping out to U.S Army BCT, I will be in Fort Jackson until the 26th of August, however I can not guarantee I will be able to post while I am in South Carolina. If I am able to post during then it would only be minor posts. However, I should be able to post once I get to Fort Sam Houston for my AIT. If I am unable to for a slight bit after the first of September I will notify the cartography staff and I'll accept whatever decision they decide on. I should be done with AIT by the 10th of December. My post frequency at AIT will probably be slower than usual but I will attempt to post frequently. Once AIT is done however my post frequency should shoot up. Thank you.

Yamantau Em

Cheeki Breeki Esquire
Date Hiatus Begins:
8/31/19 sooner if possible.

Reason: I have to take some personal time to focus on some issues that I dont really feel comfortable discussing in public. If this answer isnt good enough, well, I'm sorry.


Keep pounding.
Date Hiatus Begins: 29 July 2019
Expected Date of Return: 14 February 2020
Reason for Request: I'm leaving for another country; not sure whether I can have a residential internet there.

Yamantau Em

Cheeki Breeki Esquire
Date Hiatus begins: December 29th
Expected Date of Return: February-ish
Reason for Request: Need to take a break to tackle several problematic IRL matters.

Back on track. Thank you for your patience.
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Date Hiatus Begins: 9th Jan 2020
Expected Date of Return: 30th April 2020
Reason for Request: Extreme RL Problems, Temporal Loss of Device, Moving
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Date Hiatus Begins: February 21, 2020
Expected Date of Return: July 12, 2020
Reason for Request: Senior year has been much harder than I've expected. I'm taking Spanish for the first time in over a year and the workload is slowly killing me.

I've got some really good plot lines going for Callise about the elections (basically the centre left party blows their shot at winning big and there's a realignment within it), the Tlaakatlander civil war (which I'm gonna start working out with Nog when I can), as well as a plotline inspired by the new Watchmen TV series (really wanna explore sociological problems in Callise, particularly rural Callise, and I really liked the way the show handled those issues so I'm coming up with some plots for that rn).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not inactive because I lack ideas and interest, I do, I just don't have the time to post until the end of the school year. So if I could get this hiatus that would be wonderful because I'm really excited to explore these ideas over summer.

P.s. I have it last time July 12 because I've got some big debate tournaments immediately after school like Nationals which will also limit posting activity, so I'm trying to be as safe as possible. July 12 is my birthday so I know I should probably be free after then because I don't have a lot planned after that date.


Longue vie au roi
Date Hiatus Begins: 5/4/2020
Expected Date of Return: 6/4/2020
Reason for Request: AP exams, sick with the virus.


Date Hiatus Begins: 3rd August
Expected Date of Return: 30th September
Reason for Request: Housing instability making posting kind of hard.
Date Hiatus Begins: August 19th
Expected Date of Return: Sometime Next Week
Reason for Request: We have family over, and I am going through some mental health issues.
Date Hiatus Begins: Today.
Expected Date of Return: Circa November
Reason for Request: Not only am I starting school again, and not only am I writing news articles full-time, but I'm doing the front-end and back-end for web application. There's no time in my schedule to role-play at the moment, and it'd be a let down for multiple people and their world-building if my countries were removed from the map. Hopefully by November I'll have some time on my hands.
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Dram store Goyanes
Date Hiatus Begins: 1 September
Expected Date of Return: Indefinite - no rough estimate when to return; will inform Cartography if necessary
Reason for Request: School has restarted recently and has taken a toll on my free time to RP. I have no free schedules as I have a life to live on as well amidst the pandemic. I cannot give a rough estimate right now on how long will it be, but I will make sure to inform the Cartography Team if I have a better leeway in the future.


Date Hiatus Begins:9/18/2020
Expected Date of Return:10/25/2020
Reason for Request: My grandmother is in the hospital with a decent chance of passing with an infection and several other complications. alongside general depression and the severe lack of will or want to do anything and everything. I am losing my fucking mind.