The Pact Against Cimmerien Aggression


As a result of the Kingdom of Cimmerien's declaration of war on the Armed Republic of Cogoria, following the Crown Conflict that has erupted on the northern peninsula of Cogoria, the Grand Federation of Xentherida motions the International Association of Nations to create the Pact Against Cimmerien Aggression.

Within the Pact Against Cimmerien Aggression (hereby referred to as PACA, or the Coalition), participating nations will enact the following:

1) Issue an official condemnation of the Cimmerien State,

2) Contribute naval forces towards the Coalition, to be used to blockade the territorial waters of the Cimmerien State, preventing unauthorised ships from leaving or entering Cimmerien waters.
a)Unauthorised ships are defined as naval vessels without authorisation from the Coalition to enter and leave Cimmerien waters, or are not naval vessels importing essential goods to Cimmerien

3) Contribute aerial vehicles towards the coalition, to be used in a no-fly-zone imposed by the Coalition, which shall prevent any and all unauthorised aircraft from entering or exiting Cimmerien airspace.
a) Unauthorised aircraft are defined as aerial vehicles without authorisation from the Coalition to enter or exit Cimmerien airspace.

4) Place economic sanctions on the Kingdom of Cimmerien, including but not limited to,
a) The freezing of Cimmerien assets within each Coalition member's nation,
b) The prevention of items being exported from Cimmerien to other sovereign nations,
c) The prevention of non-essential items being imported to Cimmerien from other sovereign nations
i) Defines essential as items required for civilians to survive, such as but not limited to: water, food, medical supplies.
ii) Defines non-essential as items that are not required for civilians to survive.

The above provisions shall be upheld until the Kingdom of Cimmerien officially withdraws its declaration of war with the Armed Republic of Cogoria, and begins negotiations for a peace treaty with Cogoria.

The peace treaty shall:
a)Be held in the IAN chambers, in Tolima,
b)Be overseen by a neutral nation - The Rose League.
c)Have, sitting at the negotiating table:
i) The designated ambassadors of the Kingdom of Cimmerien,
ii) The designated ambassadors of Cogoria,
iii)The designated ambassadors of the Grand Federation of Xentherida
iv) The designated ambassadors of The Rose League

And, as observers, there shall be:
i)The designated ambassadors of the member nations of the Council of Nations that are not already present at the table,
ii) The designated ambassador of the nation holding the position of the Secretary General.

[b]Long Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Short Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Naval forces contributed:[/b]
[b]Aerial forces contributed:[/b]
[b]Ratified by:[/b]

The Grand Federation of Xentherida
The Imperial Republic of Goyanes
Northern Ilian League of the Itrean Region
The Constitutional Monarchy of Andrenne
Republic of Jacksonville
Kingdom of Nogori
The Triple Federation of Trinster
The Democratic Republic of Lands of Anarchy
The Empire of Xagill
Full Nation Name: The Grand Federation of Xentherida
Naval forces contributed:
1 medium carrier
3 frigates
2 cruisers
1 destroyer
4 submarines
2 cargo ships
5 transport ships
Aerial forces contributed: 19th - 22nd Fighter Squadrons, 2nd - 5th Aerial Reconnaissance Squadrons.
Ratified by: King Christian III, PM Adam Reitano, Xentheridan Parliament.
Full Nation Name: The Imperial Republic of Goyanes
Naval forces contributed:
HMS Konstantin I- Javelin Class Supercarrier
HMS Bædurfjord- Railgun Equipped, Valhalla Class Destroyer
HMS Sanadur- Valhalla Class Destroyer
HMS Næroy- Valhalla Class Destroyer
HMS Hysende- Hysende Class Cruiser
HMS Kusenhelm- Hysende Class Cruiser
HMS Vålnad- Nuclear Capable, Phantom Class Sub
HMS Endurance- Transport/Supply Ship
Aerial forces contributed:
Aboard Carrier:
77th Imperial Carrier Wing (60 Rafale Fighters, 2 E/A-6B Prowlers) (Aboard Carrier)
9th Bombing and Reconnaissance Wing
Ratified by: Grand Emperor Anthony I, Prime Minister Jon Norberg


Full Nation Name: Northern Ilian League of the Itrean Region
Short Nation Name: Itrean League
Naval forces contributed: 1st Northern Rapid Deployment Flotilla, 17 Ships, incl|
Behemoth Escort Carrier - 7103
Aquamarine Missile Cruiser - Azurite
Provincial Multi-Role Destroyer - Dyela
Core Escort Frigates - Ayrith; VaelTri
Guardian Corvettes - 1007, 1011, 1020, 1021
Warden Minesweeper Corvette - 2002, 2006
Union Ballistic Submarine - 5002, 5011
+ 4 Support and Supply Ships

Aerial forces contributed: 25 Aircraft of the LNS Behemoth 3 |
20 Helicopters
5 Muli-Role Fighters

Ratified by: Prime Minister Denelis, MP of Ayrith Proper / Approved by Assembly Standing Committee on Rapid Deployments (7/10).

Signatures: N/A
Added Itrean forces.

(OOC: IAN membership is default. If you RP or are on the map, you're instantly in. And it is not required to be a part of the IAN in order to join the coalition.)

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Full Nation Name: The Constitutional Monarchy of Andrenne
Naval forces contributed:
1st Royal Naval Expeditionary Fleet
IMS Prinz Henry - Kuniglig Class Carrier
IMS Rystig - Ozavin Class Destroyer
IMS Fiskadler - Ozavin Class Destroyer
IMS Sabel - Djormav Class Cruiser
IMS Nvall - Djormav Class Cruiser
IMS Kraken - Untvar Class Submarine
+ 4 Small Patrol Boats
Aerial forces contributed:
1st Royal Air Expeditionary Wing
2nd Royal Air Expeditionary Wing
(10 Harrier Style Naval Jet Fighters, 5 Helicopters in both wings. Both wings are held on the Prinz Henry)
Ratified by: Prime Minister William Gehrhardt, Minister of Defence Johan Eldstromme, Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schweizer


Long Nation Name: The Democratic Republic of Lands of Anarchy
Short Nation Name: Lands of Anarchy
Naval forces contributed: 12 ships (including patrol boats)
4 Light Destroyers
3 Heavy Cruisers
1 Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier
+4 Small Patrol Boats

Aerial forces contributed: 45 Planes
35 Multi-Purpose Light Fighters.
5 Multi-Purpose Heavy Fighters
5 Armor-Heavy Defense Fighters
(All are carried on the Aircraft Carrier, hence the ability for a high amount.)

Ratified by: 86% of Congress (386/449), President John Smith, Vice President Terrence Logan, and Head General Jonas Simms
Signatures: N/A

(Edit: Fixed the numbers.)
EDIT: Denied Anarchy's forces. Such an enormous number of ships (10 cruisers and 13 destroyers) is far too much for something so far away, and without a reset of fleets and floatillas. When the number is toned down, then Anarchy will be accepted.
Long Nation Name: Republic of Jacksonville
Short Nation Name: Jacksonville
Naval forces contributed:
JN Jacksonville-Flagship, Aircraft Carrier
JN West Jacksonville, Aircraft carrier.
JN Jackson Ivanovich, Helicopter Carrier
JN East Jacksonville , destroyer
JN Nichegrad, cruiser
JN Voldonsk, cruiser
JN Duval, Cruiser
Aerial forces contributed: 5th Air Brigade: 25 Su-34's and 15 Su-35's.
Ratified by: President Nico Astanov, Vice President Brian Alexandrov, and President of the Council of the Republic Yuri Nikosovich
Signatures: N/A
The Rose League will be maintaining its neutrality through the entirety of this conflict. However, seeing as we have been named as overseers to the eventual peace treaty, we have dispatched six ships to patrol the waters between the Armed Republic of Cogoria and the Kingdom of Cimmerien. The M.N.V. Róisín and the M.N.V. Máirín shall be running escort and protection for the M.N.V. Eilín, the M.N.V. Sláine, the H.S. Cúram and the H.S. Trócaire. These four ships consist of two multipurpose frigates that have been fitted for the purposes of administering humanitarian aid (while still maintaining some combat capability to defend themselves) and our two naval hospital ships. The entire fleet shall respond and help should either the Armed Republic of Cogoria or the Kingdom of Cimmerien should they request humanitarian aid. Furthermore, Marshal Ruairí of the Crimson Berets, First Division and his fellow negotiating team have been put on standby to help with peace terms once both sides have become tired of this war.

Edit: The Rose League will not be joining the PACA. This statement was made to inform all coalition members of Merilian ships that would be in the area.
Long Nation Name: Kingdom of Nogori
Short Nation Name: Nogori
Naval forces contributed: None
Aerial forces contributed: 15 Su-35s
Ratified by: King Judicael Magnus Axsel, Chancellor Gabriel Ferhalding
Signatures: N/A

(OOC: My aircraft will be on the JN West Jacksonville)
Long Nation Name: The Constitutional Monarchy of SAA Canada
Short Nation Name: SAA Canada
Naval forces contributed: 1 battleship, 3 cruisers, 7 patrol ships.
Aerial forces contributed: None.
Ratified by: Queen Grace II, Prime Minister Icebergspaz
Signatures: N/A
Long Nation Name: The Triple Federation of Trinster
Short Nation Name: Trinster
Naval forces contributed:
TNV Trishan (Supercarrier designed for Epsilon drone aircraft), TNV Jackson Rees (Cruiser), TNV James Tankerson (Crusier), TNV Silent Judgement (Destroyer), TNV Repentant Action (Destroyer), 4 patrol boats
Aerial forces contributed: Full compliment of TNV Trishan (40 Epsilon-Class aircraft, field assembly and spairs)
Ratified by: Triumverate Mob Barley, E.V.A CORE-ALPHA-21
Signatures: AUTHCODE: 1825-1121 AUTHORISED
Long Nation Name: The Empire of Xagill
Short Nation Name: Xagill
Naval forces contributed:
3 Light Destroyers
2 Heavy Cruisers
1 Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier
4 supply ships

Aerial forces contributed:
30 Light Fighters.
10 Multi-Purpose Heavy Fighters
5 Defense Fighters
Ratified by:Emporer Alexander XVVIII, Prime Minster Hunt Fihd
Signatures: N/A
The Ministry of Defense and the Stortinget wishes to notify PACA of the addition of 1 amphibious assault ship, 1 destroyer, 2 attack helicopter wings, and 1,000 Goyanean Imperial Knights to the Goyanean fleet operation.

-The Rt. Hon. Jon Norberg, Prime Minister of Goyanes
Head General Jonas Simms wishes to notify PACA of the addition of 700 Anarchian troops to the blockade, however, the Aircraft Carrier is being withdrawn.
The Andrennian Ministry of Defense wishes to inform the PACA that we shall be withdrawing our Naval forces due to their now neutral stance on the conflict.

-The Rt. Hon. Olivia Wehrn, Prime Minister of Andrenne
At the way that current diplomatic events are going with Cimmeria - the treaty between them and Cogoria being refused - PACA may be reformed. Xentherida advises to keep your navies prepared in case hostilities continue.