1. Highton

    Pataliputra 2020 Odinspyl GROUP A THREAD (Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball)

    Results will be posted here for Group A sports. Please post news or RP posts relating to these sports here in this thread. Schedules: Roster Rules: Mens U-23 Soccer- 18 players, 3 players over the age of 23 are allowed. Womens Soccer- 18 players, no age limitation Rugby- 13...
  2. Fregerson

    Poafmeria Football League System

    History of the Football League System Poafmeria, being a nation crazy about football, has recently reformatted it's domestic system to facilitate it's entrance into international club competitions. This also comes with more clubs becoming full professional clubs, and an increase in appetite for...
  3. Highton

    TNP SuperCup 2019

    IC posts relating to the 2019 TNP SuperCup (non-canon) should be placed in this thread. The champions of the CEFA World Cup and the FIDAC World Cup will go head to head to determine the ultimate TNP football champions. Sponsored by Minister of Culture Prydania Organized by Highton, Nessie...
  4. Highton

    CEFA Champions Cup 2019/20 | Info + Sponsors

    OOC: This is the thread for team info and sponsors. Essentially it merges the sign-ups thread and the sponsorship threads from the 2019 CEFA World Cup. If you are submitting a sponsor, please follow the format below. If you would like to sponsor the tournament as a whole, please reach out to a...
  5. Highton

    CEFA Champions Cup 2019/20 | Results + News

    OOC: This is the results and news thread for the 2019/20 CEFA Champions Cup. Schedules and results will be posted here. Feel free to also post RP and news articles relating to the tournament in this thread as well. This event will run off of a similar formula to the CEFA World Cup held in...
  6. Highton

    HPL 2019/20 Results

    HPL 2019/20 The CEFA World Cup has concluded, with Goyanes crowned world champions for the third time. Now, it is back to club football for the players, and back to domestic leagues. Highton's HPL is considered one of the "Big 4" leagues and it prepares for its 2019-2020 season. Although...
  7. Highton

    CEFA History Thread

    This thread will be used for storing the history of CEFA competitions. The list of CEFA World Cup finals dating back to 1953 will be in the OP, and posts about the history of the tournaments, such as closer looks at past tournaments, may be posted in here. I will update the table below when...
  8. Highton

    Goyanes 2019 CEFA World Cup | Results + News

    Results for the CEFA World Cup will be posted in this thread. Also post any news/RP posts relating to the competition in this thread. TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE