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Not a Malorian vassal

OOC: This is the thread for team info and sponsors. Essentially it merges the sign-ups thread and the sponsorship threads from the 2019 CEFA World Cup. If you are submitting a sponsor, please follow the format below. If you would like to sponsor the tournament as a whole, please reach out to a member of the Organizing Committee via Discord (Highton#5752 or LordGigaIce#7213) or a forum PM. For team information, you may follow the recommended format, or use your own. Participation in this is not mandatory for tournament participation.

Company: [sponsor name]
Sponsorship: [Whole Cup/Individual Club]
Sponsorship Type (clubs only): [Shirt, Sleeve, Partner, etc.]
Summary: [a summary of the company]
Logo (optional): [please include spoiler]

Team Name:
Team Nickname:
Team Colors:
Stadium Name:
Manager/Head Coach:
Roster: [please include spoiler]
Logo: [please include spoiler]
Uniform: [please include spoiler]
Scarf: [please include spoiler]


Not a Malorian vassal
Team Name: Highton City FC
Team Nickname: the Citizens
Team Colors: Navy Blue
Nation: Highton
Stadium Name: Cocos Park
City: Highton City
Manager/Head Coach: Christian Bahr
Captain: Alexís

Team Name: Trier FC
Team Nickname: Blau-Weiss
Team Colors: Royal Blue and White
Nation: Highton
Stadium Name: AMW-Stadion
City: Trier
Manager/Head Coach: Augustin Bittermann
Captain: Mario Küpfer

Team Name: Aþl. Lighton
Team Nickname: the Athletics
Team Colors: Orange and Black
Nation: Highton
Stadium Name: Jakfeld
City: Lighton
Manager/Head Coach: Chris Bergen
Captain: Henry Metzinger

Team Name: AS Nola
Team Nickname: the Associates
Team Colors: Green and White
Nation: Highton
Stadium Name: Bet31 Field
City: Nola
Manager/Head Coach: Pascal Stemmler
Captain: Marc Stock

Team Name: Capital FC
Team Nickname: the Federals
Team Colors: Red and Blue
Nation: Highton
Stadium Name: HB-Stadion
City: Highton City
Manager/Head Coach: Rudi Raab
Captain: John Checker

Team Name: Red Star Sainte-Hélène
Team Nickname: Red Star
Team Colors: Red and White
Nation: Ponterre
Stadium Name: Municipal Stadium
City: Ville de Sainte-Hélène
Manager/Head Coach: Éric Lalande
Captain: Fabrice Morel
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Teams of Ulstome

Team Name: Rotslo
Team Nickname: The Lancers
Team Colours: Red and White
Nation: Ulstome
Stadium Name: Nua Rotslo
Manager/Head Coach: David Gonson
Captain: George Monkin

Team Name: Sost Krincaster
Team Nickname: The Bees
Team Colours: Black and Yellow
Nation: Ulstome
Stadium Name: Baislorg Gagin
Manager/Head Coach: Jörn Pelzer
Captain: Danniel Kon

Team Name: Haslantestone
Team Nickname: The Miners
Team Colours: Dark Blue
Nation: Ulstome
Stadium Name: Semel Elvain
Manager/Head Coach: Harold Forson
Captain: James Lon

Team Name: Sist Krincaster
Team Nickname: The Dyers
Team Colours: Purple and White
Nation: Ulstome
Stadium Name: Elvain Donsa
Manager/Head Coach: Bernard Varson
Captain: Vickory Toston

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