Pataliputra 2020 Odinspyl GROUP A THREAD (Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball)


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Results will be posted here for Group A sports. Please post news or RP posts relating to these sports here in this thread.


Preliminary (Group) Phase- July 6th-14th
Quarterfinals- July 17th
Semifinals- July 19th
Finals- July 22nd
Preliminary (Group) Phase- July 6th-14th
Quarterfinals- July 17th
Semifinals- July 19th
Finals- July 21st
Group Stage- July 6th-14th
Quarterfinals- July 16th-17th
Semifinals- July 20th
Finals- July 24th
Group Stage- July 6th-13th
Quarterfinals- July 15th-16th
Semifinals- July 19th
Finals- July 23rd
Group Stage- July 8th-12th
Quarterfinals- July 14th
Semifinals- July 16th
Finals- July 18th
Group Stage- July 7th-11th
Quarterfinals- July 13th
Semifinals- July 15th
Finals- July 17th
Group Stage- July 6th-14th
Quarterfinals- July 16th-17th
Semifinals- July 20th
Finals- July 24th
Group Stage- July 6th-13th
Quarterfinals- July 15th-16th
Semifinals- July 19th
Finals- July 23rd
Round of 64 (singles only)- July 14th
Round of 32- July 16th-17th
Round of 16- July 18th-19th
Quarterfinals- July 20th
Semifinals- July 22nd
Women's Singles and Doubles Final- July 23rd
Men's Final- July 24th
Round of 32- July 9th-11th
Round of 16- July 13th-15th
Quarterfinals- July 17th
Semifinals- July 19th-20th
Finals- July 22nd

Roster Rules:

Mens U-23 Soccer- 18 players, 3 players over the age of 23 are allowed.
Womens Soccer- 18 players, no age limitation
Rugby- 13 players
Basketball- 12 players
Handball- 16 players
Volleyball- 14 players​
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Tournament Draws
Group A -> Syrixia, Celtivr, Malor-Kanada, Nirey
Group B -> Callise, Kalety, Ugria, Demescia
Group C -> Epiphani, Essalanea, Highton, Hessunland
Group D -> Prydania, Andrenne, Lawston, Predice
Group A -> Syrixia, Hessunland, Predice, Demescia
Group B -> Lawston, Prydania, Poafmeria, Yalkan
Group C -> Ponterre, Highton, Durban, Polihy
Group D -> Callise, Nirey, Epiphani, Xentherida
Group A -> Syrixia, Norsos, Goyanes, Predice
Group B -> Korova, Essalanea, Gotmark, Yakuvony
Group C -> Highton, Lundr, Hessunland, Oclusia
Group D -> Prydania, Lawston, Valland, New Aleman
Group A -> Syrixia, Xentherida, Yakuvony, Demescia
Group B -> Essalanea, Gotmark, Mintoria, Naizerre
Group C -> Korova, Lawston, Norsos, Oclusia
Group D -> Highton, Lundr, Peuportîle, New Aleman
Group A -> Syrixia, Highton, Astragon, Demescia
Group B -> Ulstome, Xentherida, Predice, Poafmeria
Group C -> Skanda, Epiphani, Ponterre, Merilia
Group D -> Callise, Celtivr, Naizerre, Midir
Group A -> Syrixia, Xentherida, Skanda, Kasu
Group B -> Ponterre, Essalanea, Nirey, Ugria
Group C -> Yalkan, Prydania, Saintonge, Naizerre
Group D -> Ulstome, Callise, Valland, Demescia
Group A -> Syrixia, Andrenne, Astragon, Ponterre
Group B -> Highton, Ascalon, Demescia, Predice
Group C -> Naizerre, Essalanea, Ulstome, Saintonge
Group D -> Goyanes, Prydania, Skanda, Lanceria
Group A -> Syrixia, Goyanes, Demescia, Norsos
Group B -> Prydania, Ulstome, Poafmeria, Xentherida
Group C -> Saintonge, Skanda, Naizerre, Saperisole
Group D -> Highton, Iraelia, Oclusia, New Aleman
Tennis and Volleyball TBA
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Saintonge’s Odinspyl men’s football team announced

by Jules-Régnier Castillan de Réalcamp in Saintes
SAINTES – the Santonian Football Federation (Fédération saintongeaise de football) and the Santonian Odinspyl Committee (Comité saintongeais d’Odinspyl) had announced the men's football team that will compete with the 2020 Odinspyl.

Because of the organiser’s requirement that the players be under the age of 23, there were significant changes in the lineup from last year’s Football Championships. Callups were made from the Santonian junior teams, leading to a decidedly more diverse Santonian team.

Bernard-Diomède Mantaux (20) replaces Bruno-Patrice Cuisance (who is 28) as the #1 goalkeeper, with newcomer Marc-Pancrace Blanchard (19) as backup. Mantaux was a backup goalkeeper during last year’s World Cup.

At the back, Alain-Raphaël Taillefer (19) and Pierre-Baudouin Obelin (18) join veterans Albéric Barreau (21), Florian Blaquart (22) and Joël-Gilbert Duranton (20).

The midfield was almost entirely changed due to the rules, with only Jonathan Jeandupeux (20) remaining. Instead a slew of promising teenagers, all with immigrant backgrounds, will be wearing the Santonian kit: Prydanian-born Hugberg Steenstrup (18), Hessunlander-descended Matthias-Hermann Kromschroeder (18), Santonian of Predicean descent Marc-Colomban Scotellaro (18), and Lawston-born Kidlat Agbayani (18). A Santonian will be joining them: Brice-Baudouin Schaerlaekens (18), who will most likely be a starting player.

Up in front, the duo of Kévin-Ardouin Cremillieux (20) and Matthieu-Donatien Kerbriant (21) remains as the starter forwards. Veteran Cédric-Axel Leblond (21) are still on the team.

The starter duo of Cremillieux and Kerbriant will be joined by Druron Dangereaux (18) a.k.a. “D. Dangerous”, the young star striker of Stade de Saintes who was the key in the club’s re-entry into the top tier of the Santonian football leagues. Brice-Corentin Kermorgant (18), the teenaged Bethanian striker for FC Vantes de Domnonée rounds up the new additions to the front of the Santonian team.

The team will still be herded by Coach Frédéric Janvion of the Santonian Football Federation.


Likely Starting Lineup:

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles

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“The Queen and her Nobles” to lead the Santonian women’s football team

Vies Sportives (Blog)
by Anne-Victoire Sorbon-Lamirault

It’s official. The Queen and her Nobles are fronting the Santonian women’s football team for Odinspyl 2020!

We’re not referring to Queen Mélisende of Saintonge. We are referring to Her Majesty Marie-Reine Potel, arguably the reigning queen of Santonian football. The Stade de Saintes striker was nicknamed “queen” after her name (“Queen Mary” in Santonian) and for her domination of the field. The half-Tamerian half-Santonian (her mother is a Tameri fashion designer in Saintes) exhibited her prowess in the most recent women’s football championship, which saw her team emerge as the champions. Her fans usually chant “YAS QUEEN” to support her; so when one hears “YAS QUEEN” in the stadium, it’s likely that the Queen is in possession of the ball.

Marie-Reine Potel, the queen of Santonian football.

The starting lineup of the Santonian women’s football team will also likely see the “Nobles” front the Diablesses Rouges. Up front will be SC Bâle forward Florence de Lavicomterie, whose surname means “the Viscountcy” but she is not a member of the Santonian nobility. Then there is Côme FC’s striker Julienne-Avelline Baronne de la Capoue, who is actually a real baroness in the province of the Pouilles. Fans had long lobbied for the “dream team” combination of the three most prolific scorers last season to lead Saintonge’s women’s football Odinspyl team. On Twitcher and Facegram, fans already dubbed the trio “the Queen and her Nobles”.

The fans’ dreams came true when the Santonian Football Federation (Fédération saintongeaise de football) and the Santonian Odinspyl Committee (Comité saintongeais d’Odinspyl) announced the full roster of the Santonian women’s football team. Also in the roster is FC Vantes de Domnonée’s midfielder Tatiana Godina-Goff, a Korovan refugee who incidentally is the wife of Alan-Childéric Goff, also a midfielder in the Santonian men’s team. Another refugee, Finnlaug Haarstad from Prydania, was called up after her spectacular performance in assisting the Queen for Stade de Saintes. It’s not only the Queen who brought their ladies-in-waiting midfield assists: Delphine-Ève Corroller from SC Bâle and breakout star Gabriella Chadeneau from Côme FC also made the cut for the team.


Likely Starting Lineup:

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles

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HIGHTON CITY, NH — Highton Blau Kokos manager Pia Lowenstam has announced the 18-player roster for the 2020 Odinspyl women's football tournament. Despite being a young squad, Hightonians are optimistic that the team can compete for a medal. The youngest player on the squad is Constanze Serci, who makes the cut despite only having made one senior appearance for the national team. This tournament could be her breakout after an excellent HWPL season. Justine Leupolz is another talented young player who at 22 will be competing for the starting spot at center forward. All around, the Blau Kokos will as always field a very strong team and will look to play their high pressing style in Pataliputra as they aim for the gold medal.

#NamePos.AgeCity of BirthClub
1Scarlé AlpinGK29Rixion City, RXRixion Rouges
2Natalie DallmanRB21Victoria, RTPobfénix Sirens FC
3Esté BlauLB22Alexandria, AXHighton City FC
4Magdalena FaehlmannCB19Trier, ALTrier Majestic
5Mya ZupíaCM31Nola, TKTrier Majestic
6Simone RëveCM27Highton City, NHHighton City FC
7Constanze SerciLW17Düren, ALPobfénix Sirens FC
8Emmeline LiebermanCAM24Dransfeld, ALAtletica Lighton
9Ele RaderST33Dinslaken, ALHighton City FC
10Adeline PetasumoRW32Nola, TKHighton City FC
11Justine LeupolzST22Lincoln Park, ALPobfénix Sirens FC
12Sara ZonumCAM25Telgte, ALRixion Rouges
13Zoé SalzvedelGK30Haland, PrydaniaHighton City FC
14Rose VonnCB27Letztestadt, VAVPS
15Helena VömannCB20Trier, ALAS Nola
16Melanie KleinCM22Trier, ALTrier Majestic
17Kayla MagullRW26Pt. Phoenix, PXPobfénix Sirens FC
18Svenja OberdorfLB33Nola, TKN.H.Þ.
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HIGHTON CITY, NH — Six-time Goldener Ball winner Alexís will return to the Odinspyl this July as one of Highton's three designated overage players. Last week, Alexís starred in Highton City's Princes Cup triumph, scoring in City's 4-1 win over AS Nola in the final. The other two overage players are both Hightonian legends; Fernando Rossi, who starred in Highton's World Cup victories of 2011 and 2017, and experienced goalkeeper John Checker who at age 37 may be playing in his last international tournament. There are many exciting young players in the squad. The HPL's young player of the season, Mario Rydz, will expect to start off the left-wing opposite Alexís and could be one of the top players of the tournament. Arne Havenstein, who was named young player of the CEFA World Cup in 2019, is still only 18 and after a 14 goal season for Capital FC, might be one of the best strikers in the world in the coming years. Basti Cerci is a new face; he is the brother of Hightonian women's prospect Constanze Cerci and was one of the stars of a young Phoenix Coast Warriors team that won the HPL this season. The Warriors are the best-represented team in this team with four players (Kai Moritz, Arthur Thiel, Bastian Cerci, and Karl Wenzel).

#NamePos.AgeCity of BirthClub
1John Checker*GK38Jefferson, PXCapital FC
2Kai MoritzRB22Trier, ALPHX Coast Warriors
3Julien SantanaLB19Jacksonville, CojedesTrier FC
4Lukas UngarCB21Highton City, NHAachen SV
5Emil GaletaCB19Glöckenkirchen, ALGlöckenkirchen Union
6Franz MüllerCM21Duisburg, ALHighton City FC
7Mario RydzLW21Lincoln Park, ALNeu Club Trier
8Fernando Rossi*CM31Soanborg, TKCapital FC
9Arne HavensteinST18Einestadt, PXCapital FC
10Alexís*RW33Essen, ALHighton City FC
11Sergi WolfCAM19Kzüna, VAEnergie Vaasanport
12Stefan StefanovićGK18Kzüna, VAEnergie Vaasanport
13Arthur ThielLB22Bad Bertrich, ALPHX Coast Warriors
14Bastian CerciCAM18Düren, ALPHX Coast Warriors
15Karl WenzelCM22Trier, ALPHX Coast Warriors
16Michael OpukuCB21Highton City, NHMitta Istrija (ANR)
17Alex WeisskopfRW18Minheim, ALAachen SV
18Jonas LettmanST21Trier, ALTrier FC

* indicates an overage player (max. 3 allowed)

ACR of Deerfenland


Published: 2 July 2020

(Astratov, Oclusia) - Just last night, an Oclusi Handball player, Matviy Starčanka, was on the ride back to his home before he hit a speed bump and flipped over before landing and dying upon impact.

Matviy Starčanka was a solid player from Astratov. Brought up in the city, he felt comfortable around town to class, stores, home, ship rides, and the handball rec center. He was ostensibly the best player in Meterra and in a ranking taken by the Oclusi Dragon, he was positioned number two in the country simply behind his colleague, Alex Alzhur. As indicated by his folks, from the age of four, he was continually holding a ball and he would begin shooting into a basket in which he used as a net when he was five.

He discovered his way in the Oclusia Amateur League from the age of six. He played with a group that was two years more seasoned than him. He discovered his way on the court and he kept on continuing showing signs of improvement and skill. Playing for the Downtown Diamonds, he was known for his grand shot. In any case, he became the youngest player to score over 1,000 career points at the age of 10. There was no halting this youngster. He went without hesitation rapidly, quickly, and he generally took care of business. He was picked to the Oclusi National Handball Team's Developmental Program when he was fourteen and rapidly, he was on the radar of numerous scouts from the Oclusi Professional Basketball Association.

He was drafted and signed at fifteen years old by the Vlad Magic. He kept on astounding as he made his presentation a shocking one. He dropped 7 points in his first game and he gave no indications of halting. He kept on rounding up the scores for quite a long time and this past season, he had a breakout season. At seventeen years old, he appeared as though he was headed to fame and glory. He was selected to play in for Oclusia in the Odinspyl 2020 and to show the world the glory of Oclusia.

However, his life was cut short when he was in this crash. Authorities claim that parts of his body including his arms and his toes were missing from the crash site as they pulled him out. No smells of alcohol came from the vehicle and a further investigation is underway.
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Marie-Reine Potel @reinepotel 2d

I would like to thank @FSF and @STGOdinspyl2020 for the opportunity to represent Saintonge! Vive les Diablesses Rouges!

#STG #Saintonge #Odinspyl2020 #DiablessesRouges #Football

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Anne-Thérèse Mistier @ATMistier 1d
Replying to @reinepotel

Yes the queen and her nobles are on the field! Respect!​

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Marissa Cointreau @cointreau_marissa 1d
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Eat, Drink, and Ta-Meri @ReshephT 22h
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The Tameri community in Saintonge is proud of you! YAS QUEEN!​

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Suzanne @SuzanneDeschenes 21h
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Make way for the queen and her nobles! Yas Queen!​

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Ulstome Odinspyl 2020 Mens Football Roster Announced
The awaited roster of players that would be sent to represent Ulstome in the 2020 Odinspyl had been confirmed earlier today. Many would have guessed as to who of the nations talented youth players would make the cut to be placed in the squad. Unsurprisingly after Sost Krincasters outstanding performance in the Seapion Ligithe and more recently in their winning of the Champions Cup final 3 - 1 over Aþletic Lighton from Highton that Arnold Possman, who although usually plays as a right back had been brought on as a centre-back alongside Danniel Kon, who was one of the three overage players admitted in the team, to form a very strong central defence. Daniel Evasno and Sigmund Zickmer had also been called up to play on the left and right wings respectively. Zickmer had won young player of the year in the last season on the seapion ligithe. All four had been consistently been in the starting 11 for Sost Krincaster and so it has come to no surprise that they had been called up. There was no surprise either amongst the younger players from supports of Ulstome's domestic league when players such as Simon Fremsla and Tobias Koverin from Haslantestone with Koverin being the youngest of the goalkeepers in the league and Endre Tumon from Sist Krincaster all who had excellent performances both in the league and in the Champions Cup. More surprising however was the choice of Skozen, the only recently turned 17 year old was the youngest player in his domestic league and although his massive height and performance on the pitch, able to go toe to toe with those much older than himself, showed him clearly to be a rising star many are sceptical due to his lack of professional and international experience, being the only member of the team to not be a constant starting player for his team in most matches, as to his suitability as a pick. In addition two unsurprising choices make up the overage selection for the midfeild. Gregory Varson as a central midfielder and Eric Vaas central attacking midfielder had been brought on to strengthen and organise both the midfield and forwards. It is likely that with these choices that the Ulstome team is aiming to use the greater experience of these players in each area of the pitch to organise and coordinate the various players to form a powerful opposition to any opponent who they shall face.

No.PLAYER'S NAMEPositionClub
1Tobias KoverinGKHaslantestone
2Danniel KonCBSost Krincaster
3Arnold PossmonCBSost Krincaster
4Simon FremslaRBHaslantestone
5Harald SalsenLBIslaford
6Endre TumonCMSist Krincaster
7Gregory VarsonCMNola
8Eric VaasCAMNola
9Daniel EvasnoLWSost Krincaster
10Sigmund ZickmerRWSost Krincaster
11Tony SkozenSTRotslo
15ErsCMNotha Haslaford
18Marius DevsonGKFarne

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Ulstome Odinspyl 2020 Women Football Roster Announced
The Ulstome Womens team roster for the 2020 Odinspyl had just been announced by manager Ulf Bredahl. The Ulstome team heading off to represent the country in the 2020 Odinspyl contains many of the big names of Ulstomes female league players. The Noss twins of Mona in the midfield and Tuva in the attacking midfield position from Rotslo FC which finished 2nd in the league last season are a devastating in their teamwork and coordination which they had used to great effect to help control the midfield for their team. A large number of players on the team also come from Sost Krincaster which won the league with Thomasses in goal, Possman in defence and Horgen and Skare on the left wing and as the teams main striker, the familiarity with their teammates will come in good use for their performance. Similarly the players from Starvo who had a worse than normal season still managed to take the positions on the final squad with Thorness and Lillegard being likely to be in the starting 11 after their good defensive performance in the league games. This team also drew attention from supporters who didn't usually pay much attention to the women's league with Christina Possmon, twin of Arnold Possmon in the mens team, and Vera Vaas, younger sister of Eric Vaas, being called up, making the performance of this teem keenly looked on to see if they will out do their siblings. The Ulstome womens team would usually be comparable to the mens team in terms of its quality in comparison on the national stage but now they will go out, looking to prove that they are the best.

No.PLAYER'S NAMEPositionClub
1Veronika ThomassenGKSost Krincaster
2Elisabeth HegnaCBBor
3Christina PossmonRBSost Krincaster
4Malene ThornessCBStarvo
5Astrid SandLBSist Krincaster
6Monika LillegardCMStarvo
7Mona NossCMRotslo
8Vera VaasRWFarne
9Elsa HorgenLWSost Krincaster
10Klara SkareSTSost Krincaster
11Tuva Noss CAMRotslo
12Dina NordhagenCBBor
13Solfrid KarlstadCBSelona
14Tine RudCMSelona
15Kate HougCMNartin
16Margit KorsmoSTStavro
17Torild EggumCAMYli
18Ella AabyGKClarenstein

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Ulstome Odinspyl Rugby Team Rosters Announced
With making it into the Rugby 7's for both the men and womens teams to represent Ulstome in the 2020 Odinspyl the Team Rosters of those who have been sent to represent their nation have been announced.


1Peter BirkyBorstein
2Gøran OrvikAllona
3 Glenn Eliasen Crislo
4Sven MatthiessenBaro
5 Gisle Meland Selona
6 Eivind Pollen Kerloge
7 Sebastian Aarstad Myre


1 Asta Dotseth Adara
2 Helle Folland Flø
3 Dina Aune Tinvik
4 Marthe Haarstad Lynero
5 Kristina Wahl Ryg
6 Ulrikke Anfinson Nutha
7 Anette Hambro Ersdal


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BOKARONAGAR, SYRIXIA — Highton's quest for the gold medal in Odinspyl football will begin today as the Kokos take on Ascalon at the 75,000 capacity Banjeree Arena in the south of Syrixia. Highton defeated Ponterre 2-0 in Port Phoenix earlier this week as final preparation for the tournament. Highton captain Alexís picked up a small knock in the Ponterre game, but he is still expected to start against Ascalon. As Highton lined up in a 4-3-3 last week, it can be anticipated that the starting lineup will deploy a similar strategy in the Group B opener. After a sensational man of the match performance against Ponterre, Basti Cerci will likely start in attacking midfield, providing support for the 18-year-old wonderkid Arne Havenstein. If Alexís starts, he will likely play on the right-wing cutting inside, with the HPL's young player of the season Mario Rydz providing from the opposite left-hand side.

Tune in on ZHF at 8:00 HST as Highton faces off against Ascalon.

Today's Men's Football Fixtures

Syrixia vs AndrenneA13:00 HSTZHF 2
Astragon vs PonterreA15:30 HSTZHF 3
Demescia vs PrediceB17:45 HSTZHF 3
Highton vs AscalonB20:00 HSTZHF
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Odinspyl Pataliptra 2020 Day 1 Results

Basketball (Men)

Syrixia 87-69 Nirey
Celtivr 83-61 Malor-Kanada

Callise 70-66 Demescia
Kalety 90-73 Ugria

Epipihani 82-66 Hessunland
Essalanea 66-79 Highton

Prydania 81-66 Predice
Andrenne 84-74 Lawston

Basketball (Women)

Syrixia 89-77 Demescia
Hessunland 76-67 Predice

Lawston 73-77 Yalkan
Prydania 74-72 Poafmeria

Ponterre 65-89 Polihy
Highton 84-61 Durban

Callise 80-83 Xentherida
Nirey 83-65 Epiphani

Handball (Men)

Syrixia 21-29 Norsos
Predice 24-27 Goyanes

Korova 29-28 Essalanea
Yakuvony 29-27 Gotmark

Handball (Women)

Syrixia 23-29 Xentherida
Yakuvony 23-30 Demescia

Soccer (Men)

Syrixia 4-2 Andrenne
Ponterre 0-1 Astragon

Highton 4-0 Ascalon
Predice 0-2 Demescia

Soccer (Women)

Syrixia 1-5 Goyanes
Demescia 2-1 Norsos



DAY ONE: Goyanean teams perform well in first matches; World Champion soccer team to face off in coming days

The Ladies in Blue pulled a stunning win in the group stage today against Syrixia, routing them 5-1. Mens' handball similarly were victorious, but they narrowly beat Predice 27-24. The men’s soccer team, which is in Group D along with Prydania, Skanda, and Lanceria will face off in the coming days as part of the group stage. The mens U23 team is led by world-champion coach Thor Hannan, and global all-star Jorgen Admusson will be returning to fill his striker position.

The women’s team is coached by Maria Nygård, and the best player on the team is widely considered to be Astrid Plant, a striker for the Osanhalt State University women’s team. After the first match against Syrixia, GRK Sportsnet interviewed Plant, this is what we heard:

Q: So how has it been transitioning from the college environment to the Odinspyl?

A: It’s been hard, but I love it. I feel like I’m advancing the game.

Q: You almost won the national championship this year, how did this affect you as a player?

A: It was a stupid call that lost us the game. We’ll be back next year. GO WOLFPACK! GO BIG BLUE!

Astrid is quite the energetic player, but she’s not as energetic as mens’ Handball team captain Vik Helsinborg. Helsinborg, who usually plays as quarterback for the Vasterrike University football team, also plays club Handball, and has successfully made the Odinspyl team twice.

GRK Sportsnet caught up with Vik shortly after the nail-biter with Predice.

Q: We got a narrow victory, how did you play a part in that?

A: I got the ball, and moved it forward. Simple as that.

Q: How do your football skills transfer over to handball?

A: I get the ball, and I throw it. My arm’s damn good at it.

We’ll check up with the teams again as they continue battling their way through this year’s Odinspyl.


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Odinspyl Pataliptra 2020 Day 2 Results

Handball (Men)

Highton 32-24 Lundr
Oclusia 27-36 Hessunland

Prydania 27-24 Lawston
New Aleman 33-23 Valland

Rugby (Women)

Syrixia 14-38 Kasu
Xentherida 31-12 Skanda

Ponterre 29-7 Ugria
Essalanea 24-19 Nirey

Yalkan 33-17 Naizerre
Prydania 7-29 Saintonge

Ulstome 19-17 Demescia
Callise 19-19 Valland

Soccer (Men)

Naizerre 0-0 Essalanea
Saintonge 2-0 Ulstome

Goyanes 2-1 Skanda
Lanceria 1-1 Prydania

Soccer (Women)

Prydania 1-1 Ulstome
Poafmeria 0-2 Xentherida

Saintonge 2-1 Skanda
Saperisole 1-3 Naizerre

Highton 1-1 Iraelia
New Aleman 4-0 Oclusia


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Red Devils win first match

08 July 2020
by Jules-Régnier Castillan de Réalcamp in Pataliputra

PATALIPUTRA – the Santonian men’s football team won their first match in the group stage against Ulstome with two goals to nil. The win would give an early advantage to the Santonians within their group, after favoured Naizerre drew Essalanea 0-0. This meant the Saintonge is at the top of the group – for now.

Kévin-Ardouin Cremillieux scored first on the 27th minute, converting Jonathan Jeandupeux’s crosser into a goal. The youngsters then went overdrive on the second half, with Brice-Baudouin Schaerlaekens and Hugberg Steenstrup taking after Jeandupeux’s lead in making unpredictable, tricky plays. The Ulstome defenders and goalkeeper managed to block the Santonians from scoring for the next forty minutes of the game.

On the 77th minute, “The Dangerous” Druron Dangereaux managed to sneak the ball into the goal after a Schaerlaekens pass.

The performance of the newcomers Schaerlaekens, Steenstrup, Dangereaux, and Marc-Colomban Scotellaro was praised by coach Frédéric Janvion. “We were told our team is too ‘green’, too young, too inexperienced,” Mr Janvion said. “But age is not a hurdle, it’s just a number.”

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles



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08 July 2020
by Pauline-Annette Horeau in Pataliputra

PATALIPUTRA – amidst cheers of “YAS QUEEN” from the Santonian audience in the stadium, the Saintonge women’s football team won their first game in the group stage against Skanda.

Both of Saintonge’s goals were courtesy of the Queen herself, Marie-Reine Potel. The tandem of Potel and midfielder Finnlaug Haarstad was enough to score goals in the first half of the game, at the 17th and 40th minutes. The Skandans changed tactics and guarded both Potel and Haarstad closely, preventing them from scoring in the latter half of the game.

The back of the Santonian defence broke in the 66th minute, when the Skandans managed to drive the ball into the goal. Anne-Ludivine Pilastre-Monnel was substituted with Louanne Dumouchel and the Santonian defence never wavered thereafter. Saintonge won, 2-1, over Skanda.

Saintonge is currently second in Group C, after favoured Naizerre thrashed Saperisole 3-1, putting Naizerre on top.

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles

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Polihy women's basketball Team announced
(note: Competition is insane rn. Everyone else is doing really cool things!)
Polihy gains its first win, like ever, in international sports! Polihy beat out Ponterre in a no-so-hotly contested 89-65. Hard to tell how Ponterre was doing. Not much people came to watch, basketball isn't aexactly a national pastime here in Polihy... Have to see how the next one goes!
Point Guard: Anuhea Quilitzi (Captain); Duwi Jones
Shooting Guard: Byronica Klili; Xihi Brockson
Small Forward: Zanik Byuli'o; Hyi'lo Xanspu'ni
Power Forward: Johanna Brockson; Ahuitl Konunnson
Center: Fol'lou Cansi'si ; Mallory Atkinnson
Head Coach: Jiha Xinizi
Assistant Coach: Jasmine "JJ" Jahia'i
Pt. 2
And Polihy wins again! A 78-65 victory over Durban makes a 2-0 record for Polihy's team! Head Coach Jiha Xinizi coments "We are on a roll. Me and [JJ] are coaching overtime... hoping for our third win. We got this!"
After the quarterfinals, Xentherida beats Polihy 79-77. We were so close! So... so.. close....
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Rams Devastated in First Game
The first game of the 2020 Odinspyl in Pataliputra for the Ulstome mens team was off to a rough start. The Ulstome team had gone onto the pitch confident with the success that the players had had during the Champions Cup that their performance would continue into the Odinspyl. Evidently this had not continued but rather had caused there to be overconfidence in some of the Ulstome players which had then left behind a sloppy performance.

The game had started off fine for the team, they had been able to retain possession when they gained it and where quite happy to pass it between themselves as they sought for an opportunity to emerge in the Saintonge formation. However after a while their overconfidence started to become evident as they tried to take unfavourable crosses and through balls rather than take the safer passes and move the ball around to gain ground and opportunities. This loss of possession for the Ulstome team gave the game away to the Saintonge side right from the start of the game. This prevented what was arguably one of the strongest attacking combination of players in the Odinspyl from being able to play at their full ability and causing them a lack of chances to score. Despite this Vaasa md Skozen had been able to make attempts on the goal and despite only just being 17 Skozen was able to play like some of the more experienced players.

The sloppy performance was evident from the defence, time and time again the Saintonge players got through and time and time again they got dangerously close to scoring. The Ulstome team payed dearly for this in the 27th minute when the Jonathan Jeandupeux broke through the defence and crossed the ball in past the Ulstome defence where it found Kévin-Ardouin Cremillieux who converted it into a goal. Saintonge had taken the lead of the game making it 1 - 0.

The Ulstome defence seemed to have woken up after this goal with Kon and Varson organizing the defence and midfield to make the players much better at preventing the Saintonge attacks and in closing down their players. The defence time and time again stopped Saintonge attacks and had kept sending the ball down the wings in the hopes of equalizing. The equalizer never came however with every attempt made failing to amount to a goal. It looked as if the game would continue to the end at 1 – 0 against Ulstome but then in 77th minute Druron Dangereaux scored again for Saintonge, devastating the Ulstome side and making the game 2 – 0.

The first game had been a devastating defeat for the Ulstome men which had set them at the bottom of their group. This making the journey for them ahead harder if they want to do well but they still have a good chance if they play well in their upcoming games.

Following their game against Saintonge the Ulstome mens team has been training hard to overcome the flaws that had been displayed in their first game. The teams manager Dylan Pender has said that the he had a long talk to the various members of the team about their poor performance. He told UNNS that during the match they had already been forming a plan on how the team will progress to get the team out of the overconfidence and sloppy play that was displayed. “They should not have played like that, no one would have rightly expected them to play like that. They are all top quality players who have trained hard and they know that. I can only see how they have played and make sure they do not repeat this horrific display, and they know it aswell.” He went on to talk about how the team would be kept strictly without luxury until they can show him that they will not repeat that.

In an interview with the team’s captain Danniel Kon:
Q: What is your thoughts on your teams performance?
A: We went out and we played, we tried but quite clearly there were lots of mistakes and it was simply not good enough so quite rightly Saintonge won.

Q: How well do you feel that many of these younger players, many whom haven’t played in the Odinspyl before are adjusting to international competition from their domestic teams?
A: I have to say I’m disappointed with how they played today but that is just in part to their inexperience. In practice they have played excellently and I am sure after they had their first experience with the Ulstome shirt that they will know where their weaknesses are and work with the team to ensure that they are covered.

Q: What are you doing as captain to ensure a good team atmosphere following this defeat?
A: The manager has been clear on that we won’t have luxuries like being able to out into the local culture until we can prove that we shall not repeat that last game. I for my part have been keeping the lads completely focused on training and making light during our spare time.

Q: Do you think that Ulstome still has a chance during the Odinspyl?
A: I am certain that we still have a chance, to dismiss us over one game is idiotic. Just watch us. Now if you excuse me I need to return to training.


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Odinspyl Pataliptra 2020 Day 3 Results

Rugby (Men)

Syrixia 15-31 Astragon
Highton 12-24 Demescia

Ulstome 27-12 Predice
Xentherida 12-24 Poafmeria

Skanda 26-26 Merilia
Epiphani 12-24 Ponterre

Callise 21-29 Midir
Celtivr 12-24 Naizerre


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Odinspyl Pataliptra 2020 Day 4 Results

Handball (Women)

Xentherida 29-23 Demescia
Syrixia 24-24 Yakuvony

Gotmark 24-32 Essalanea
Mintoria 28-21 Naizerre

Rugby (Women)

Kasu 19-19 Skanda
Syrixia 14-26 Xentherida

Ugria 41-7 Nirey
Ponterre 24-14 Essalanea

Naizerre 12-28 Saintonge
Yalkan 7-33 Prydania

Demescia 10-24 Valland
Ulstome 29-7 Callise

Soccer (Women)

Goyanes 0-1 Norsos
Syrixia 5-1 Demescia

Ulstome 0-0 Xentherida
Prydania 5-1 Poafmeria

Tennis (Men Singles)

Illderia A | 2 1 2
Lundr B | 6 6 6

Hessunland | 4 4 7 6 4
Ponterre A | 6 6 5 4 6

Highton C | 4 6 6 6
Kalety B | 6 3 4 2

Zhen A | 6 6 6 6
Iraelia | 2 7 3 3

Zhen B | 6 7 6
Gotmark | 1 5 4

Valland | 6 6 6 4 1
Skanda A | 3 7 3 6 6

Illderia C | 6 6 0 3 6
Oclusia | 4 4 6 6 4

Syrixia C | 1 2 6 3
Peuportile | 6 6 0 6

New Aleman B | 2 3 3
Xentherida A | 6 6 6

Goyanes | 5 1 4
Fuss | 7 6 6

Saintonge A | 1 6 3 5
Cerdagne B | 6 4 6 7

Bashime | 6 6 3 4 4
Poafmeria B | 4 4 6 6 6

Cerdagne A | 3 6 6 4 3
Durban | 6 3 1 6 6

Lawston | 1 6 0 3
Saperisole | 6 0 6 6

Polihy | 3 3 6 4
Nirey B | 6 6 3 6

Epiphani | 6 3 6 6
Xentherida B | 3 6 2 0

Syrixia A | 2 3 6 5
Naizerre | 6 6 2 7

Pasalva | 6 7 5 6
Alnaria | 2 6 7 4

Mintoria A | 7 6 6
Illderia B | 5 3 4

Keltivr | 4 5 7 2
Nirey A | 6 7 6 6

Skanda B | 3 4 3
Lundr A | 6 6 6

Highton A | 4 6 6 2 4
Saintonge B | 6 3 2 6 6

Andrenne | 4 6 6 6 3
Syrixia B | 6 1 3 7 6

Predice | 6 7 0 6
Kalety C | 0 6 6 3

Xentherida C | 7 2 3 6 6
Astragon | 5 6 6 1 4

Osirius | 4 6 7 3
Ponterre C | 6 7 5 6

New Aleman A | 6 6 1 2 6
Ulstome A | 4 2 6 6 1

Highton B | 6 2 6 6
Mintoria C | 4 6 4 4

Mintoria B | 4 6 3 6 3
Sil Dorsett | 6 3 6 1 6

Ulstome B | 6 5 4
Demescia | 7 7 6

Poafmeria A | 6 6 6
Kalety A | 3 1 2

Stan Yera | 6 2 7 6 2
Ponterre B | 7 6 5 1 6


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Tennis: Fricot remains in the game

10 July 2020
by Germaine Morizet-Thivrier in Pataliputra

PATALIPUTRA – During yesterday's Men's Singles Tennis event, only half of the Santonian players remained. Alexandre-Maurice Lepage lost, 1-6, 6-4, 3-6, 5-7 to Cerdagne, winning only the second set. Adam-Romain Fricot remains in the competition after a nail-biting game against a Hightonian player. Fricot prevailed after five sets, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 2-6, 4-6.

"It was a disappointing run," Lepage admitted. "I hope to make it up to Saintonge in the doubles event."

Lepage's teammate Fricot tried to cheer his partner up. "We'll have our revenge in the doubles."

Meanwhile, the Santonian women's rugby team surprisingly defeated Prydania, 7-29, and then edged favoured Naizerre, 12-28. Saintonge winning in a game in a sport that was not popular in the country became a balm to soothe the country's nerves after failing to qualify in some of the events Santonians thought they would be strong enough to qualify. "Maybe rugby will become popular now in Saintonge," mused Louise Boutheroue, a player in the Santonian team. "Maybe this will spur interest in the game."

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles

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Northern Giants join Santonian Men’s Volleyball Team

04 July 2020
by Nathalie Fraimbault-Tillie in Saintes

SAINTES – the Fédération saintongeaise de volley-ball (FSVB), along with the Santonian Odinspyl Committee (Comité saintongeais d’Odinspyl), had announced the final lineup for the Santonian Men’s Volleyball Team.

The so-called “Northern Giants” would be a formidable wall for the opponents, as they are known to be aggressive blockers in the local Santonian volleyball league. All were immigrants or descended from immigrants from northern countries. ARS Saintes’ Hallkell Mollgaard (2.15 m), originally from Prydania, is the tallest of the Northern Giants. Hessunlander-descended Kévin-Éric Knopfler (2.09 m) of Plaisance Volley is the next. The other members of the “Northern Giants” are the Hessunlander-Santonian Marc-Bruno Schlupp (2.06 m) of ARS Saintes and the Prydanian-Santonian Jóvin Náttmördur Krag (2.03 m) of AJST Coire. Also joining the height game are native Santonians Cédric-Emmanuel Miellet (2.05 m) of AS Beaucaire, Charles-Aymeric Tolbert (2.03 m) of Artois SC, and Duke Thibault XI of Champagne (2.00 m) of Provins Volley-Ball Puy-d’Or. (That is not a typo. The son of the Duke of Champagne is competing with the volleyball team.)

The captain of the volleyball team will be Trévor Jouslard (1.96 m) of Bléone Volley, considered one of the best setters in the game. Working with Jouslard will be Sylvain-Sigismond “Sigi” Buffière (1.83 m) of ARS Saintes, who despite being the shortest in the team, is known for his high jumps. Also to watch out for would be Paul-Austremoine Nogaret (1.97 m) of Aubeterre VBC, a ferocious spiker who became infamous last year for breaking the nose his now-teammate Ralph-Ghislain Brunet (1.94 m) of Volley de Domnonée. Nogaret’s spike directly hit Brunet in the face, the force of which broke Brunet’s nose. Despite the incident, insiders say that the two men get along well and are in fact friends.

Most likely starting lineup:
Nogaret, Mollgaard, Knopfler, Jouslard, Buffière, Miellet
Libero: Vaugelade


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Grellet twins headline Santonian Women’s Volleyball Team

04 July 2020
by Nathalie Fraimbault-Tillie in Saintes

SAINTES – the Fédération saintongeaise de volley-ball (FSVB), along with the Santonian Odinspyl Committee (Comité saintongeais d’Odinspyl), had announced the final lineup for the Santonian Women’s Volleyball Team: the Grellet twins will be both in.

Mélanie and Mélissa Grellet (2.00 m), identical twins and also the tallest living female twins in Saintonge, will be in the team. The Grellet twins play for ARS Saintes and are known for not separating. (They do not individually negotiate their contracts; they sign contracts as a pair.) The Grellet twins were instrumental in ARS Saintes’ dominance in the women’s volleyball league.

The Grellets will have their ARS Saintes setter with them: Amandine Cossart-Mellenne (1.78 m), but the captainship went to Cordélie Clerget (1.81 m) of Provins Volley-Ball Puy-d’Or. Joining the Grellet Wall of Saintonge would be Maëva Desramault (1.93 m) of Olympique Nyonnais Volley.

Also to watch out for would be Julienne Pillault (1.83 m) of Bléone Volley, who in Saintonge is the current record holder of the most serving aces in one game and the lowest serving error rate. Aside from being a good server, Pillault is also an ambidextrous spiker, which can make her difficult to read for opponents.

Most likely starting lineup:
Clerget, Cossart-Mellenne, Grellet Mélanie, Grellet Mélissa, Pillault, Desramault
Libero: Brûlart


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Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði

Prydanian Men's Football Captain Speaks Out
by Ketill Oien

Beaconsviði-Peter Bach has made a name for himself as a bombastic figure. He comes by it honestly though.

"People looked at me and said 'are you the next Henrik Lange?' and I said 'no, I'm Peter Bach" he recalls.
Henrik Lange was the captain of the Prydanian national team that made it to the 2017 World Cup Finals on a miracle run, playing in the Finals shortly after His Majesty's coronation at the end of the Civil War. Lange was a dedicated, powerful player whose height and forcefulness on the field was matched only by his soft-spoken personality. Lange had to be. The Prydanian national football team was run by CEFA following the 2012 Royalist offensive which saw the Syndicalist government dislodged from eastern Prydania. The team was politically neutral and Lange, the captain, upheld that. He refused to comment on Prydania's political strife and was credited as a unifying force in a locker room often wrecked by divergent political opinions.

Lange retired after the 2017 team fell short on penalties. Then 18 year old Peter Bach of Hadden replaced him as team captain. It was a shocking choice.
"I don't know why they picked me" Bach laughs. "They explained it to me then and I nodded and went along with it, but it still seems wild. I guess they wanted a new generation of player for a new era. The war was over, we had a new government. A new king. The killings, the secret police, it was all gone. I suppose the team wanted someone young who could represent that on the pitch."

Prydania got more than just a young football captain. They got Peter Bach and his attitude. His brightly coloured shirts, paired with old sports jackets and ragged jeans. His fiery interviews where he urged his side and country on. His unapologetic brashness. It showed last year during the World Cup when Prydania beat Saintonge in a surprise upset. Bach played rough, he played loud, he played aggressive.

"A lot of people talked about how good a game it would be" Bach recalls.
"They talked a lot about the history between our countries, and the work Saintonge did to help Prydanian refugees. And then I came out like a madman" he laughed.
"Everyone asked me 'oh did you have a problem with the Santonian team?' afterwards. And it's like 'no! They're great guys and great players! But I'm here to play my hardest and win! I'd buy any of them a few shots of brennivín or whisky after the match, you know?'"

Bach has survived a lot, which perhaps explains his unapologetic brashness. He lost his mother Vébjörg in the Harrying of Hadden when he was sixteen. His father Klemens was recruited into the city's steel-working factories, after the automotive plant he worked in was transitioned into military vehicle production.
"Dad was never around, he couldn't be. Mom was gone. The hockey teams were reserved for Inner Party members and their kids" he recalls about Syndicalist Prydania.
"So I played football. It was that or drugs and crime. I played football, the soldiers mostly left us alone, but it was chaotic. The Battle of Hadden happened just months after mom died. The FNU set up schooling and tried to get everything back to normal, but the war was still going on. They formed a formal football club for kids, and I was scouted by the CEFA team soon after I think."

Bach played as an eighteen year old on the 2017 World Cup team.
"The first time I ever saw Henrik Lange show any emotion aside from passion for football was after Beaconsviði was liberated and the war was over" he remarked.
"He cried. He was so happy. We had a team meeting and we all decided we were going to wear Prydanian flag patches- the barbed cross. It was the first time the team wore any national symbols since 2013, and we all came out for that Finals wearing our country's real flag on our sleeves. It was amazing. That run also crystallized what I had learnt. Nothing is for certain, no one is owed any success. You fight hard every time. You make it count."

"I also learnt that I could not be Henrik. He was his own man. So I decided I would just be me. Some people say I'm showboating when I scream or rave at the cameras, but I'm not. It's just me. Maybe I turn it up to eleven, but what I'm saying and feeling, it's all genuine."

The narrative of last year's World Cup was that Prydania's team had something to prove. They fell out earlier than expected, and Bach isn't interested in repeating that again. In either respect.
"I'm not going to sit here and tell you all the world doesn't believe in us. We almost shocked the world in 2017. We disappointed in 2019. Teams know us. They know we're not just a bunch of vanmáttugirfífl* lucky to be here. They know we're good, they know how we play. So we just have to be better. Faster. More aggressive."

How has that panned out so far? So far Prydania's men's team has tied Lanceria 1-1. It was a hard fought affair from both sides.

"We could have played better, but we showed a lot of that fire we're going to need" Bach commented.
"No one wants a tie on the first outing but it just proves to me what I said before. We're not entitled to anything. We need to play better. We will play better."

He is rather adamant about that too. Bach insists that he's not here to tell the world they don't believe in Prydania's men's football team, but he still has that flair for the dramatic.
"I'll walk through a kilometre of hell just to get a meter of heaven" he smirked. "It's my job to make sure the rest of the team has that mentality. You don't have a choice but to have that when you're in a group with the World Cup champions."

Goyanes sits in the same group as Prydania. Do they really have a shot to go toe to toe with the best in the world?

"Yes, and we can beat them too" Bach said confidently.
"Just you wait."

*vanmáttugirfífl= hapless fools
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Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði

Prydanian Women Route Poafmeria in Football, Look Ahead to Next Match
by Súsanna Kinat

Beaconsviði- The Prydanian women's football team bested Poafemeria's squad 5-1 in their opening gambit at the Odinspyl. Team captain Ráðhildur Finstad finished with two, Drifa Lade with one, Bergthora Haugli with one, and Estrid Hareide with one. Still, the Prydanian women aren't taking it easy.

"Ulstome and Xentherida are two quality opponents" Finstad remarked.
"We're not going to let one powerful victory give us the wrong idea here. We're going to have to play hard to emerge from this group stage unscathed."

Team managed Pála Vea had a similar outlook, describing the dismantling of Poafemeria as one would examine a machine.
"Everyone played up to the standard we trained for. Passing was crisp, ball control was on point. We got our shots when we needed to. The downside to such a victory is the mental battle the players have to deal with. It's easy to relax a bit and get sloppy after you play so well. So we need to make sure that we're not falling victim to complacency. You can't afford to do that at this level of competition."

It is that mixture of machine metaphors and the human spirit's duality of strength and weakness that defines this team.
"I told the girls that it doesn't matter where you came from" Finstad remarked.
"It doesn't matter if you were on one of the collectivized farms or camps, or if you were from one of the cities. If you were a solider or not. It doesn't matter. The war is over. We come together as a team. We practice together towards one goal."

I asked her what that goal was.
"Winning. A gold medal. We want it. We can push ourselves, and we know we can do it. There's nothing standing in our way but our own doubts. We want to give people back home something to be proud of. We want Prydania to be proud of what we do. I can't think of a better way than bringing home a gold medal."

The path forward won't be easy though. Not with this group stage.

"Focus is key" Estrid Hareide commented.
"Everything is about focus, effort. You put in the effort and you try your hardest. You need to go out every practice and know that the Finals are the goal. I was told by my father that it was dangerous to dream big growing up. It was. Not anymore though. There's nothing holding me or my team back. We can dream big again."


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Basketball (Men)

Nirey 67-68 Malor-Kanada
Syrixia 70-69 Celtivr

Demescia 57-65 Ugria
Callise 66-68 Kalety

Hessunland 74-68 Highton
Epiphani 77-72 Essalanea

Predice 72-74 Lawston
Prydania 99-76 Andrenne

Basketball (Women)

Demescia 92-80 Predice
Syrixia 66-73 Hessunland

Yalkan 120-81 Poafmeria
Lawston 66-66 Prydania (76-84 2OT)

Polihy 78-65 Durban
Ponterre 71-79 Highton

Xentherida 69-84 Epiphani
Callise 70-71 Nirey

Handball (Men)

Norsos 29-24 Goyanes
Syrixia 24-21 Predice

Essalanea 27-27 Gotmark
Korova 26-25 Yakuvony

Handball (Women)

Oclusia 26-31 Lawston
Korova 28-23 Norsos

Lundr 22-29 Peuportîle
Highton 32-29 New Aleman

Rugby (Men)

Astragon 19-19 Demescia
Syrixia 21-31 Highton

Predice 19-17 Poafmeria
Ulstome 12-26 Xentherida

Merilia 12-24 Ponterre
Skanda 19-19 Epiphani

Midir 31-19 Naizerre
Callise 19-24 Celtivr

Soccer (Men)

Andrenne 1-0 Astragon
Syrixia 3-2 Ponterre

Ascalon 2-6 Demescia
Highton 5-0 Predice

Soccer (Women)

Skanda 1-5 Naizerre
Saintonge 6-0 Saperisole

Iraelia 1-0 Oclusia
Highton 0-2 New Aleman


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Obey Her Majesty!

11 July 2020
by Pauline-Annette Horeau in Pataliputra

PATALIPUTRA – the Diablesses Rouges burned a hapless Saperi team yesterday over women's football. The Santonian Women's Football Team thrashed the Saperi team, with a score of 6-0, knocking Saperisole out of the competition.

Her Majesty the Queen Marie-Reine Potel scored a hat-trick, on the 17th, 37th, and 41st minute. Fans now not only cheered "YAS QUEEN", but also "Obey Her Majesty!", which the defenders duly followed as the defence withered to allow the Queen to score.

With a score of 3-0 just on the first half, Coach Marie-Hélène Audureau felt confident of a win and replaced Potel. The real Baroness, Julienne-Avelline Baronne de Capoue, scored first on the latter half, on the 57th minute, amidst a disorganised Saperi defence. The disorganisation was such that midfielder Gabriella Chadeneau even managed to sneak in a long goal on the 75th minute. The Santonians continued to press on right at the very end, with Florence de Lavicomterie heading a ball into the net at the 88th minute.

Saintonge now automatically advance to the knockout stages, along with Naizerre. The Naizerri defeated the Skandans, 1-5, also knocking out Skanda from the competition. Saintonge will face favoured Naizerre next.

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles



Not a Malorian vassal
Odinspyl Pataliptra 2020 Day 6 Results

Handball (Men)

Lundr 24-26 Hessunland
Highton 30-22 Oclusia

Lawston 29-26 Valland
Prydania 24-27 New Aleman

Handball (Women)

Yakuvony 26-27 Xentherida
Demescia 29-21 Syrixia

1. Xentherida (3-0-0) 9
2. Demescia (2-0-1) 6
3. Yakuvony (0-1-1) 1
4. Syrixia (0-1-1) 1

Rugby (Women)

Xentherida 19-24 Kasu
Skanda 45-0 Syrixia

Essalanea 22-21 Ugria
Nirey 14-40 Ponterre

Prydania 17-22 Naizerre
Saintonge 5-33 Yalkan

Callise 3-24 Demescia
Valland 28-12 Ulstome

1. Kasu (2-1-0)
2. Xentherida (2-0-1)
3. Skanda (1-1-1)
4. Syrixia (0-0-3)

1. Ponterre (3-0-0)
2. Essalanea (2-0-1)
3. Ugria (1-0-2)
4. Nirey (0-0-3)

1. Yalkan (2-0-1)
2. Saintonge (2-0-1)
3. Prydania (1-0-2)
4. Naizerre (1-0-2)

1. Valland (2-1-0)
2. Ulstome (2-0-1)
3. Demescia (1-0-2)
4. Callise (0-1-2)
Kasu vs Essalanea
Yalkan vs Ulstome
Ponterre vs Xentherida
Valland vs Saintonge

Soccer (Men)

Essalanea 0-1 Ulstome
Naizerre 0-0 Saintonge

Skanda 4-3 Prydania
Goyanes 1-1 Lanceria

Soccer (Women)

Demescia 1-4 Goyanes
Norsos 1-0 Syrixia

Poafmeria 0-1 Ulstome
Xentherida 0-0 Prydania

1. Goyanes (2-0-1) 6
2. Norsos (2-0-1) 6
3. Syrixia (1-0-2) 3
4. Demescia (1-0-2) 3

1. Prydania (1-2-0) 5
2. Xentherida (1-2-0) 5
3. Ulstome (1-2-0) 5
4. Poafmeria (0-0-3) 0


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Fear the Deer! Prydania's Men's Basketball Trounces Andrenne Against Ducrijeckan War Backdrop
by Steinfinnur Sogard

Beaconsviði- The Second Ducrijekan War provided the backdrop to Friday's Group D basketball outing as Prydania played Andrenne. The two nations entered the conflict as allies, with Prydania pledging to aid the Andrennians in restoring order in the wartorn country of Ducrijeka and bringing terrorists who attacked Andrenne's Parliament to justice. Prydania's deployment was not without its critics though, both home and abroad. Peace not Blood, an anti-violence grassroots organization, organized a number of marches across the country in protest of Prydanian troops being deployed. And Prydanian-born Santonian National Assembly Deputy Thorbjörn Höjsleth criticized the move in that country, sparking an attempted assassination and political drama that is till being felt today.
Prydania finally withdrew forces from the conflict following the controversial Andrennian shelling of the city of Kosada.

It's against all of this that Prydania and Andrenne faced off in men's basketabll. The ethnic and cultural ties between the two nations meant that any matchup was bound to elicit some curiosity, but the saga of the Second Ducrikean War gave this matchup more of a profile then it would perhaps otherwise have. Andrenne, after all, had barely qualified. The results showed. Prydania emerged victorious with a 99-76 victory, making the game something of an afterthought to the drama that preceded it. It was even light on confrontation. Penalties were few, and largely only technical. The teams even shared a handshake after the match before each retreated to their locker rooms.

Kveldúlfur Ljós had a solid 40 point night, leading Prydania in the victory, including three three point shots for the Keris native and Alaterva star.


Keep pounding.

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Saintonge draws Naizerre

12 July 2020
by Jules-Régnier Castillan de Réalcamp in Pataliputra

PATALIPUTRA – the Red Devils drew against favoured Naizerre in the Men's Football Game yesterday. The goalless draw match was at least exciting to watch, with the various Santonian midfielders and strikers pairing up to conjure creative goals against a strong opponent. The surprise tandem of Hugberg Steenstrup and Druron Dangereaux nearly resulted in a goal in the 68th minute, but was ruled out by the Durbanese referee. In the end, neither of the Meterran teams made any headway.

Despite the draw, the team was surprisingly satisfied with the result. "It's Naizerre. The fact that we held Naizerre to a draw is an achievement in itself," said the team captain Jonathan Jeandupeaux.

The Red Devils are still at the top of their group with one win and one draw. The team needs either a win or a draw in the next game against Essalanea in order to advance.

Group Standings

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles

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Pataliputra, Syrixia
Prydanian Men's Football Team locker room

Jakob Höj had to hold Peter Bach from going after Kurt Mörch, and it wasn't easy. Jakob was fifty-six, and had a lingering injury in his leg from the Civil War. Shrapnel. And Peter was in his prime at twenty-one, looking like he was ready to kill someone.

"Calm down Pete!" Jakob yelled, before Kurt tossed his jersey at both his teammate and manager.

"No, let him talk, let him talk!"

"I've heard enough out of both of ya!" Jakob yelled, sensing Peter was finally settling down. He loosened his grip. It was a mistake. He pulled free of his manager and got right up in Kurt's face.

"You wanna hear me talk? How about you stop glory-hogging and pass the damn ball! How many times did you leave me wide open? How many?"

"I don't fucking know! I'm not your fucking babysitter!" Kurt bellowed back. The rest of the team, dejected after their 4-3 loss to Skanda, watched in awe. No one felt good. It was a loss to Skanda that derailed their attempt at a World Cup run a year ago. And now this...

"Enough!" Jakob bellowed, his throat sore from all the yelling. He angrily grabbed a water bottle and downed a generous swing to relieve the hoarseness in his throat.

"You all tired of losing to fuckin' Skandans?"
A few murmurs of "yeah" filled the room, with both Peter and Kurt silent.
"What about you two?" Jakob asked his two star forwards.

"You really have to ask that?" Peter asked before Jakob shot back.

"Yeah! Yeah I do!" Jakob was one of the few people who wasn't blown away by Peter's outsized personality.
"'cause it didn't look like it. You wanna lay into Kurt? Make your own chances count! You want to be this team's captain? Lord thunderin' Messiah, hit your damn shots boy!"
"And don't give me that look Kurt. He's right ya know, you're not the only player out there! Fucking damnit!"Jakob looked out at his team.

"This isn't the damn 2017 team" he said firmly.
"Hasn't been for a long while, you understand? Most of 'em are retired now. This is YOUR country, YOUR generation. After 2019 and this fuckin' display? They're goin' to call you all chokers! Or maybe a bunch of under-performing loudmouths who can't live up to the last generation. Look around boys. This isn't 2017. Not this team, not our country, not the world. Do better. Goddamnit!"

Jakob breathed deeply for a moment.
"You two. Pete, Kurt. You're friends. Right? You're supposed to like each other. Well fuckin' work together. This is your team. All of them. They're yours. So fucking lead by example. Work together! I've seen this team beat the very best. The very best in the world when it clicks, but you boys gotta get out of your own way. Now show me that fire, show me that drive, and show me that cooperation! Save the aggression for the other guys, because they all think you're easy pickings now. Show 'em what happens when you underestimate Prydanians!"

Jakob picked up Kurt's tossed jersey and shoved it into his hands.
"Yell at each other, play cards, get a room together if that's what it takes, but work your shit out and lead this team" he ordered before marching off to do a press conference.

Kurt gripped his jersey and looked at Pete. Pete knew that look and turned to the rest of the team.
"Shower up. We'll be playing cards in my room. Bring cash, we're ordering takeout."


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Pataliputra, Syrixia

Jakob Höj took his seat in front of the assembled media as he prepared for his post-match press conference.

"Are you disappointed in the outcome?"

"I'm not disappointed. I'm hot. I'm angry."

"In what ways? What ways could the team be improved?"

"It's not a matter of skill. We have skill. It's not even a matter of execution because we can do that too. It's attitude. And you all aren't helping."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm tired of this. All of this. You all want to jump on Pete because he comes out and tells you all what's on his mind without a filter? Sure. Make your snide comments. Write your 'think' pieces. He goes out and gives it his all. People call him aggressive, yeah he is. He hurts himself as much as the other guy, but no one seems to care. All you guys want to talk about is that or the war. It isn't fair. The war's been over for three damn years. Three. I got players in there who weren't even allowed to drive when it ended. You understand that? This sob story that sob story. Look we all have stories, but this team needs to move forward. I don't know if it's because you all salivate at an underdog story, I don't care if, you're going to let me finish...I don't know if you just can't think of a new narrative, but I have a locker room of guys who have shown more effort and more heart than any other team in this group. Including the World Champions. And they're sitting at the bottom of their group standings because the bounces haven't been there, or luck hasn't been on their side. Whatever you want to call it. Divine intervention if that helps you. What I'm saying is that you lot need to find new stories, new angles, because this team is too good to get tethered to a war and another team from three years ago. So no. You're not helping because you're going to run off and run your think pieces re-affirming this sad underdog story. And maybe, because you're praising Skanda this time, they'll run your stories there. Right now though? I need to get my team ready to play some of the best football of their lives. We're done here."

Jacob got up, ignoring the calls of reporters as he headed back towards the locker room.


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Prydanian Men's Football Suffer Defeat to Skanda, Frustrations rise
by Ketill Oien

Beaconsviði- Sport is an unrelenting, uncaring mistress. It is often contrasted to games of chance by emphasizing human will and agency. The result is not a matter of a chance card reveal or the roll of dice, but by the skills of the players. Players make things happen, the results reflect this. That is the ideal, anyway. Sport is, in reality, not entirely down to human free will or the romantic notion of achievement through effort. Luck, much like those games of chance, plays a role. And sometimes it's not kind.

Prydania's 4-3 loss to Skanda is one such game. Prydania out hustled the Skandans, won the battle for possession more times than not, and had ample opportunities to blow the game open. Yet shots that should have been on goal sailed wide, chances were missed, key passes were erratic. Skanda, meanwhile, did their jobs. They exploited defensive miscues and made their opportunities count. Yet it will likely be missed chances on offence that will haunt the Prydanian team, and there were lots of them. Peter Bach and Kurt Mörch, the star forwards who usually play in sync, were unable to click despite ample time with possession in the offensive zone. Whether this is down to both coming out hot and wanting to lead the attack or signs of a deeper issue are unknown.

Manager Jakob Höj was also frustrated, taking the media to task and venting his frustration with the Prydanian team's performance. He mentioned the need to distance this team from the 2017 team, whose run to the World Cup Finals in the last days of the Civil War left a lasting impact on Prydanian football.
Höj remarked "The war's been over for three damn years. Three. I got players in there who weren't even allowed to drive when it ended."

That could be a sign of the problem, though not one easily rectified. Youth brings with it inexperience, and sometimes passion that can cloud straightforward thinking. The Prydanian team is young, in part, because of the War. The Odinspyl's rules- limiting rosters to players twenty-three or younger- seems to have amplified the problem. Bach is twenty-one. Mörch is twenty-two. Only two other players- defender Storm Bendixen and midfielder Ernst Beck- are at the twenty-three limit. Everyone else is twenty or younger.
Still, the talent is there. As was stated before, the chances in the offensive zone were numerous. Enough to beat Skanda if only a fraction of missed opportunities went the other way. It's not a matter of physical skill, but mental toughness. Can Jakob Höj get a team of frustrated young men to overcome the mental blocks that need to be overcome to correct these mistakes? Time will tell, but it needs to happen quickly if Prydania wishes to advance. The men's team needs, among other things, to best World Champions Goyanes by two or more goals advance to the tournament round.

"We're either going to do that or I'm going to have be taken off that field on a stretcher. Maybe both" team captain Peter Bach remarked.
"Everyone respects the champs, but you only 'can't hang with the big boys' if you believe you can't. We can and will."


Not a Malorian vassal
Odinspyl Pataliptra 2020 Day 7 Results

Handball (Women)

Naizerre 26-31 Gotmark
Essalanea 24-26 Mintoria

1. Mintoria (3-0-0) 9
2. Essalanea (2-0-1) 6
3. Gotmark (1-0-2) 3
4. Naizerre (0-0-3)
Xentherida vs. Essalanea
Mintoria vs. Demescia

Rugby (Men)

Highton 24-14 Astragon
Demescia 0-6 Syrixia

Xentherida 24-14 Predice
Poafmeria 7-39 Ulstome

Epiphani 21-19 Merilia
Ponterre 14-24 Skanda

Celtivr 12-24 Midir
Naizerre 28-14 Callise

1. Highton (2-0-1)
2. Astragon (1-1-1)
3. Demescia (1-1-1)
4. Syrixia (1-0-2)

1. Ulstome (2-0-1)
2. Xentherida (2-0-1)
3. Poafmeria (1-0-2)
4. Predice (1-0-2)

1. Ponterre (2-0-1)
2. Skanda (1-2-0)
3. Epiphani (1-1-1)
4. Merilia (0-1-2)

1. Midir (3-0-0)
2. Naizerre (2-0-1)
3. Celtivr (1-0-2)
4. Callise (0-0-3)
Highton vs. Xentherida
Ponterre vs. Naizerre
Ulstome vs. Astragon
Midir vs. Skanda


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Odinspyl Pataliptra 2020 Day 8 Results

Basketball (Men)

Celtivr 63-84 Nirey
Malor-Kanada 85-70 Syrixia

Kalety 98-98 Demescia (110-111 OT)
Ugria 69-79 Callise

Essalanea 60-101 Hessunland
Highton 80-84 Epiphani

Andrenne 89-90 Predice
Lawston 87-90 Prydania

1. Syrixia (2-1)
2. Malor-Kanada (2-1)
3. Nirey (1-2)
4. Celtivr (1-2)

1. Kalety (2-1)
2. Callise (2-1)
3. Demescia (1-2)
4. Ugria (1-2)

1. Epiphani (3-0)
2. Hessunland (2-1)
3. Highton (1-2)
4. Essalanea (0-3)

1. Prydania (3-0)
2. Lawston (1-2)
3. Predice (1-2)
4. Andrenne (1-2)
Syrixia vs. Callise
Epiphani vs. Lawston
Kalety vs. Malor-Kanada
Prydania vs Hessunland

Basketball (Women)

Hessunland 79-78 Demescia
Predice 70-64 Syrixia

Prydania 95-70 Yalkan
Poafmeria 92-79 Lawston

Highton 90-83 Polihy
Durban 67-78 Ponterre

Nirey 63-110 Xentherida
Epiphani 83-66 Callise

1. Hessunland (3-0)
2. Demescia (1-2)
3. Syrixia (1-2)
4. Predice (1-2)

1. Prydania (3-0)
2. Yalkan (2-1)
3. Poafmeria (1-2)
4. Lawston (0-3)

1. Highton (3-0)
2. Polihy (2-1)
3. Ponterre (1-2)
4. Durban (0-3)

1. Xentherida (2-1)
2. Epiphani (2-1)
3. Nirey (2-1)
4. Callise (0-3)
Hessunland vs. Yalkan
Highton vs. Epiphani
Prydania vs. Syrixia
Xentherida vs. Polihy

Handball (Men)

Predice 22-26 Norsos
Goyanes 32-22 Syrixia

Yakuvony 26-29 Essalanea
Gotmark 24-26 Korova

1. Norsos (3-0-0)
2. Goyanes (2-0-1)
3. Syrixia (1-0-2)
4. Predice (0-0-3)

1. Korova (3-0-0)
2. Essalanea (1-1-1)
3. Yakuvony (1-0-2)
4. Gotmark (0-1-2)
Norsos vs. Essalanea
Korova vs. Goyanes

Handball (Women)

Norsos 30-23 Oclusia
Lawston 20-38 Korova

New Aleman 32-28 Lundr
Peuportîle 24-32 Highton

1. Korova (3-0-0)
2. Norsos (2-0-1)
3. Lawston (1-0-2)
4. Oclusia (0-0-3)

1. Highton (3-0-0)
2. New Aleman (2-0-1)
3. Peuportîle (1-0-2)
4. Lundr (0-0-3)
Xentherida vs. Essalanea
Korova vs. New Aleman
Mintoria vs. Demescia
Highton vs. Norsos

Rugby (Women) - Quarterfinals

Kasu 22-21 Essalanea
Yalkan 12-26 Ulstome
Ponterre 26-10 Xentherida
Valland 19-17 Saintonge

Kasu vs. Ulstome
Ponterre vs. Valland

Soccer (Men)

Ponterre 1-0 Andrenne
Astragon 1-1 Syrixia

Predice 0-1 Ascalon
Demescia 1-4 Highton

1. Syrixia (2-1-0) 7
2. Astragon (1-1-1) 4
3. Ponterre (1-0-2) 3
4. Andrenne (1-0-2) 3

1. Highton (3-0-0) 9
2. Demescia (2-1-0) 6
3. Asclaon (1-0-2) 3
4. Predice (0-0-3) 0
Syrixia vs. Demescia
Highton vs. Astragon

Soccer (Women)

Saperisole 0-2 Skanda
Naizerre 2-1 Saintonge

New Aleman 1-0 Iraelia
Oclusia 3-6 Highton

1. Naizerre (3-0-0) 9
2. Saintonge (2-0-1) 6
3. Skanda (1-0-2) 3
4. Saperisole (0-0-3) 0

1. New Aleman (3-0-0) 9
2. Highton (1-1-1) 4
3. Iraelia (1-1-1) 4
4. Oclusia (0-0-3)
Goyanes vs. Xentherida
New Aleman vs. Saintonge
Prydania vs. Norsos
Naizerre vs. Highton
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Prydanian Men's Basketball Edges Out Lawston
by Steinfinnur Sogard

Beaconsviði- It wasn't an easy victory. The 90-87 victory over Lawston was the closest match yet for the Prydanian men's basketball team, but it was a victory none the less. The win puts the Prydanian men at a 3-0 record and on a comfortable track to the tournament round.
Shooting Guard Kveldúlfur Ljós was limited to just 31 points on the night, down from the 40 he put up during the earlier dismantling of Andernne, but it was still enough to overcome a porous Lawston defence. Indeed, Ljós' nine point reduction from the previous match wasn't much of a concern as he proved more than willing to spread the ball around to a team that was willing to pick up the slack on offence.
It was the defence where the men's team looked weakest. The defence was rock solid against both Predice and Andrenne, but look overwhelmed at times against an Lawston attack that didn't seem to be intimated by Prydania's defensive reputation.

"We have to step up our game. The quarterfinals start next and we can't just let things slide during transitions. We need to shore up our defence or our tournament stay will be short."

Indeed, the tournament has begun. Prydania will face Hessunland in the Quarterfinals. Some experts had already pencilled Prydania in against the Epiphani in a gold medal match, but the Prydanian team says the Epiphani team and their star Michelius Jordanus is the furthest thing from their minds.
"We need to beat Hessunland, and then the winner of the [Malor-Kanada]/Kalety game" coach Neisti Nordrum remarked.
"All our focus is on Hessunland. We'll get to the rest if we get to them."


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Prydanian Women's Basketball Cruises into Quaterfinals, Will Face Syrixia
by Angelía Waerness

Beaconsviði- Prydania's women's basketball team completed their perfect sweep of their group with a 95-70 win over Yalkan. The win secured their advancement to the tournament stage.
The women's team has, interestingly enough, had a reversal of the men's team. Whereas the men's team started off with two blowouts only to get into a close game for their final group stage contest the women's team had two nailbiters to start before dominating Yalkan in the final game. Prydania's women's basketball team won their first game by a single basket, beating Poafmeria 74-72. Prydania needed two overtimes to best Lawston, finally winning 84-76.

The blowout over Yalkan in the final game may leave them feeling good going into the Quarterfinals, but no one is expecting an easy road forward.

Point Guard Otkatla Tastad pointed out that the Syrixian team's strong defence has often been looked over as a result of their 1-2 record.
"They're a good team, and they play hard around the perimeter. We know that we can't afford to get drawn into their type of game, or we'll lose. So we need to stay focused on our own game plan."

The Syrixian team will also be playing the role of underdog, and Imperial ambitions tied with a reason to think no one believes in them can be dangerous.
"This is their home court" Tastad added. They want to upset an undefeated team. They have the fans to cheer them on. We need to be ready.



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A Women's Football Showdown On an Imperial Field of Jade
by Súsanna Kinat

Beaconsviði- Syrixia is a proud country, and this extends to football. And Syrixia's women have a lot to prove. They've quietly made their way to the Quarterfinals, but they want to prove that they- on their home turf- are truly golden. It falls to Prydania's women to be their first test of the Quarterfinals.

"I expect them to be very determined" Prydanian manager Pála Vea said when asked how she was preparing the team for their tournament opening.
"We need to make sure we don't get overwhelmed by them, or taken in by them. We need to remember our gameplan and play as one team. If we let their excitement, and the energy of their home crowd, infect us we'll loose our grip on the game.

Ms. Vea has stressed a team-first approach, with an emphasis on cooperation and coordination.
"We look to each other, and we trust in our plays" team captain Ráðhildur Finstad said.
"It's hard, because this is the Odinspyl. The large stage can be intimidating, but I think it may be intimidating for the Syrixians too? This is their home field. They don't want to let their fans down. We just need need to stay focused. We will win if we all do our jobs."

"It's almost like a game of chess to us" Midfielder Maríuerla Hackert remarked. Every pass, every shot, every transition, we know where we have to be, and then it's on us to do what we have to do."

"I admit" she added, "that I don't look forward to sending Syrixian fans home sad, but I will feel better knowing we made our fans here, home, and across the world, happy."

The game against Syrixia will be the first stress test of Manager Vea's clockwork system. Can it absorb the passionate play the Syrixians are expected to toss at it? The Quarterfinals will reveal all.


Keep pounding.

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Off with her head!

15 July 2020
by Germaine Morizet-Thivrier in Pataliputra

PATALIPUTRA – in a tension-filled game yesterday, the Naizerri women’s football team defeated the Santonian team, 2-1, amidst a contentious game played with a hostile crowd.

The scoring started with a goal by Marie-Reine Potel at the 10th minute. An own goal by Gaëtane-Marie Mérigeaux at the 26th minute equalised the score.

Things then started to get heated when the Durbanese referee controversially awarded a penalty kick to Naizerre on the 40th minute, allowing the Naizerri to take the lead.

Despite the Santonians dominating possession and control of the ball for the next half of the game, the Red Devils did not equalise as the numerous goal attempts were repeatedly disallowed by the referee.

Queen Potel’s shot at the 50th minute was disallowed, followed by another one on the 59th. The controversial disallowance of the goal for an unrelated supposed offside by Florence de Lavicomterie, which was not even called by the assistant referee, ignited the spark that set the crowd against the referee. As Potel and captain Tatiana Godina-Goff were contesting the call, the crowd spontaneously started to chant “Coupe la tête!” (“Off with her head!”) against the referee, a line referencing the Queen of Hearts in Louis Carol’s Les Aventures au pays des merveilles. Potel herself acknowledged the chant before telling the crowd to tone it down and stop it.

Outrage continued on the 66th minute, when the referee awarded another penalty kick to Naizerre over a supposed attempt by Anne-Ludivine Pilastre-Monnel to trip an opponent. The ball was saved by the deft jump of Louise-Valérie Musset.

Florence de Lavicomterie’s shot at the 74th minute was again controversially disallowed by the referee, and Tatiana Godina-Goff argued with the referee again. The crowd started to chant “Têtes vont tomber!” (“Heads will roll!”) at the referee. The referee was resolute in her call that was unsupported by the assistant referee, and Godina-Goff was cautioned for “dissent”.

Another Potel shot in the 84th minute was not allowed by the referee. A visibly angry Potel acknowledged another round of “Coupe la tête!” chants against the referee, but did not even stop the crowd. Striker Julienne-Avelline Baronne de Capoue took it upon herself to tell the crowd to stop. As the arguments dragged on, the crowd launched a new chant, involving pointing at the referee and shouting “Aux donjons!” (“To the dungeons!”) The frustrated Santonians did not even try to rein in the crowd as the referee was obstinate in her decision. The referee then ejected Godina-Goff after Godina-Goff made “a rude Korovan gesture” at the referee. The bewildered Godina-Goff said that the gesture was not even rude, and not even Korovan.

Despite the Santonians playing a woman down, the Naizerri was not able to press that late-game advantage, but the latter still won, 2-1. After the game, the Santonians graciously congratulated their fellow Meterrans, but all of the Santonian players and officials pointedly refused to acknowledge the referee.

When asked about whether Saintonge will complain about the handling of the game, Coach Marie-Hélène Audureau pointedly said, “Did it do us anything in basketball?”

Despite the loss, the Diablesses Rouges advance to the quarterfinals, facing New Aleman next.

translation by Kyle MacTaggart-de Flesselles

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