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IC posts relating to the 2019 TNP SuperCup (non-canon) should be placed in this thread. The champions of the CEFA World Cup and the FIDAC World Cup will go head to head to determine the ultimate TNP football champions.

FinalSeptember 8thGoyanes - Necerierra4 - 2Northern Crystal Stadium

Sponsored by Minister of Culture Prydania
Organized by Highton, Nessie, and Antiyard​
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Big Blue to face Necerierra at TNP SuperCup after winning CEFA World Cup
Newsdesk -- September 1, 2019

Jorgen Admusson raising the trophy after winning the 2019 CEFA World Cup.

Northern Crystal Stadium, PORT THEL- After Strangereal concluded its world cup, with Necerierra winning nearly a month after Goyanes took the CEFA cup, the time has come for the SuperCup. The SuperCup will decide who is the true champion of the North Pacific, and Goyanes could not be more excited. The team has rested and practiced, and come the 8th, will be ready to defend the honor and pride of all of Eras against the opponents from Strangereal.

After the news broke that Goyanes was headed to the SuperCup, fans across the nation voiced their opinions on social media, from Fluttr to RSpråk, to celebrate. One RSpråk user said that "Them's [sic] going to lose" and another Fluttr user said that "Goyanes better win again. This time it's for Eras."

Coach Hannan has yet to comment on the game, but has scheduled an interview with GRK for the coming days.

We will be back with more news as it breaks. Go Big Blue!
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It has been 6 months...6 months since Necerierra wins the FIDAC World Cup on StrangeReal. Akagi von Asthea, the goalkeeper of Necerierra was happy the team managed to win the cup. However, a dark mist appeared from the stadium, it devoured all living things that standed in its way, but nobody seemed to care... The mist is getting closer and closer...but Akagi can't leave the place as if she is being held by outer forces, and until she transferred to another...new world.

This new world...is so similar yet so different from the land of StrangeReal. Necerierra for one looks the same, the leader is still Sagiri and Tanya, have fake democracy, the land and the regions still the same within Necerierra, and even in this world, they win the FIDAC Cup. Yet, all of it is so...different, for some reason, all of her team's normal job is a waitress, different from StrangeReal, for some reason Necerierra's ally doesn't exist here. And the biggest problem is...Akagi's lover...Seraphina Hildebrandt, is not her lover here anymore...

In the restaurant where they worked as a waitress

"Another day...Another time for us to waste our lives..." said Zilgoum Masood, one of the midfielders of Necerierran team, she was cleaning a customer's table. "Like...We have won something, why are still working on this place?" Zilgoum Masood liked to complain about her shortcoming of lives. Usually, Akagi would be annoyed by people that keeps complaining, but Akagi agreed with her, despite not as open about her problem...

"Don't be so whiny my Zilgoum-shii. We are living together now, we can always help ourselves together to make our ends meet," said Seraphina as she kissed Zilgoum on the cheek. In this world, Seraphina is not my lover...and instead with my best friend Zilgoum... Every time Akagi sees them being lovey-dovey, Akagi felt the growing soreness inside. She wants to punch..kick...punt Zilgoum for taking away her Hilde-chan, but alas, on this life in another world, Seraphina is Zilgoum's not Akagi...

At 11 PM, just as the restaurant closed and cleaned off, the groups of Necerierran Soccer-Waitress decided to go home. But one male stops them dead in their tracks, someone who has helped them all the way, and the coach who also hired them as a waitress in the first place~"Papa Franke!" all the waitress screamed as they hug this coach. "Woa...Woa... Calm down Misses...I come here to give you somethin' " said Papa Franke as he gave them a flyer.

"What is this?" "It is an invitation to the TNP Super Cup, we are fighting against our neighbour, Goyanes." The waiter screamed in excitement as they finally meet people from Goyanes and Akagi was like, Who is even Goyanes, I never know that nation. "Anyway, we are putting up a team again...This time we have to win the game, Akagi, can you lead the Necerierran squad again?" "Yeah...sure..." This is a good way for me to get close to Hilde-chan! I want to have my lover back...

"Good...Gooooood...You have to win... If you don't want to be stranded of course...Ciao!" Papa Franke waved goodbye to the team for now, while Akagi was...was shocked from Papa Franke, stranded...don't tell me...


Big Blue flies to Port Thel in advance of TNP SuperCup
Newsdesk -- September 7, 2019

The Luftreederei long-haul jet was seen taking off from St. Olaf International Airport in Gojannesstad this morning.

Northern Crystal Stadium, PORT THEL- Big Blue departed Goyanes this morning in anticipation of the TNP SuperCup tomorrow in Port Thel. Coach Thor Hannan provided an interview to GRK Sportsnet in advance of the journey.

Q: So, coach, how do you feel about Goyanes' position in the SuperCup.
A: Well, we've made it this far, so we're gonna keep on chopping and make sure that we give it our all tomorrow.
Q: How will the formation be on the field.
A: Can't say right now, but you'll be seeing lots of Admusson and Nyberg on the pitch tomorrow. They're our star players.
Q: Great. How is the team feeling ahead of the match?
A: They're all doing well. We've done some adjustments to the sleeping schedule, so they'll arrive with minimal jetlag. Hopefully they put on a great performance on the field.
Q: Thank you, Coach.

Big Blue is going into the SuperCup with a fully stocked roster, and multiple all-star team memebers, as well as Golden Ball Winner Jorgen Admusson. Jorgen Admusson is widely believed to be the best striker in Erasian football at the moment, earning him is solid place on the Goyanean National Team.

Viewing screens are being set up across Goyanes as Big Blue gives its last hurrah for the season. It's expected SuperCup viewership will be even higher than that of the CEFA World Cup. People are certainly interested in who the ultimate champion of The North Pacific will be.

Until then though, fans are taking to RSpråk and Fluttr to voice their opinions on the game. Many are cocky, most are conservative opinions. One fan commented "ready to take on these fools." Another poster replied, saying "Don't get too ahead of yourself, Big Blue isn't the biggest yet."

We will be back with more news as it breaks. Go Big Blue!