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    Foreign Envoys

    Nation: Ikarius Region: Nysa/Caprecia Yeah... shoulda done this earlier. <_<
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    May Update: Late Edition

    [hr]THE ORACIAN SOCIETY Nysa & Caprecia ~ Unity in Friendship[hr] THAT GOVERNMENT THING: Founders: Kingborough (Nysa) & The Domination (Caprecia) Prime Minister: Florinthus RolePlay Ministers: Lines (Caprecia) and Ikarius (Nysa) Constitution THIS MONTH'S OOC HAPPENINGS: - Amendment/rewrite of...
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    Declare Flemingovia God

    No. Because that's Anti-Cultural expressionism which I just made up. However, it's legit because I said so, so there. [me] goes back to boiling chocolate over holy water.
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    Results: May 2013 General Election

    Congratulations to COE and Jamie for their victories.
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    Voting: May 2013 Vice Delegate Election

    TNP Nation: Almaniania Vice Delegate: < Kiwi >
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    Endorsement gathering

    Also a note: I will also be going on an endoswapping spree right about now. I hope that with my amazing looks and my sensual fedora, I will get up to 80 or so endorsements. ...Hopefully.
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    Voting: May 2013 General Election

    TNP Nation: Almaniania Delegate: < Jamie > Vice Delegate: < Kiwi > Speaker: < Crushing Our Enemies >
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    The (Mis)Adventures of Bastarlaos and Parasius

    Chapter 3: Rich Man's Paradise Bastavo Arenado Ugh. Planes are evil. Quickly, I made my way off the jet. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I was able to hold for the damn four hour ride too! If it wasn't for that sudden deer rushing by, we wouldn't have had to jerk upwards... oh Writer help me...
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    Mod Requests

    Could I have a reason why before I do so?
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    Cole and Stargate

    This opens an interesting can of worms... the question remains, does our law apply to that channel as well? I am actually irked that it was leaked but not surprised. I'm sure we had a few spies peering into our work.
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    ARCHIVED: The Rook's Tale

    OOC: First off, you can do this yourself by editing your first post. Second, I'd suggest using the Drafting Plane Subforum for future OOC posts.
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    Nick(a.k.a Leekem) for Speaker

    [me]quickly burns a few old parts to prevent a pyramid. So you took a political opportunity to gain an advantage against a potential rival? I just want to make sure I got that nice and clear before I run an assumption. Well, I'm really sorry to see that you were hurt, but there is a point...
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    Nick(a.k.a Leekem) for Speaker

    ...Um... You just said you DIDN'T converse with him, because you wanted to expose his faults. Not only that, but he really doesn't have an obligation to place you as Deputy Minister. Also, let's just say you did speak to him in private multiple times (I don't know, my Deity powers still need...
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    Nick(a.k.a Leekem) for Speaker

    ...So... instead of trying to work with him and discuss these things in private to ensure we had the top quality work, you decided to keep this to yourself so you could attack him on these faults. This is what I'm drawing from what you're saying. Also, did you keep messaging hm? Usually, COE...
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    ARCHIVED: Roleplays of the Writer [OOC/Sign-Up]

    Hey guys, I'm planning on reviving this at some point possibly. I wanna kickstart RPing here again if possible over the next few days.