September 2019 Term Overview



Office of the Attorney General
Effective September 13, 2019

Hello TNP,
I am your Attorney General, Goyanes, but feel free to call me Goy. I am extremely happy to return to this office, but we have to get to business. Continuing the precedent, feel free to leave suggestions, questions, or requests here and I'll try to get to them.

In my capacity as Attorney General, I appoint @Dinoium as Deputy Attorney General. I will also continue Darcania's vacancy-protection-plan and and designate Dinoium to become acting AG should my vacancy become a reality. I hope we as an office will not have to resort to this during the term.

Section 4.2 of the Legal Code:
7. A "vacancy" in an office occurs when the holder of it resigns, is removed, or abandons it. An office is abandoned when its holder does not log onto the regional forums for two weeks without prior notice, or when an election winner or appointee fails to post the Oath of Office. Pending an election, a vacancy may be temporarily filled as provided by the Constitution, this Legal Code, or a rule adopted by the appropriate body.

In addition, I plan to continue COE's program of FIRST STOP for Judicial Review. More details can be found here. If you would like to file a criminal complaint, you can read up more on that here.

Thank You,