How to File a Criminal Complaint

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If you wish to file a Criminal Complaint, please fill out the following form and post it in a new thread in this subforum, or send it privately to the Attorney General. If you are posting your complaint publicly, please note in the thread title that it contains a criminal complaint.

When submitting evidence, please submit all relevant evidence which you believe may contribute to the case. If you have a telegram to submit, please post time-stamped screenshots of the telegram and retain the original. If you have a conversation from the forum to submit, please submit similarly time-stamped documentation. Posts should be screenshot and linked to. Discord or other chat logs should be submitted in full whenever possible, and not just the relevant part. Long documents may be uploaded to and linked here. Images should be uploaded to a free image sharing website such as imgur. If necessary, evidence may be submitted directly to the Attorney General's office via PM.

Below is the recommended template to file your complaint.

[b]Name of Complainant:[/b]

[b]Name(s) of Accused:[/b]

[b]Date(s) of Alleged Offense(s):[/b]

[b]Specific Crime(s):[/b]

[b]Summary of Events:[/b]


A member of the Attorney General's office will respond when we have made a decision about whether or not to prosecute. If we choose to prosecute, we may ask for further evidence, interview you, or call you as a witness. Be prepared to cooperate with the prosecution after you file your complaint.

If we decline to prosecute, you may prosecute the charges yourself. To do so, you must file an indictment in the Court Filings thread within thirty days from when our office declines to prosecute. Otherwise, your complaint will be considered withdrawn.
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