FIRST STOP for Judicial Review

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    FIRST STOP for Judicial Review

    I am proud to introduce a new program of the Attorney General's office: FIRST STOP. Before you file a request for review to the court, bring your draft request here and post it in a new thread. The Attorney General and their deputies will review your request and give you suggestions for improvement, as well as examine whether or not you've demonstrated standing. Even if you don't have a full draft yet, you can still post here with a description of what you're trying to challenge, and we will help you write your request from scratch. If you don't have standing to make the request, we may even file it on your behalf!

    Too often, requests for review are dismissed on technicalities. The AG's office is here to demystify the process, and ensure that your request gets the consideration it deserves. Make us your FIRST STOP!

    To participate in the program, start a new thread in this sub-forum, and tag it [R4R]. Include the Request for Review Template, filling out as much or as little as you can. We'll work with you to polish it up. If you have any questions about the program, please post them in this thread. Thank you!
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