ministry of culture

  1. Highton

    September 2020 Roll Call

    I'll keep this short and sweet, if you are planning on being a part of the ministry this term just put the following information below! Forum Name: Discord Name: I'll leave this open until Saturday! As always, you can shoot me a DM on Discord if you have any questions (Highton#5752). ~...
  2. Highton

    September 2020 Opening Address

    Hello! It's me, Highton, and I'm honored to have been appointed to be Minister of Culture. As you will know, I served as Minister for about two weeks at the end of the previous term; while it was not the circumstances under which I would have hoped to be given that opportunity, I am pleased that...
  3. Highton

    Ministry of Culture End of Term Report - September 2020

    End of Term Report - September 2020 We have reached the end of another term in the North Pacific. For the Ministry of Culture, it has been a largely successful term. Though the necessary leadership changes at the end of the term were certainly not ideal, that should not take away from the fact...
  4. Highton

    ANNOUNCEMENT: TNP Football Competitions

    The TNP Football Organization Committee Presents: TNP FOOTBALL COMPETITIONS Last December, Nessie and I collaborated with the Ministry of Culture to organize a region-wide football competition– the TNP World Cup. The success of the event led to interest from many members of the community in...
  5. Prydania

    Ministry of Culture and The North Pacific University

    The North Pacific University and the Ministry of Culture have worked together for many years with the goal of creating a space in TNP to host academic discussions on a wide array of topics. This variety allowed the University to hold a special place in TNP's landscape, as it allowed for the...