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The TNP Football Organization Committee Presents:

Last December, Nessie and I collaborated with the Ministry of Culture to organize a region-wide football competition– the TNP World Cup. The success of the event led to interest from many members of the community in future tournaments. One big flaw with the tournament was that it was not canon for RP, and this has been addressed with the format of the new competitions. We are pleased to announce that the Organization Committee has decided to hold future events divided between both of the region's two main RP communities– Eras and Strangereal. I hope you enjoy taking part in all future events– sign-ups for this summer's World Cup events will open soon.

Thank You, and good luck!


Guide to the Competitions
The TNP Cup– It will be an annual international football competition, similar to the one held in December, but different. As far as Eras and SR are concerned, the other doesn’t exist, making a single tournament impossible for canon. This is why two tournaments will be held alongside each other, with both being canon for their respective worlds. Note that the December 2018 tournament was a test/pilot competition to work out the nuts and bolts of how these competitions would work and highlight potential problems. These problems have been addressed and will be dealt with in future tournaments.

CEFA World Cup (Eras)- This is a 16 team tournament held in June-July where only Eras nations take part. This is canon for Eras. Four groups of four, top two advances to the knockout rounds. This event will be held on the Forum.

FIDAC World Cup (SR)- Same format as the Eras World Cup, except only Strangereal teams may participate. An account may only enter one of the two competitions, not both. This event will be held on the RMB and NS site.

TNP Super Cup (NC)- A non-canon event held upon the conclusion of the two tournaments. It is just for fun, to crown the ultimate TNP football champion. The winners of the two tournaments face off in a one-off match in Magically City.


The TNP Clubs’ Cup– This will be a clubs equivalent similar to the international version. Two tournaments will be held alongside each other, with a similar Super Cup at the end.

CEFA Champions’ Cup (Eras)- More than one team may come from each nation, but no more than 3 (depending on the nation). 32 teams will take part, and a winner will be crowned. This is similar to the real-life UEFA Champions League and will follow the same format. This will run from September to May. This event will be held on the Forum.

FIDAC Champions’ Cup (SR)- Once again, the exact same as the Eras rendition but for SR teams. This event will be held on the RMB and NS site.

TNP Clubs’ Super Cup (NC)- The champions of the two Champions’ Cups face off for this non-canon trophy at the Northern Crystal Stadium in Magically City.

Please note that all competition formats are subject to change based on interest
The Eras-based competitions will be organized by Eras' equivalent of FIFA, the Confederation of Eras Football Associations (CEFA). CEFA's headquarters will be located in Highton City, Highton, and the organization's members are located all across the globe. The voting for who will host the competition will open shortly between the two bidders, Goyanes and Syrixia.

Likewise, SR-based events will be organized by the Federazione Internazionale Delle Associazioni Calcistiche (FIDAC). FIDAC's headquarters are located in Port Aramis, Antiyard. FIDAC has actually been around for over a year, and its creator, Antiyard, has agreed to collaborate with us on this project. The host will be determined in the near future.

Minister of Culture: Prydania
Organization Committee: Antiyard, Highton, Nessuno