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    Statement on TNP-UDL Relations

    While I usually do not agree always with Blue Wolf, I applaud and support him for his actions in the matter. As for working with UDL, that won't be a problem. They refuse to work with me anyway :P
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    Statement on TNP-UDL Relations

    I also would like to add that if I can assist this task force in any way, to please let me know as I'm willing to help.
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    Explaining and saying my goodbyes.

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    In regards to The North Pacific's Investigation,

    What evidence is this, and where is this proof etc. ?
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    AG Q&A

    When are you planning to announce your Deputies, whomever they may be?
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    Eluvatar Q&A

    I'm asking him, as he's running for delegate. Not you. I would like him to answer his question please.
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    VOID: Special Election for Delegate

    b]TNP Nation:[/b] Ramaba Delegate: Lord Byron
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    BAnned - Blake Marks

    how was it violated?
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    Eluvatar Q&A

    Every appointed position in TNP requires an oath. Simple as that.
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    BAnned - Blake Marks

    And why not ? He was a citizen, so therefore he does deserve due process rights.
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    A common sense idea

    bump MODEDIT: This will not be approved. There is never a reason to bump a thread at the top of the forum. The post has been read- if no one commented on it, it's because they chose not to. -COE
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    Banning of "Raider"

    ok I feel there needs to be a better explanation. I didn't see anything about a Raider on these forums...
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    Lord Byron for Delegate

    What of your cabinet? Will you publicly announce all appointees as opposed to copy-pasting from IRC conversations, with a reasonable explanation as to why they deserve those appointments? Will you require their deputies to do the same thing? Will you have an elected cabinet or appointed one? If...
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    Eluvatar Q&A

    You are appointed to a public post still. The Director of the NPIA. It still requires posting an oath. Technically speaking I believe your post is invalid since you have failed to post an oath since then. You did not answer my question about transparency in appointing positions. I would...
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    Eluvatar Q&A

    It was the matter that Eluvatar and BW left without prior notice, and Eluvatar to this date hasn't given an explanation for why he left. If it was RL, the only one of the two who said that was BW, never Eluvatar.