The North Pacific Constitution

Article 1.2 Variations to Article 1.1 must be approved by a 2/3rd majority of the legislature. Except for anchovies, which are an abomination.
Article 1.3 Should war, embargo, or act of god prevent the acquirement of pineapples; then mangos shall be permitted substitution.
Article 4: Everyone should spam on the RMB once in a day.

Orlese their citizenship must be taken.
Article 7:Everyone should say this daily on the RMB

A chicken in a day keeps a doctor away.
Article 7.1: In case of war or embargo causing chicken shortage, there is to be held a vote for use of names of other types of poultry
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Article 7.2 : In case of chicken shortage Mutton can also be used
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Article 7.3: In case of war or embargo, in a critical situation, there is to be held a vote regarding usage of any other food substitute
Article 8.1 - Both the Delegate and the Vice-Delegate can only shower and/or take a bath with the approval of the Regional Assembly.
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Article 9.1 The cat can't stay in bootsie's residence as they are allergic.
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Article 9.3: The Cat shall be fed with discarded chairs and 50% of the region's rum supply.
Article 9.5: The cat shall have absolute power over the region, and everyone must listen to the cat's orders, If they don't, they shall be fed to tigers.
Article 13: Citizens have the legal right to make memes about the Delegate and the Vice-Delegate.
Article 13.3 : According to Article 13.2, on 13th day of each month, memes will be legal for other TNP members.
Article 13.4: According to Article 13.1, Article 13.2 and Article 13.3, memes about any other TNP members are only to be made on any day, besides 30 days of flag.