Kanasieger Zvå Console and Game Releases


Releasing on the First of July, Cappelen Entertainment Company is proud to present the newest generation in video game technology: The Kanasieger Zvå.

Rumours have been spreading in the last year about a second generation to the greatest game console yet made, the original Kanasieger, and we are happy to finally bring it. With better performance, breathtaking graphics, and unparalleled speed, the Kanasieger Zvå offers a more immersive gaming experience. With 10 teraflops of processing power, the Kanasieger Zvå is our most powerful console yet, and will be able to continue supporting games produced long from now.

With the Kanasieger Zvå offering up to 120 FPS, 4K quality, 1 Terabyte of storage, and extensive VR capabilities for the future, we are ushering in a new era of gaming, at only 949 Λ (452 IBU)

However, do you really expect us to simply release a console with such power, and not bring along some new games to challenge it?

Thanks to our good friends at Aspyra Rålspassesk, the Kanasieger Zvå will be the exclusive platform for the long awaited sequel, Stråssgamme: Vyynisstår. Aspyra decided to turn its focus away from Craviter, exploring the experiences of those fighting in Gothis and Iteria. The original Stråssgamme was one of the most memorable First Person Shooters out there, and Aspyra only plans to rise above your expectations.

From far down south in Sundeon, Sudärssa Games is bringing you their first game since 2012. Grändsmarch III, which many fans believe would never come, completes the action-adventure trilogy we’ve been enjoying for over a decade. The finale, which you’ve waited long enough for, will be available to you at the release of the console.

But you won’t just be playing games from familiar faces. The up-and-coming game company Frihylda is bringing us the beautiful side-scrolling shooter game Hoppjapuik. Set in a post-war apocalyptic society, Frihylda brings us a fun shooter with a strong storyline, surrounded by some incredible pixel art. We love Hoppjapuik, and we know you will too.


OOC: This thread will be for releasing new games for the Kanasieger Zvå console, not a purchase thread like the original Kanasieger.​


Vedenemo Announced

Taking place in the abandoned trenches and bunkers in the years following the Provocation War, Vedenemo is a new horror game brought to us by the Hidrene Studio in Fort Seanin. Releasing September 1st, 2020.