Farewell Address

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    Farewell Address

    It’s been an incredible honor to have served as your Delegate these last four months. This term has been an absolute joy for me, and I hope it has been for you too. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that working hard on behalf of our community is incredibly rewarding. It’s the difference that you make in service to others that makes everything worth it.

    We’ve made a lot of progress this term. To summarize:
    The Ministry of Communications successfully released Issue XXIX of The Northern Lights, continued publishing The North Star, helped release Issue II of The Roleplay Reel with the Ministry of Culture, and built on previous work on the Northern Broadcast Service to record ten episodes this term. The Ministry of Culture helped organize many of these NBS shows, opening the relatively unexplored avenue of RP-themed discussions and broadcasts, which augmented the Ministry’s RP focus this term. NBS also saw contributions from the Ministry of Home Affairs, which has been diligently working on scripts for tutorials and other newcomer resources to improve the education we provide to people looking to get more involved. Home Affairs has also taken steps to revitalize our Mentorship program and has continued such programs as the AMA series on the RMB, manual recruitment lists, and has helped expand our ongoing NS Card programs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been in closer communication with Comms in order to streamline the flow of information from our publications to our embassies abroad. We’ve also updated the Civil Defence Siren and conducted a diplomatic reset of our retaliatory recruitment system. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture have helped establish plans for a Roleplay Festival with Greater Dienstad that should be hosted by the end of the month. We’ve also been in contact with 10000 Islands to host a cross-cultural event. For N-Day, we’ve negotiated with our partners in UPPERCUT to invite The Rejected Realms and Europeia to the alliance. The North Pacific Army has continued operations as ever, most recently having supported the delegacy transition in The South Pacific. We’ve reached out to several other NS militaries in an effort to conduct more joint operations and gain experience in that theater. Over the course of the term, the Ministry of WA Affairs hasn’t missed a single vote, and I’ve consistently stacked and stomped at or near the start of votes. My administration has also taken steps to increase government transparency by publishing monthly ministry reports and complying with all FOIA requests.

    All of that said, there have also been a number of campaign goals on which we’ve missed the mark. My platform was always going to be ambitious, but I really feel we could have finished nearly all of them had I been able to commit the same amount of time, effort, and energy as I did during the first half of the term. As I mentioned in my personal address, real life took a swipe at my administration and landed a real blow. I’d like to apologize on behalf of my administration for any promises we didn’t quite get to. I hope the next administration in office takes up the mantle from where we left off. To that end, I will continue to serve The North Pacific as best I can, and will offer advice and help to the next delegate as needed.

    Lastly, I’d like to thank each of the ministers who served under me this term. Your dedication and work ethic have made the accomplishments we achieved this term possible, and your service to The North Pacific will be remembered.
    @Pallaith @mcmasterdonia @TlomzKrano @Prydania @Bobberino @Marcus Antonius @Robespierre @Koopa103

    El Fiji Grande

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    Lotion Empire
    You were a great delegate; I wish you luck for the future!
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    What an amazing term! :D
    Thank you for all the fun times.
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    Overall, a very good term. Good work and enjoy the lounge chairs in the SC.
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    You were an amazing delegate Fiji. You'll have my support if you ever run again.
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    This was a fine good term. Glad to have you as my Delegate.
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    Well done on an awesome term!
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    Great work this term, Fiji!
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    I echo Prydania. You were the best Delegate we've had in years. Your leadership will be sorely missed; I wish you the best!