[DRAFT] NPA Bulletin December 2018

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    [​IMG] North Pacific Army Bulletin Nov-Dec 2018
    By El Fiji Grande, Minister of Communications

    North Pacific Army Bulletin, November-December 2018!

    Minister of Defense: Zazumo
    Deputy Ministers of Defense: Darcania
    Chief of Staff: QuietDad

    NPA Soldiers review their holdings

    Loz served from October 24th to December 14th. His brief tenure in office saw training operations, officers' tests, and notably, the West Pacific Delegate transition and deployment to St Abbaddon. After publicly resigning due to IRL military time conflicts, former Minister of Defense Zazumo returned to take the helm. ​

    Zazumo is promoted to General
    Bluie Gamer is promoted to Major
    BMWSurfer is promoted to Major
    Malphe is promoted to Major
    Dinoium promoted to Captain
    Brendog promoted to Lieutenant
    Praetor promoted to Lieutenant
    Koopa103 promoted to Lieutenant
    Stoskavanya1 promoted to Sergeant
    Krevt promoted to Corporal
    Yuno promoted to PFC
    NastyGamer promoted to PFC
    Pasmeni promoted to PFC
    ABC promoted to PFC
    Spang promoted to PFC
    Alex Thompson promoted to PFC
    BeanTaz promoted to PFC
    To close this off, we'll be continuing our Featured Troop of the Report. Congratulations Yuno!
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