2 facts and a lie

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  1. mcmasterdonia

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    Share two facts and a lie about your nation. Guess the lie made by the individual above you.

    I'll start:

    1) The Kingdom of McMasterdonia has a regency at this time
    2) The Kingdom of McMasterdonia has not yet had a female monarch.
    3) The Kingdom of McMasterdonia's Royal Family privately owns the flagship airline of McMasterdonia.
  2. Wonderess

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    Number 2 is the lie!

    1. The Sutherland Federation is bordered by one body of water.
    2. The Sutherland Federation is a majority Courantist (religion) nation.
    3. The Sutherland Federation's leader, the Arc-Wonderess, must by law be unmarried.
  3. Esplandia

    Esplandia Factbook Addict Citizen

    Number 1 is the lie

    1). Arrandal has a female King.
    2). Arrandal has a population that’s just over 28 million people.
    3). Arrandal was founded in the year 924 ce.
  4. Andrenne

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    Number 2 is the lie, I think.

    I'll do 2, since I have 2 nations.
    1). Andrenne is surprisingly warm during the summer.
    2). Andrenne is bordered by Ninhundland and Cojedes in the west.
    3). Andrenne changed its flag 3 times in the 20th Century alone.

    1). Skanda is known for being a major exporter of fruit.
    2). Skanda considers itself the surfing capital of Iteria.
    3). Skanda is mostly populated by Messianists.
  5. Esplandia

    Esplandia Factbook Addict Citizen

    Actually the lie is #3. Arrandal was founded in 1865.

    Your lies are Number 3 and Number 3?

    I’ll do one for Esplandia:

    1). Esplandians prefer Tea to Coffee.
    2). Esplandia has long mild winters.
    3). Esplandia is the Largest nation in the Vestrugat Federation
  6. Felis

    Felis TNPer

    2 is the lie?

    For Korova:

    1) The Aed Kaene empire had three iterations before the arrival of humans.
    2) Arthur Tatarov is crowned in 2019.
    3) Korova was an active participant in the Fascist War.
  7. Sil Dorsett

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    The lie is #2?

    For Sil Dorsett:
    1) The current Speaker of the Chamber of Law is Isaac Castellan.
    2) The most popular sport is open-wheel auto racing.
    3) The Chamber of the Nobility currently consists of 13 hereditary nobles.
  8. Andrenne

    Andrenne Glorious Soldier of DPRS Citizen

    Your guess for Andrenne was wrong, but your guess for Skanda was right. Andrenne changed it's flag 3 times in the 20th century, from the First Imperyk to the Second Imperyk, from the Second Imperyk to the Provisional Government, and from the Provisional Government to the Constitutional Monarchy. Andrenne is known for having mild, cool summers averaging in the 60s and low 70s (Fahrenheit). As for Skanda, the majority of the population is Uhashiist, a religion native to Skanda.

    As for Sil, the lie is #1?

    And here's 3 more for Skanda
    1). Skanda has beat both the Syrixians and the Andrennians in wars.
    2). Skanda is officially known as the Socialist Republic of Skanda as of 2018.
    3). Skandan musicians are known for playing the ukulele.
  9. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer Citizen

    I’m guessing that...#2 is a lie.

    Here’s three for Kyoki Chudoku, specifically RMB Kyoki Chudoku. Good luck!

    1. Kyoki Chudoku means “insanity addiction” in Japanese.
    2. The “tenshification” process creates magical and immortal warriors totally loyal to Aozora Chiyumi. The main downside is the lethality of the process.
    3. For minor crimes, Kyoki Chudoku will often “nekofy” a criminal, which causes them to develop feline ears and tails that are especially sensitive to pain. This is used a “warning punishment”.
  10. Lamoni

    Lamoni TNPer

    Lie is #1?

    1.) Lamoni is named after a town in the US.
    2.) I have a gameplay puppet nation.
    3.) The Cult Mechanicus is my favorite Warhammer 40K faction.
  11. Syrixia

    Syrixia The one, the true, the great. Supporter Citizen

    1 is the lie?

    1- Akbar X, the Mad Emperor, was overthrown by his daughter.
    2. The Empire's equivalent of a Privy Council is called the Parishad.
    3. The Empire first adopted a constitution in 1870.
  12. Felis

    Felis TNPer



    1. Kalety exists because the Syrixians had a catastrophic failure on the archipelago and named the area cursed.
    2. Kalety's language is called Kaleta.
    3. Folklore suggests the city's name derives from the names of a fisherman and his rusalka lover.
  13. Syrixia

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    I know 1 and 2 are true, so 3. Also, nope! 1 was the lie. Gauri II was his niece!

    1- The original name of the city of Nidaros was Värmo.
    2- The island of Druvøy in southeastern Valland is rumored to be haunted!
    3- The last ancient High King of Valland was Agnar the Old.
  14. Lamoni

    Lamoni TNPer

    #2 is the lie.

    As for mine, #3 was the lie.

    1.) Lamoni makes a significant percentage of its own military equipment.
    2.) The Lamonian Meteorological Service is a civilian-run organization.
    3.) Lamoni's cuisine is based on Korean and Mongolian Cuisine.
  15. Syrixia

    Syrixia The one, the true, the great. Supporter Citizen

    Nope! 1 was the lie. It was actually Vårmo. But I won't guess yours- I'll let someone else have a turn.
  16. The South Falls

    The South Falls TNPer Resident

    I know 1 is true, and 3 seems pretty out there, so I'll choose... 2 as the lie.

    I know y'all don't know anything about The South Falls, but I'll try to have you guess.

    #1: The South Fallsian Navy has only 43 ships.

    #2: The South Fallsian creates food through Food Creation Engines, and does not have agriculture.

    #3: The South Falls has had only seven Prime Ministers.
  17. Lamoni

    Lamoni TNPer

    Correct, number 2 was the lie. The Lamonian Meteorological Service is run by the Lamonian Air Force.

    As for yours... number one seems the most likely lie.

    1.) The inspiration for Lamoni's military dress uniforms comes from RL Poland.
    2.) The largest grocery store in Lamoni is named Omega Foods.
    3.) All of Lamoni's civil medals are based on orders of knighthood, despite never having a monarchy.
  18. Lord Lore

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    Im going with #3


    Greater Ilia

    1.) Ilia's main agricultural product is Barley
    2.) Ilia has a Monarch in its land despite not being a Monarchy
    3.) The full name of Ilia is The Coalition of Greater Ilia
  19. Yukkira

    Yukkira TNPer Resident

    3's true (kinda sure). 2's true (pretty sure). Which mean's 1's false!


    [RMB] Yukkira

    1) Kirin Yuki, the reigning empress, normally led military operations when Yukkira was apart of Hotel Lala.

    2) The Imperial Yukkirian Armed Forces never deployed its Air Navy without supporting it from the ground.

    3) Veronica once kicked a penguin out of Hotel Lala's main HQ via note in a bottle after the penguin broke through the front door with a tank.

    [Eras] Yukkira

    1) Throughout Yukkira's history, it was subordinate to three colonial empires.

    2) The de facto capital of the Principality of Yukkira wasn't Xia, but Seta.

    3) Veronica is the first openly bisexual Heir Apparent in all of Yukkira's history.
  20. Lord Lore

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    Come on you should know better then that.
    The actual full name of Ilia is: The Greater Ilian Coalition of the Eastern Leagues of Itrea and Icetio and the Western Regency of Taveris
  21. mcmasterdonia

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    3 and 1 are both lies?

    1) McMasterdonia has a language referred to as High McMasterdonian
    2) McMasterdonia is organised into provinces ruled by hereditary aristocrats of varying powers and responsibilities
    3) Amira is the the first foreign born regent of McMasterdonia.
  22. Harstonia

    Harstonia TNPer Citizen

    Here is mine:

    1) Harstonia has a national religion of Harstonianism.
    2) Harstonia has the same flag as a Russian province.
    3) Harstonia's leader is also a "The Office" character.
  23. Prydania

    Prydania Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði Supporter Roleplay Moderator Deputy Speaker Citizen

    #1 is the lie, I think?

    Kingdom of Prydania

    1) Prydanian Kings are crowned both "King of Prydania" and "King of Heorot" as a nod to their ancestral homeland in Andrenne.
    2) The Prydanian Alþingi (Parliament) has seats for both elected officials and nobility in the same house.
    3) The Aed Kaene in what is now the territory of the Kingdom of Prydania were killed off during the viking colonization period.
  24. Yalkan

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    #1 is the lie, cant pass things by me!

    Federation of Yalkan.

    1) The first monarch after it's independence was a child.
    2) The Goyanean settlers enslaved the locals upon landing in Yalkan.
    3) Nobility is technically outlawed despite having a monarch.
  25. Andrenne

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    Ah! The Goys never took slaves! #2 is the lie.

    More for Andrenne!
    1) The Andrennians conquered the Vallish before 0 AD.
    2) The Andrennian language is a combination of Finnish and Swedish.
    3) Andrenne was originally supposed to be slavic.
  26. Prydania

    Prydania Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði Supporter Roleplay Moderator Deputy Speaker Citizen

    3 is the lie

    Kingdom of Prydania

    1) Prydania's northern coast is called the "Furðustrandir."

    2) "Skógarland" is a forest that stretches from south-central Prydania to the country's eastern coast.

    3) Tempest Holm was settled by Hróarr Loðbrók.