Bootsie's Security Council Application

Discussion in 'Regional Assembly' started by Deropia, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Deropia

    Deropia TNPer

    Bootsie has applied to rejoin the Security Council. As there is a standing nomination for the applicant that has not been revoked, the Chair presents the application to the Regional Assembly for confirmation.
  2. Wonderess

    Wonderess A lowly member of the faithful Supporter Speaker Citizen

    I'm sure there is no objection as long as lapses in activity are not ongoing. Full support!
  3. Bobberino

    Bobberino TNPer Deputy Minister NPA Citizen

    100% support.
  4. Artemis

    Artemis TNPer Deputy Speaker Election Commissioner Citizen

    I have a question for the applicant: can you assure the Regional Assembly that you will not let your citizenship and therefore you position on the Security Council again without giving notice?
  5. Limerick1

    Limerick1 TNPer Justice Citizen

    I support bootsies admittance as long as there are no absences without warning.
  6. SillyString

    SillyString TNPer Administrator Supporter Security Council Election Commissioner Justice Citizen

    To be fair, SC members are not required to maintain citizenship - they are the only government officials exempted from that requirement.

    I do echo the sentiment about absence though. Bootsie, can you explain what happened with this disappearance?
  7. Crushing Our Enemies

    Crushing Our Enemies TNPer Supporter Attorney General Election Commissioner Citizen

    Personally, after a lapse in activity, I like to see some activity for a while before putting them back on council. This was an issue that was discussed the last time we appointed Bootsie to the council, and he gave us assurances then that his membership would not lapse. Granted, he kept that promise for a while, but it's worth pointing out that Bootsie disappeared in the middle of a campaign for delegate, which requires more activity than anyone else in the region. Regardless of what happened, I, for one, am not going to be satisfied with promises. I want to see actual activity for a while first.
  8. bootsie

    bootsie TNPer Supporter Security Council Roleplay Moderator Citizen

    I will make sure that my activity is maintained so that my citizenship and Security Council membership are maintained. My issue I think, is overloading myself, so I will just have my SC membership (if you guys vote me in) and I'll help out in the Executive Staff

    I panicked. I saw the walls crashing down around me, and well, I blamed myself. I saw that The North Pacific was better without me. After a week or so, I wanted to come back, but I felt as though after my selfish act, I'd never be accepted back into this community. I was also going through some real-life crap, and that really didn't help anything.

    And actual activity you will see, COE. I have begun my tarting and will be assisting in the Executive Staff as I readjust to being back. Keep in mind, my Council position was lapsed only one day before I returned. I have been more active than many of my fellow Councillors over the years of my service, and just missed the cutoff to keep my spot. I understand your frustration, honestly, I'm ashamed to come back and face you all under these circumstances. I owe it to my region to serve on this Council, though.

    EDIT: I have since finished tarting.
  9. Owenstacey

    Owenstacey TNPer NPA Citizen

    Bootsie, you have made a habit of leaving without notice and have just disappeared, sometimes have even done it whilst in public office. So how can we be sure that this won’t happen again?
  10. bootsie

    bootsie TNPer Supporter Security Council Roleplay Moderator Citizen

    I am committed to serving my region, especially in the office of Security Councillor. I am willing to provide my fellow Councillors and RP Moderators with my email or other contact information in case this happens again, but I don’t want it to as much as you don’t.

    The only time I see leaving my region again is when I decide to officially retire from this game, and that will be done formally and at least after I celebrate ten years with the game.
  11. Lord Lore

    Lord Lore TNPer Supporter Security Council Justice Citizen

    Since I was not around for the time when Bootsie was recommended I would like to state that despite our many disagreements I support their application. And their history of random inactivity is fairly minor even among the SC. Hell we keep letting R3n back on.
  12. Owenstacey

    Owenstacey TNPer NPA Citizen

    You say that you are committed to the Security Council and I am not questioning this but I do have another concern. As a security Councillor, you should be regularly endotarting in order to remain over the 500 endo minimum in order to protect the Delegate, however, how do you explain your reasons for the lack of this in your time as SC because your membership lapsed. This is because on March 2nd, endorsement records show that you only endorsed 460 WA nations. This only improved when you decided and announced your running for office. This is material of your lack of activity whilst a SC and therefore how can we know that you will be active enough to maintain this. This lack of endorsements given shows your lack of activity more recently and is why I don't believe that you would be right to be an SC unless you can give solid reasons why, because In my opinion, it looks as if a Security Councillor only started endotarting after March 2nd to facilitate a run for Delegate, which is not something you would want to see in a councillor.
    For people wondering, I got the endorsement record from here.
  13. Dinoium

    Dinoium Deputy Minister of Communications Deputy Minister NPA Deputy Attorney General Citizen

    I agree as Bootsie hasn't re-new her citizenship and hasn't been very active after the election but Bootsie does meet the requirements, 500+ Endorsements, a lot of regional influence, and a former governemnt position..
  14. bootsie

    bootsie TNPer Supporter Security Council Roleplay Moderator Citizen

    Thank you, Lore.

    The optimal way of tarting is that every day at update, you go in, endorse those people, and it be like 10-15 nations. Unfortunately, many times I’m either working or just forget, so you’ll notice my endocount is very wave-like. My endorsement count has not dropped below 584, which was the lowest I could find, however, you must keep in mind that that followed my highest “wave” of endorsements, at nearly 1000 endorsements.

    According to the rules of the SC, I have not done anything wrong. Activity aside, I’ve maintained the necessary endorsements, and influence to justify maintaining a membership. I did not log into the forum until a day later, which was what lapsed my membership.

    There have been CTEs and just straight-up resignations this past term in the SC. I think it’s unreasonable to have double standards of which activity counts and which doesn’t.

    Well, I just got back on the 8th (maybe it was the 9th), and it does take a quick minute to get your citizenship. I did reapply though, seconds before I reapplied my SC membership. I’ve been fairly active this weekend. I’ve been juggling birthday stuff with TNP and readjusting to everything, but I’ve been here.
  15. Owenstacey

    Owenstacey TNPer NPA Citizen

    Bootsie, you didn’t really say why there, you only told me about endotarting. You had given endorsements to 460 WA nations. In comparison GBM had endorsed 1497, over 1000 more. This is material evidence of long term inactivity and your endorsement count remained high above 584 during the period likely due to the WADP, so you can hardly say it was you at kept it there. So I’ll ask again, why was your endorsements given so low at this point? And in your answer I don’t care about Endorsement count as it is irrelevant in this question.

    And in your last paragraph you talk about double standards towards which activity does and doesn’t count. I don’t believe I have any double standards towards activity, if any other SC membership lapsed and showed lacking activity like you have shown, I would question this. My choice to use it endorsements given is simple, it is an easy way to see the activity of anyone, especially SC members because it shows who is actively working on their endorsement levels, and you didn’t. And you say this inactivity was followed by 1000 endorsements but this was also around the time of your declaration for running for Delegate, so was this not to help your endorsement count, should you have won the election?
  16. bootsie

    bootsie TNPer Supporter Security Council Roleplay Moderator Citizen

    I am in fact answering your question. You picked one day in March to analyze the endorsements given. I don’t always have the time to endorse every nation in The North Pacific. But I do make sure my endorsement count stays up. As I explained previously, my endorsement count is a wave, it’s high, and then it falls slightly.

    My highest endorsement count was not in March of 2018, it was in November 2016, followed by the low 584. So, that’s irrelevant.

    Also, endorsement count has everything to do with this question. You’re calling into question my actions as a Security Councillor, and I’m pointing out how I’ve maintained my endorsement count as necessary.

    In regards to the elextion, I did tart prior to the election, but I was overdue to tart anyway.
  17. Great Bights Mum

    Great Bights Mum Grande Dame Staff Member Administrator Supporter Security Council Citizen

    I support Bootsie's re-admittance to the Security Council.

    Every SC member who is in it for the long haul occasionally has lapses, usually due to RL pressures. Some take breaks when activity calls their WA elsewhere, or just for a change of pace. None of those circumstances affects the real value of having trusted nations, like Bootsie, who are willing to serve on the SC.
  18. mcmasterdonia

    mcmasterdonia TNPer Staff Member Administrator Supporter Security Council Minister NPA Citizen

  19. Limerick1

    Limerick1 TNPer Justice Citizen

    After following the debate and reading bootsie's reply, i retract my original post and support their re admittance fully
  20. Flemingovia

    Flemingovia TNPer Administrator Citizen

    I support. Real life (tm) can happen to the best of us. I would rather see Bootsie on the SC than not. With the departure of Raven, our SC needs a boost.
  21. Lord Lore

    Lord Lore TNPer Supporter Security Council Justice Citizen

    Since the discussion has largely sputtered out and the questions have been answered. I motion this to a vote.
  22. Limerick1

    Limerick1 TNPer Justice Citizen

    I second Lore’s motion to vote
  23. Syrixia

    Syrixia The one, the true, the great. Supporter Citizen

    This is actually a really good point, and, I think, exposes a double standard that would come into existence if Bootsie were to be denied reentry into the Council.

    I third the motion.
  24. abc

    abc TNPer NPA Citizen

    My apologies, a vote has been scheduled to take place 2 days from now.
  25. Kingsley

    Kingsley TNPer Resident

    What exactly is going on...
  26. Artemis

    Artemis TNPer Deputy Speaker Election Commissioner Citizen

    Debate on the (re-)admittance of Bootsie to the Security Council. Any application accepted by the Security Council must be voted upon by the Regional Assembly.