Request for Review: Election Commission Rules

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  1. Dinoium

    Dinoium Deputy Attorney General Citizen

    1. What law, government policy, or action (taken by a government official) do you request that the Court review?
    Section Three: Appointments of the Election Commission Rules

    2. What portions of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Legal Code, or other legal document do you believe has been violated by the above? How so?
    The Delegate has been appointing the Commissioners but they aren't allow to, they can only re-appoint

    3. Are there any prior rulings of the Court that support your request for review? Which ones, and how?
    None I could think at the time..

    4. Please establish your standing by detailing how you, personally, have been adversely affected. If you are requesting a review of a governmental action, you must include how any rights or freedoms of yours have been violated. If you are submitting this request in your capacity as the Attorney General or their designee, please note that here instead.
    It's not affecting me but the Delegates is breaking the Law, which would be SillyString, Tomb, Elu, Ravenclaw, Plembobria, Ghost, Gladio, and Siwale..

    5. Do you have any further information you wish to submit to the Court with your request?

  2. Deropia

    Deropia LBer

    I would like to bring to the courts attention Section 4.3 of the legal code, subsection 11 before it accepts this request.

    The Legal Code is what gives the Delegate the authority to appoint commissioners, not the election commission rules.
  3. Dinoium

    Dinoium Deputy Attorney General Citizen

    Thanks for correcting me there, with that respond from a PM and from the replies, I request to withdraw my complain
  4. Lord Lore

    Lord Lore Architect of Chaos Security Council Citizen Justice

    The court acknowledges the withdrawal of the Request for Review.


    Side Note from Justice LL: The rule in question is worded as may reappoint to give a new delegate options. The Request asks the court to Review the rule against the perceived violation of the rule instead of asking us to judge the actions of the delegate against the rule, and even the request notes that standing cannot be established. Short of the AG's Office taking up the Request and citing an actual possible violation, I could not see a path for myself as a Justice to accept this request.