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Well it's good to know not all of my stalkers are psychotic murderers. Some of them are just murderers.

Anyway, welcome to Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!

Today's very short topic: errors. There's one going on.

I got a couple of indicators when my screen kept replacing stuff like the RMB with a message saying there'd been a database error, only to find it interfering with everything I was trying to do. So I decided to log out of NS then try again.

That was a bad idea. Now I can't get in at all. Not even with puppet nations. Guess there's some bug around. It alternates between saying there's been a an error with a graphic of some giant thing on fire in ancient 3D, and now it's just telling my password was incorrect. Even thought it isn't. Which is annoying.

It should get fixed soon. Soon. The problem is everyone who knows it stops you logging back in...can't log back in. So yeah. Should get resolved quickly, I hope.

Oh right I might as well talk about some other stuff while I'm here. Namely I have way too many walls of text. I made a factbook to store them all but it ran out of space for it apparently so I've split it up into like eight things. I guess that means I write long walls of text? Seriously by the time in finished writing them I could probably make a novel out of the things.

Oh yeah, my ally the Sanada Clan (seen stalking me above) made a blog now. It's really becoming a trend. Our nations have something of an odd relationship. Their former leader was Aozora's lover except not really then she died because their new leader killed her (she had good reasons for it) which made Aozora rather sad then she found out and got angry and the two had a fight and Aozora found out the reasons and the turns out there was going to be betrayal from the previous leader to try take over everything so now Aozora and their new leader have a kind of weird friendship and seem to barely avoid killing each other every time they meet (not on purpose, usually) so yeah. The Sanada Clan is also the head of the Warsaw Pact, so we've fought alongside each other several times.

Speaking of stalkers (yep I'm linking to the first part of the last paragraph instead of the last bit), remember my giant conspiracy theory from before? That nation is still around. Apparently they caused quite a mess by putting explicit erotic content on the RMB. I didn't get to see it, I was asleep. Not that I want to, I just wish I knew what it was exactly because it caused quite a fuss apparently. It all got sorted out eventually, thankfully.

Said mess did seem to lead into the proposal of trying to get an RMB frequenter or two or something to be able to prevent spam from overwhelming everything by giving them the power of suppression. I think. It's been a bit since that. Apparently some people think I'd be good at that but I have conflict of interests and it's not my sort of thing anyway. Personally I think most of the spammy nations are the same person. Namely, the aforementioned stalker.

You see, they appear incredibly determined to get Aozora to go out with them for some reason. Which isn't going to happen, obviously. The Supreme Overlady of All Reality's experience with this sort of thing basically goes like this: at first she didn't really care about it, then one day somebody tried to molest her (forceful kissing) which led to her turning the one responsible into a mutilated corpses. They came after her more with clones but eventually gave up on the idea. Then she met someone who she actually liked and people kept shipping them with each other and it eventually actually became a thing. Then said person died suddenly. Aozora eventually tried to kill their murderer (yeah she was murdered) but failed. In the process, Aozora learned that in actuality the person she liked never really cared about and basically just wanted to use her for her magic. So then after that another person shows up and basically goes through the same routine as the first person. As you might be able to tell, Aozora's not really going to be generous with such emotions.

Anyway looks like that error I was talking about is fixed now. I've rambled a lot this time. See you next time on Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!


"Always be Evil"
good thing the error got fixed and great news I am now officially a citizen in the forums after my 3rd try.
Wait how did lord gray die ? I am so confused here. Care to tell me the first episode of Aozora's Murderous RMB fantasy story time ? It would sound like a good story seeing you are a great slightly seasoned writer.
Welcome to Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings:

Today's topic is: special forces.

Now, I bring this up because I now have an admittedly work-in-progress factbook about my own ones. Keep in in mind that a lot of my special forces involve arcane elements (that is to say, magic) and so realism is obviously not my highest priority. But I'd like to get into the topic because why not.

Now a lot of people are tempted to just go "I send in my special forces to destroy your army", I'm sure. Because special forces are elite troops, meaning they must be far better than ordinary troops. Although there is an element of truth to such, it's not the entire story. There is a reason special forces have their name.

You see, special forces are specialists. They may be versatile in application, but they do have a specific role that they're suited for. For example, marines are specifically trained for amphibious operations. That doesn't mean they're highly limited in us, in fact they get deployed quite a lot when oceanic invasion or deployment is needed. I see a lot of people use things like marines because, well, you're much more likely to be dealing with a country you're not bordering than one that you are, at least in TNP RMB RP. But you wouldn't use marines if you're attacking a country just by marching across a border, because that's a job more general forces can be done more effectively.

You see, general forces generally have access to quite a bit more armoured firepower. You're not likely to see, say, a paratrooper regiment drop in with numerous tanks and artillery vehicles. They will probably have aircraft to drop them in but beyond that there's not a whole lot of room for tanks in their operations. The same applies to forces specialising in stealth operations. Tanks are not very good for stealth operations, so you won't see many stealth units operating many of them.

But all that said (and keep in mind, I'm no expert), I myself have had fun coming with certain absurd ideas for special forces units. Currently I have one that specialises in aquatic warfare. That is to say, boarding ships, not just invading from water. Come to think of it I don't actually have marines. My justification is that since I'm an island nation amphibious invasion is standard knowledge for offensive forces.

I also have a unit that specialises flamethrowers (and demolitions), and one which is intended to deal with and deal out chemical and biological warfare. So basically, I have a fair few random ideas on this stuff. But I wouldn't use my flamethrower specialists for a stealth mission, and I'm not using my chemical warfare troops when they don't need to be around. They're expensive and valuable. And keep in mind, special forces aren't super soldiers. They're good, but they're not going to take our entire armies outnumbered 100-1. Unless you have really, really, really good reasons. Like the enemy army had nothing but spears or something.

Well that's very rambly today but that's it for this edition. I just know somebody's going to say I got an obvious fact wrong.
My special forces are the 1% of the 1% of my population chosen, so only 5,000 in the RP world. More in the RMB world when my self imposed 1 year ban is done
Exactly, you often hear people talking about their forces "marines" because they figure that because they hear about them often that they are better than regular troops when really they are just better trained for naval invasions
Besides the regular special forces, I made one unit comprised of former cartel members that specialize in the destabilizing of nations from the inside by running black markets within them. Selling weapons and narcotics to violent factions that fight for control of a foreign nation. It's been pretty effective so far in 3rd world nations like necerierra and akhara.
Welcome to Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings! Today's topic is: crime.

Reading the above posts made me think of crime in NS RP. It's come up a bit with the whole Necerierra situation, how there's a large criminal presence there and how military forces exploited that. It also made me consider crime in Kyoki Chudoku.

So, now let's get to the actual rambling part. Naturally, some countries have more crime than others, but there's one extra consideration that has to be made. You see, what exactly is and isn't a crime varies from country to country. So in some places you'd be able to sell certain drugs for example without even being a criminal. Whereas in others you'll be executed for trying the exact same thing.

Speaking of execution, let's talk about crime in Kyoki Chudoku. There isn't a whole lot it around. The reason for this is because of two major and related reasons. The first is because almost every moderate-major crime carries a punishment of permanent imprisonment or death- that is to say people aren't let back to commit more crime again. The second is simply fear- is it really worth trying to get some extra money doing illegal activity when you'll suffer an agonising death for it if you're discovered, and the chances of that happening are high? Even minor crimes lead to horrific torture, so most people aren't willing to take the risk.

Those that are fall into three main categories. The first of these are the small-timers, the people who are just getting into crime and generally don't go too far with it. They suffer a lack of experience, which often gets them captured and/or killed. The second are the ones who do major crimes that flood the news and then immediately get tracked down and killed. The final type are the ones who are smart enough to avoid getting suspected, generally experienced in these matters. However even they dare not extend their influence too far, not wanting to bring unwanted attention to themselves.

That's how I see the criminal environment in Kyoki Chudoku, anyway. Except there's still one piece missing from this puzzle. That would be the rebels, the ones who's goals go beyond riches or thrills- they seek to liberate the nation. The problem for them is, that's not exactly an easy task. Dissent is crushed swiftly and without remorse. The rebel cells that remain are generally very secretive, hiding their time rather than attempting to strike (and likely godown) in a blaze of glory.

Other nations will of course be different. Kyoki Chudoku is a psychotic dictatorship ruled by a sadist, so naturally it has very agonising and harsh punishments and plenty of restrictions on the lives of its citizens. Some nations are full of criminal elements, or don't have the capabilities needed to stop them effectively. Keep in mind, some nations take advantage of such crime in enemy nations, assisting its and disrupting their foes from within, sometimes making a considerable profit in the process. Of course if that's found out it can be a diplomatic disaster if the two aren't already about to fight each other anyway. Which is actually a very common situation so I guess it doesn't matter too much compared to what you'd think.

Anyway that's it for today's edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings! And yeah I'm no expert on any of this at all.
Welcome to Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible (long overdue) Randkm Ramblings! Today's topic will be: vassals.

I just got like two of the things. I'll explain them in chronological order.

Rio de la Plata was a South American democracy. Aozora offered her cookies, as usual. Their leader ate them and died. However, before they died, they effectively said that Aozora was in charge of the country.

Thus began Aozora Chiyumi's presidency over Rio de la Plata. Initially she planned to progress slowly towards authoritarianism but half the nation's political staff fled the second she arrived. The other half were shot by completely unrelated groups. So he effectively replaced parliament with a chamber of puppets.

I swear that actually happened, it's not my puppet nation.

Next up, Necerierra. Sagiri, Aozora's kind of adopted daughter, had been taken in to eventually become ruler of Necerierra. At long last, that finally happened recently. Sagiri's rule is similar to Kyoki Chudoku's in many ways. Sagiri declared herself "Lady Protector of Necerierra, Head of House Hoffmahn, Champion of Order".

Aozora has now taken to calling herself "Supreme Overlady of All Reality, President of Rio de la Plata, Matriarch of Necerierra". She mostly just uses her first, most infamous title though.

And now for the analysis of my actual opinion on vassalisation. It can be harsh, truly. I wouldn't force it upon someone. In the case of Rio de la Plata, that nation was the one to place Aozora in charge to begin with. With Necerierra, it had been planned that Sagiri would assume control, and the player of a Necerierra had control over her actions and such. So it's not as much of a vassal as many would think, it's just aligning itself very heavily with Kyoki Chudoku.

And now I have to consider the flipside. What would I do were Kyoki Chudoku to ever be vassalised? It's hard to tell. It depends very greatly on who did it, what the circumstances were, and so on. But basically, I would still RP as much as I can. With resistance groups, new governments, whatever is in place.

Well, that concludes this edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!
Welcome to the latest edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!

Today's topics (yes, that's plural): media wars, conspiracy theories about me, and the increasing fusion of my NS forum and TNP TMB universes.

So, firstly, media war. What even is that?

It's a term I came up with to describe a very specific situation that happened to me and fellow nation Great Solordia (a.k.a the Liker Lurker). To explain it all, we must go...back in time.

Or just look back at the RMB. That's easier.

You see, this was around the time Aozora's first ship began. Specifically, the good old Grayaozora ship. Wait, now I've got to explain this situation...basically there was a person called Gray who was involved with Aozora. The two were allies then Gray died then turned out to be a traitor anyway and then stuff happened. The important part is that they did stuff after a drunken celebration, and somebody (cough cough Great Solordia cough) shared a video of it (all of this is IC of course).

To make matters worse, Kyoki Chudoku also has Gikochinai. The world's most severe nymphomaniac. So Great Solordia was able to get plenty of material from that as well.

Aozora responded by ordering her media department (oh yeah Gikochinai leads that by the way) to make videos of Emperor Solordiar (Great Solordia's ruler) performing intimate acts with a sea cucumber.

Long story short that's what everyone remembers him for now. Sea cucumbers. The Solordian plan kind of failed for a few reasons. Firstly, the whole Grayaozora ship that kicked this whole thing off sunk because of the aforementioned death and betrayal. And Gikochinai's absolute nymphomania became well known and so people didn't take it very seriously. But somehow they do remember sea cucumbers.

And that's media war. Destroying the legacy and reputation of your enemies using videos and accusations.

Now, next topic for today.

Somebody once thought I was Menta Lee-Il, a.k.a DEAREST LEADER (I'm sorry), from another region. This one is known for having the highest NS stat military randking in the entire game.

Now obviously these claims are false (and is blasphemy against the eternal might of- I'll stop now). But the reason they thought this is because said nation mentioned my puppet over in their region because of stuff that happened, which leads me unexpectedly very nicely into the final topic for today.

In TNP, Kyoki Chudoku is known for being a psychotic insane arcane dictatorship that's a part of the Warsaw Pact and ruled by a complete psychopath and gives out cookies and also for starting the whole sea cucumber thing.

In the NS forums, Kyoki Chudoku is known for being a psychotic insane arcane dictatorship allied to the world's most totalitarian country imaginable, which has an entire alliance against it (by "it" I mean the totalitarian nation and its allies).

Also the nation's kind of designated enemy in that situation happens to be a futuristic nation spanning galaxies and having clone technology so their leader is difficult to kill and they have magic inspire do by a game I know nothing about. The positions I get into...

But anyway, what I want to mention is how these worlds are increasingly merging. With the recent participation of a democratic nation on the RMB that happens to be largely related to said forum situation, events that happen there are mentioned in the world of TNP. Which means that these universe are beginning to collide for me.

I have no idea what'll happen but I'm sure it'll be insane.

And that's it for this long overdue post on Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings! Free cookie, anyone?


"Always be Evil"
Yes please I would like a free cookie

and could you please tell us about your greatest war you ever had with another nation
I have returned.

*ominous music and lightning*

Welcome to today/tonight's edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!

Today's topic- Where have you been!?

Alright, alright. I have no excuse. I just haven't had the motivation to update this in ages.

Now I've had four paragraphs in a row with a single sentence in them. Quickly, avoid doing it to this one!

There. Anyway, in honour of the upcoming NS event, today's topic is: weapons of mass destruction!

So firstly, what even is a weapon of mass destruction? In reality, all chemical, biological and nuclear weapons are considered WMDs. In NS...well pretty similar, at least for me.

Now, let's start with chemical weapons. Usually found in the form of toxic gas, these are weapons of the tactical sort. That is to say, you'll see them used during battles at said battles. These have the advantage of being completely horrifying and flushing enemies out of cover, but they have some weaknesses.

Firstly, a lot of them just blow with the wind. So that phosgene gas you sent to your foes? Yeah, it's now blowing right in your face if you weren't paying attention. Gas masks can help, but some things, like mustard gas, will kill skin as well, and then you're in a world of trouble.

These are the safest of the weapons I'll be covering. They don't reach war-ending proportions, most of the time.

Next up, biological weapons. The rarest sort I'm detailing, these weapons are feared and mentioned a lot more than actually used. You see, once deployed, they're very unpredictable. And of course the enemy may begin developing treatments and eventually maybe a cure for your microscopic death machines. These take a while to spread, and also a while to kill.

They are however a massive cause of paranoia, fear and terror. Imagine living in a city where any sick person might be carrying a deadly, untreatable disease specifically designed to kill you. Scary, right? These are a complex weapon to deal with because of their nature.

Finally, nukes. Most countries have nukes in NS.

That means that mutually assured destruction is common. But you see, they're not actually used much. Either they work as a deterrent, or they aren't used until the last moments. Because nuking as soon as war is declared, to put it bluntly, is not fun.

People enjoy creating massive, sweeping battles and dangerous, tense incursions, and you can't get this if you're nuked immediately. They are a last resort for a reason, and can leave an area uninhabitable for ages, utterly annihilating anything in their path and causing resistance to crumble. Or just, you know, fire nukes back and then the world ends after a certain point.

Be careful when using these weapons. Some nations have morality, and they may object to use of such terrible devices. Others don't care at all, but most of both kinds will be more likely to use their own if you attack them with one. So keep that in mind.

Anyway, that's it for this edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings! Yes I'll try update this more...

*Temmf intensifies*

Nukes do take away all the fun and it is a really cheap and dumb way to fight.

Especially because people always have like 500mt nukes and at least a million of them.
Well it's been a while again. Oops.

Welcome to another edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!

I could talk about a lot of things here. Recent RP. My factbooks being revamped. The spammer influx.

Instead I'll talk about cookies.

Now, recently, a lot of nations in TNP have taken to giving cookies to new members. Not Chudokuren chocolate chip cyanide ones, but probably less deadly ones. One person uses muffins instead.

Now this seems pretty random for a topic, but I find it interesting. Because I was basically the only one to do so until recently. In fact, cookies have become kind of symbolic of me. So many people handing them out is interesting to witness.

On one hand I feel kind of like it's my thing, but on the other it's nice to see such compassion towards new members. Or it could just be competition who knows.

Anyway, that's all for this edition. I'm tired.
Welcome to Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!

It's been a few months! And this entry won't be particularly long, so...have a free cookie! Wow, I've used so many exclamation marks! I sound like Gikochinai! I'll stop now.

So, what's the topic this time? Honestly I'm just reflecting on my time thus far as Kyoki Chudoku. I've had some ups, a couple of downs, and some sort of just moving around at average altitudes. I'll get the downs out of the way first.

Stalkers! Spammers! A bit too much chaos in my opinion! The amount of time it took me to actually deal with the first one! The times I lost walls of text because the page reloaded!

Now that all that's out of the way, let's talk about the food. I've had fun. That's the most important thing because it's why I'm here to begin with, to have fun. I didn't take this nation too seriously at first. I mean, it's ruled by a magical insane tyrant after all. But over time, events happened, and I ended up starting to get more and more serious about it. To the extent that many of my walls of text tend to feature a lot of emotional stuff. It's still fun, just higher-quality than my previous messing about.

Let's see, what else did I do. I ran for delegate once. Apparently I did quite well for someone with no experience, from the RMB. Speaking of the RMB, it's a fairly new RP environment. There were some community divides I forgot to add to the bad section, but they're somewhat more resolved now and I have hope they won't prove very problematic. Now there's a different divide over maps and stuff, whichI hope will be resolved soon.

Also apparently I have a lot of RMB posts. According to list thingy I was linked once (well, that was linked once), I may actually have the most of the region. The number is apparently, and I'm not sure if it's just a direct count or not, 22,741 as of now. Which technically means that'd for every RMB page, I have just over one post. I'm not sure if I should be proud of this or if it's sad.

I've had a lot of fun with Kyoki Chudoku. And I hope those who've RPed or talked with me have had fun too.

Well, I'll leave it at that for now. That's it for this edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings!
Its the third of the third month and i need to keep my citizenship so i'll use my one required post, for you, and just for you my dear Aozora, ramble to us!