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  1. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    So, I saw this section once. There was nothing recent in it.

    Then somebody posted a thing here and asked for a cookie and now I'm inspired to write something.

    So, what will I write about?

    My life, I guess.

    I'm alive.

    Well that was easy. What next?

    I might as well write in the same rambling sort of way that I think. It makes things easier.

    Oh, right! I have to introduce myself still. I'm Kyoki Chudoku. You may know me from the forums from like three posts. Or, more likely, you'll know me from the TNP RMB (the horror, I know) as the region's current resident cookie-giving psychotic dictatorship.

    So, now that that's out of the way...huh. Should've thought about this more. Well, top five things I learned recently!

    1. I can apparently write a blog technically.
    2. It's easy to have a billion puppet nations as long as you don't do stupid stuff with them.
    3. My factbook formatting needs work.
    4. I'm not good at keeping lists of five going.
    5. Space is full of emptiness except where it's not look I'm out of ideas ok.

    Well then, quick Q/A!

    Q: Are you really insane?
    A: Aren't we all? Joking, I'm not. Or so I say...

    Q: How can you handle the TNP RMB?
    A: Magical shields. It's the only way.

    Q: Why did you even make this?
    A: Blame Moristia
  2. Citrus Maximus

    Citrus Maximus TNPer

    It's everyday bro
    With the Disney Channel flow
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    This is Team 10, bitch
    Who the hell are flippin' you?
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    Yeah, I'm talking about you
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    Talking shit on Twitter too
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    Jake Paulers number one

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    [Nick Crompton:]
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    [Martinez Twins:]
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    Can I get my visa?
    Martinez Twins, representando España
    Desde la pobreza a la fama

    [Jake Paul:]
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    [Tessa Brooks:]
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    Is that your boy's cologne?

    [Jake Paul:]
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    Started balling, Quicken loans
    Now I'm in my flippin' zone
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    I said is 10 with six zeros
    Always plug, merch link in bio
    And I will see you tomorrow 'cause
    It's everyday bro
  3. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Well I have only half an idea what that is but let's change the format for this second blog post compared to the first:

    Hello there, thanks for sending something in,
    To the Queen of Despair of the land of sin,
    Yes I know I just made up this whole verse,
    But I'm so amazing I don't need to rehearse,
    So, I will say, in the style that I chose,
    Not boring walls of text or Shakespeare's poetic prose,
    Of the random events that happened just now,
    Between the time of my founding and the time they'll all bow.

    The land purple randomness has seen it fit to mention,
    My random ramblings in his blog- I know not his intention,
    And then when I returned to the TNP RMB,
    I was met with the message that I'd received an inquiry,
    Curious I took a look back at this random blog,
    Thinking that perhaps it could end the daily slog,
    And then I saw a massive wall of some random song,
    And thought to myself "wow my reply now must be long",

    So to you who claims to have a bunch of worthless zeroes,
    Playing 'round with warships and pretending that you're heroes,
    I'm the one who brings great pain, suffering and huge disdain,
    As each of my enemies is slaughtered and brutally slain,
    Everywhere I venture I'm becoming well known,
    While you and your kin of freedom rot alone.
    From the growing shadows, I shall soon emerge,
    Commencing immense laughter as I begin the purge,
    Think that I'll fail? You can't resist the urge,
    To fail, now roll over, because you just got burnt.

    And that concludes the second edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings! Next time we're doing limericks!
  4. Citrus Maximus

    Citrus Maximus TNPer

    England is my city
  5. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    There once was a person who made a blog,
    Living near coast and far from the bog,
    I'm not in Sydney,
    I may as well be,
    For all that it matters to those of this log.
  6. Citrus Maximus

    Citrus Maximus TNPer

    My favourite colour is Grue
  7. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    My preferred is red,
    Followed second by purple,
    I don't know the third.
  8. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    So, stuff happened! Lots of random stuff visible to people on the TNP RMB. Seriously that place is full of insanity. Which makes it the perfect fit for me, right?

    Moristia (the one who inspired me to make this blog in the first place) has set up an incredibly varied poll which I'm involved in a little, so here's a link to anyone who cares: Poll of Doom

    So, how has my life been? I'm still breathing. So I'm fine.

    Oh right I'm back to random rambling instead of raps and limericks and haikus. I'll take requests for formats if you want. Don't complain if they're awful though (actually do any reply at all is good).

    So, what stuff happened?

    That was clickbait.

    I lie, of course. Basically there was a random RMB thing that became an argument that became a discussion over the weather. That's TNP for you.

    Stay tuned next time for...I don't know, free cookies!
  9. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    the RMB is a perfect fit for you by the way you make it seem like, I am looking forward for the free cookies
  10. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Well since Moristia said something I now have to think of something to say.

    Well firstly, your cookie.

    *gives cookie*

    Don't be alarmed if you get a headache or painfully die. That's pretty normal for my cookies.

    Anyway, lets talk about something.

    I know! Exposition dump time!

    As you probably know, Kyoki Chudoku is ruled by Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality. And because I'm bored the next blog post will be divided into OOC answers (me) and IC answers (her) to any questions asked. Or to random ones I make up if nobody asks anything.

    Wait, where's that exposition dump? Ummm, so...well, let me say what I think of TNP I guess. The North Pacific was a region I just sort of showed up in (that's how feeders work believe it or not). Usually I end up moving but I decided to stay.

    Behold my first ever words on the RMB (in italics here because why not): Hello

    Incredible creativity, right?

    Anyway, my second message was this:

    That's a lot of issues

    In response to another rmessage from a nation called the Sanada Clan, who was complaining about getting too many issues on foreign aid when they gave none. I'd get to know them a lot better later.

    My third was:

    Who's there?

    Which may have been just lack of activity or a reply to the start of a knock-knock joke. I forget.

    And finally for tonight, my fourth message:

    And try not to step on the used syringes! They've still got neurotoxin in them, I forget to sterilise them properly and just sort of left them on the floor...

    You may start to see the hallmarks of being Kyoki Chudoku around this point.

    Anyway, that's all for now! I'd do more but I'm tired and lazy. Maybe if I get motivation somehow I can share my entire TNP life story eventually.
  11. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Hello I am a fellow reader and a huge fan of your blog and I have a few questions
    1. What is your favourite movie
    2. What is your favourite TV show
    3. Will you post after someone else posts something
    4. how many puppet nations do you have?
    5. What is the answer to
    - Find the answers for X
    x^2 + 2X + 2 =2
  12. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Q: What is your favourite movie?
    OOC: Probably Star Wars Episode V.
    IC: "Oh, it's Minigoroshi no Suru. It's an anime film I got Gikochinai to make about all my enemies dying. Great watch."

    Q: What is your favourite TV show?
    OOC: Changes all the time.
    IC: "There are too many to choose from. Like the one where that Solordiar guy was enjoying himself with a sea cucumber...gotta get Gikochinai making more of those."

    Q: Will you post after someone else posts something?
    OOC: Yes, eventually. Well I try to.
    IC: "Stress relief takes a while so not always, but I try to get around to it eventually. Sadly I can get distracted from replying to my other blog but whatever."

    Q: How many puppet nations do you have?
    OOC: I can't say how many are active now, but I'll say I have created around 114 in total that I can remember/have listed.
    IC: "Just Akhara that one time, but we stopped that after a while. Nothing useful there."

    Q: What is the answer to - Find the answers for X - x^2 + 2X + 2 = 2
    OOC:If the capital and lower case X are different than X= 0 - x^2.
    IC: "Oh come on, I'll get Tensai to do it later or something."
  13. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Just figured out the last question I made a error in it it is meant to be a quadratic formula question but tell me more about your life
  14. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Yeah, I realised, but well I'll take any excuse I can to avoid going maths.

    As for my life, well, turns out I forgot to add two throwaway joke puppets so it's actually 116. I can tell you some of their names if you want me to.

    My life has been pretty good, really. Heart still beating. I'm supposed to work on a map of Kyoki Chudoku but I'm tired and lazy. It happens to me a lot.
  15. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Go ahead I want to hear some of those puppet names
  16. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    I'll tell you a couple, and their history. Behold, the second one's name: Zhongguoaodaliya. A nation set in northern Australia, a Chinese colony. There was a civil war there between Islamic extremists, communist rebels and the actual government. The government won. A fun nation, which I look back to.

    Another is Pakxe Pact, set in Indochina. A confederation of dictatorships. Also some fun, and there was a massive war with the region's overpowered Australia in Indonesia which ended in a nuclear missile hitting the Pact.

    There's a couple of my puppets for you.
  17. Brendog

    Brendog A rocket has landed. A dog is inside. - - - -

    Very Intresting
  18. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Thanks for the compliment! I have no idea what else to write here.

    I've got to get better at this.

    So, my life? Yep, brain still working. I'm fine.

    So, should I reveal the great potential coincidence of NS and me and some other nation? Nah I did that on the RMB.

    I know. Here's a question I don't get very much but whatever: why do I choose to be a psychotic dictatorship?

    My mind needs an outlet for torture methods. Fine, that's not the reason. I prefer it more than a democracy. Because in those, I don't know, I just find them boring. Being a very insane and random tyranny is more enjoyable to me. Who hasn't seen one of those boring democracies with reasonable leaders and supproting freedom of the people?

    Everyone has seen those.

    Whereas who's seen a cookie-dealing tyrannical dictatorship ruled by an insane person full of nekos and tenshi and other random stuff that has another group of important insane people?

    Everyone reading this blog obviously.
  19. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Well I should talk about Tachaka I guess.

    It's another of my puppet nations. It recently joined the region "I am groot" owned by...Moristia. I swear we're different people, seriously.

    Why is this relevant?

    It's not I fooled you this blog is a waste of your time- come back! Wait! Stay until the end and you get a cookie!

    Good. So, why did I make Tachaka?

    If you look at it's factbook's you'll see a weird set of words and symbols. That's the language for it. Except I only got up to using a phonology generator. You see, I was going to originally make a fictional language for it, but nothing ever came of it.

    The other factbook is about Chieftess Srajra Tasi, the nation's leader. It's a bit sparse, didn't get much done on her.

    I still haven't answered why I made Tachaka.

    Well, actually, it was going to be my pure MT puppet for use in these forums. A nation full of primitiveness and drug use ruled by an order of witches, basically. Because why not?

    But nothing really came from it. Except it's now in charge of poison control in "I am groom". Don't ask me how.

    Oh yeah, by the way, that cookie I just gave you was poisoned.

    Enjoy the next five seconds of your life.
  20. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Today's edition of Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings:

    A list of things I should do but I'm instead writing a blog listing them.

    1. A map. I'm supposed to work on a map of Kyoki Chudoku. But I always seem to forget about it. I really should work on it soon or it'll never get done. It'll be a simple map, just showing the islands of Kyoki Chudoku and the Districts.

    2. Quotes for my factbook on Aozora. I could easily just go back into the Personal Opinion of the Above Leader or whatever F7 thread for that actually. But I beg I could get some good quotes from the RMB too.

    3. I'm not sure in anything else actually.

    By the way, about my life. Yep, my nerves still carry instructions to my body. I'm good then.

    And that's it for this edition!
  21. Emperor von Friently

    Emperor von Friently TNPer -

    Yes Aozora, you should make this damn map already, i gotto know how to get there if you were to ever host a WP conference... Which would not be a very good idea but still.
    Ich will diesern Landtkarte Aozora, ich brauche es

    -Bryan von Friently VII, Emperor of The Grand Friently Empire
  22. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Today's special guess star: an actual map!

    Here's a link:

    Yes my Paint skills are so amazing I know.

    So here's an interview with the fictional person who made the map, because it's been a while since we changed format.


    Me: Hello, I'm Kyoki Chudoku OOC. And I'm talking to myself. In the form of Shinu Tsumori, an MS Paint cartographer.

    Shinu Tsumori: Hello! I made the- AAAAAAAAAAARGH

    Aozora Chiyumi: You are not giving credit to this random idiot.

    Me: Well...didn't expect that.

    Aozora Chiyumi: Oh for goodness sake! You literally used Google Translate so his name would be Japanese for "going to die"!

    Me: ....moving on. So, what are the name things on the map?

    Aozora Chiyumi: Your brain is failing.

    Me: At coming out with ideas of what to say, yes.

    Aozora Chiyumi: They're the names of the districts! What else could they be for? The words I carve into your flesh if you ask such a stupid question again?

    Me: Fine fine fine. What are each of the districts notable for?

    Aozora Chiyumi: Well, Chuo has the capital, and it's where I live, and it bases our aerial forces. Kaigan is our main naval base. Isogashi is a very high-tech place with lots of urban bits. Yasei is where a lot of industry is. Iyana has a lot of suburban bits. Nogyo is full of farms and our army is based there. Shinrin has a fair bit of urban stuff and some commercial-type stuff. Sangaku is full of mountains and we get snow there a lot and it has mines. And Otoko has a lot of island prisons and some other stuff.

    Me: That's a lot of districts.

    Aozora Chiyumi: Not really. Some places have like fifty. Anyway, when are you going to clean up this mess?

    Me: That's not really my-

    Aozora Chiyumi: It is now.

    Me: Ok, ok! I'll do it, don't scythe me...


    Oh and by the way, thanks for commenting Friently!
  23. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Hello can you sign my poster you are my number 1 favourite blogger and only blog that I read besides from my own
  24. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Why of course here you go have the signed poster back.

    Don't get water on it, test subject blood wipes off easily.
  25. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Thank you I will put it in my water/dust/fire/robber/rust proof frame and put it in my hallway
  26. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Today on Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings: Lord Gray died!

    Half of you reading this will be like "we know" and the other half will be like "wait who?".

    So let's just talk about death in general. I mean fictional people dying, not actual ones. Less morbid, and feel less bad writing about it awfully here.

    So people die.

    What a shock.

    In NS, death is everywhere. But there's two major categories of death: important death and unimportant death.

    Let me clarify that a bit.

    Unimportant death happens constantly. For example, in Kyoki Chudoku, people are brutally killed all the time. Is that horrific? Yes it should be. Is it important to me that such happens? Yes. But are those people important? No. They're random people. We know nothing about them. They exist to demonstrate something, not to be characters. Another example are the soldiers that die in war RPs as the viewpoint character watches on. Or they can just be decreasing numbers if you're into that.

    Important people, however, have personality. History. Names and reputations. Take Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reallty. Is she important? Yes. She is known (on the RMB), she is the ruler of the nation, and she has defined personality traits (such as insanity). Another example of this is of course the aforementioned Lord Gray.

    Important deaths happen to these people.

    It doesn't even have to be elaborate. You can write an entire page om exactly how they fell in glorious battle, or you could just say they died in their sleep. What's important here is who is now dead, and what effect that has.

    Obviously if they're a leader someone must take their place. They can change the country greatly. Or not, if you don't want. It can inspire feelings in other important people. Fear, that they are next. Hatred at what caused their friend to fall. Grief-stricken, at their loss. Or ecstatic that the evil monster that opposed them has come to an end at last.

    The question is, though, are you willing to let them die? Will you be willing to forever lose all that which you have made?

    It's tough. A lot of people make their characters immortal to avoid this issue. Democracies can just have an election if leader replacement is all they want. But killing off one of your own can be hard. If you hate them it can be easy, but as you try to role play with them, you can come to understand why they act how they do. Even despicable monsters can cause sadnesss on their deaths.

    Personally the people I feel most sorry for from this recent example are the Grayozora shippers.
  27. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    RIP Lord Gray you will always be in my heart
    the same heart of which I sold

    Lord Gray was a favourite person of me I can't believe she died
  28. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Today on Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings: My life!

    How is it? I'm digesting food fine so I'm fine.

    Just kidding!

    No not about being fine about it being about my life about I'm spamming about about all over the place like a roundabout.

    Instead, we have:

    I have no clue! What should I write about? I have a poll! So vote there so I have an idea what idea would be the least awful to write here.

  29. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Your cookie business history would be a good topic to talk about
  30. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    It all began....when I saw one of those "TG me" adverts in someone's signature in an F7 thread. I thought to myself, hey, I know, I'll make my own one. So, this was created:

    TG me for a free cookie. May contain traces of hydrogen cyanide

    Later on I branched out to the RMB. I first offered genuine cookies. The reason? It was "let's coup the delegate" season and it was the incentive for anyone to bother voting for me. Not that they could.

    Eventually, though, it became know I poison everything. Including cookies. It became a pretty well-known thing. Don't accept my cookies, they'll kill you. And eventually, I started giving them to new nations and stuff. "Hello, here have a free cookie" I'd say, and then somebody else would be like "NO DONT ITS EVIL". At one point I offered an exchange- somebody's soul, for a cookie. One nation actually accepted, a place called Moristia. I don't always try to get souls out of it though.

    Good times, continuing to this day.

    Now I'm branching out to this forum too. My introduction in The Docks was "Please Sell Your Soul to Me For A Free Cookie". I'm very well known for my deathly delicious cookies now.

    And there you have it.
  31. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    I voted in your poll I wanted to vote for everything but I could only vote for one so I hope you like my choice. and Was I the reason why you are now posting in the forums more? or is it a different reason?
  32. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Tonight, I answer Moristia's question.

    You see, whenever I get responded to, I have an urge to respond as fast as possible. I feel obligated to. So you constantly posting here makes me post constantly here too.

    The same happens with RMB as well, actually. So to answer simply, yes I suppose.

    By the way, thanks for your vote in the poll! Yeah I'll probably keep rambling on about whatever strikes my interest at the time.
  33. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Also just so you know in my blog I made a kind of parody song its awful you should read it
  34. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Moristia: I have indeed seen it, and it looks good, although I'm unfamiliar with the song it parodies.

    Today on Kyoki Chudoku's Totally Sensible Random Ramblings: Joint Characters!

    I kind of have one now! In the TNP RMB admittedly so goodness knows what'll happen. So, who are they, and how on Earth did I ever get control of them?

    Well, this one nation just sort of gave Aozora their kid. Who was technically their country's successor.

    I'll give you a second to stop facepalming.

    So, how is she not dead already? Well, I thought it'd be more interesting for something different to come of this, and I had to make good on my promise that something insane was going to happen.

    So I tenshified her.

    "Huh?" you ask, if you have no idea what it is. Basically it's a highly restricted procedure in Kyoki Chudoku that causes agonising pain and possible death. If you survive, you emerge a tenshi, and possess magical capabilities at the cost of your sanity, and obedience to Aozora.

    This is why you don't send your kids to Kyoki Chudoku.

    Anyway, as for joint characters, I'm still sorting out how to handle the situation, but so far it seems to be going alright. Joint characters can be fun to make, but they inevitably come with issues. You're bound to disgreee with the other person on something, and then you have to decide how much you're going to push your view and influence in the character. And it's hard fo handle if you feel like the other person is taking over the whole thing. But I haven't got to that stage yet, so the only advice I can give is to be reasonable.

    Also, there's been a recent surge in blogs. There's more than 0 visible from entry now, even more than mine and Moristia's. I wonder if we've started a trend.
  35. Aerilia

    Aerilia "Always be Evil" - -

    Hello I heard something about kid friendly so I am sending 200 kids over to be tenshified.
  36. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    You may not want to do that, Moristia. It will end in disaster.

    Anyway, lets talk about: the changing impact levels of that happen in the RMB!

    When I first joined TNP, escalation to nuclear (or worse, usually worse) conflict happened all the time. And of course everyone had what I call "orbital death weapons".

    The average war went like this:

    A: I declare war and send a million troops.

    B: I destroy your troops and invade your capital.

    A: FIRE NUKES!!!!!


    And then we just reset the universe with a time machine or something.

    Seriously that's what happened.

    And then, one day. It happened. We had a war without a reset.

    One of the most impactful wars I can remember is the Invasion of Akhara. That was an eventful day for me. You see, at first somebody made a rebel Kyoki Chudokuren nation. Which I then proceeded to crush with the help of allies. Then, there was a second rebellion. Which also got crushed.

    Then some Mongolian nation declared war and a place called the Akhara Islands joined them in the attack for some reason.

    Long story short, Akhara became a puppet state. This is now the common fate of losers of a war, becoming a vassal of the victor.

    It's a nightmare to keep them in line though. I respect that people should have control of their nations. But it seems puppets are unwilling to behave themselves for even a single day. While their new ruler state is offline, they go and cause trouble, and then things need to be sorted out the next day.

    Anyway we don't usually universal reset anymore. So that's something.
  37. Malayan Singapura

    Malayan Singapura TNPer

    im glad i isolated myself from the rmb

    so wait the rmb earth is basically like Fallout 4 ? Or is yet to happen ?
  38. Kyoki Chudoku

    Kyoki Chudoku TNPer -

    Well, I've never actually played Fallout games (I'm the only one it seems), but the area is not a nuclear wasteland. So I'm guessing the answer is no.

    On today's edition: what would I do if I were in charge of TNP?


    I'm a roleplayer. I like pretending to be an insane psychotic dictatorship. I have no idea what goes over in the realm of gameplay or region management and I don't have the time or dedication to perform such an undertaking.

    I can imagine it'd be a nightmare coordinating raiding and defending groups. Trying to kept the RMB in line, now that's a lost cause. I have no idea what half the positions in this place even do. What does a Minister of Culture do? TNP has a culture? If it does it's a very diverse and somewhat disturbing one probably.

    I'm not in the WA, so I couldn't be delegate, and I don't want to. I don't want to have to make sure people aren't stuffing up because people stuff up a lot and I'm bad at judging that stuff. So I'd be stuffed. I said stuff a lot in that stuff didn't I?

    So yeah, I'd resign.
  39. Malayan Singapura

    Malayan Singapura TNPer

    You got it good. Since I banished myself from the RMB for one year, trying to climb the path to be delegate is ALL I can think off.

    Though I am just 15, this feels more like a country than my school will ever be. It's a novelty being School President (By default), this feels way more official. In a sense the TNP has already turned into the world's first Virtual Nation.

    All we need is a marketplace to swap physical items with each other and then at this point no one will question us. Yes I admit TNP population is at an all time low, but so is everywhere else. If NationStates is sinking for know, rest assured we will be the last ones to drown
  40. Malayan Singapura

    Malayan Singapura TNPer

    can i get some poison laced cookies and regular old chocolate milk please ?