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Tolima Vice President - acting as presiding officer of the International Association of Nations until the organisation is fully set up - El Tigre Rey has opened elections to the IAN Council of Nations. The Council of Nations is the Association's leading committee, made up of 5 members although that may increase to as many as 13.

Nominations are open for the next 14 days - so until the 3rd of January. Nations may self-nominate as the election is open to all members.

Accepted Nominations:
  • Imperium Augustum
  • Goyannes
  • Yeraennus
  • Ilamzat
  • Guslantis
  • Xentherida
  • Syrixia
  • The Rose League
  • Zyvetskistaahn
  • Plembobria
  • Zelgathon
  • Trinster
  • Itrean League of Ilia
Declined to Stand:
  • Tolima
  • Myroria
  • Naizerre
Imperium Augustum wishes to nominate itself for the Council of Nations.

Imperium also wishes to nominate Plembobria, Myroria, Tolima, and Naizerre, making a competent and acceptable full ticket of 5.
The Presiding Officer recognises the nominations of Imperium Augustum.

Tolima declines its nomination however, so as to prevent accusations of bias in how the vote is conducted. It offers its thanks to Imperium for its nomination and the faith our friends in Imperium have shown.
The Armed Republic of Cogoria would like to nominate Republic of the Ilamzati Proletariat, as we believe that the world's workers must be represented by a nation that actually cares for their well being instead of the capatalist , imperialist nations that will merely use them as cattle for their own profit.
On behalf of Darcania, I nominate Guslantis and Syrixia for positions on the Council of Nations.
The Military Federal Autocracy of the Stan Yera nominates itself to the Council.

The Stan Yera further nominates Trinster to the Council.
The Presiding Officer recognises the nominations made up to this point.

Nominated nations are encouraged to make a short statement here outlining their campaign.
The chair recognises the accepted nominations of Guslantis and Ilamzati. The chair also recognises the nomination of Xentherida.
The Syrixian Empire accepts her nomination, and graciously thanks the honorable delegation of Darcania for the nomination. We wish the other nations who are running in the election the best of luck, and we wish great prosperity upon all nations of the IAN and the world herself.

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The Rose League nominates itself to the Council.

Furthermore, the League nominates Plembobria and Zyvetskistaahn to the Council.
Helen Etherington had spent three decades working her way up the ladder of the Confederate External Service, now she sat listening to delegation after delegation stand and nominate (or accept nomination) for the Council. She took a sip of water and went over again the nomination of the Confederacy she would make. It was obvious that there was no hope for a seat for her at the Council table, the Confederacy was a nation that had been none too involved in world affairs of late and would surely pay the price at the ballot.

She turned to look at the August delegate, as expected they had put themselves forward and, considering their involvement, both public and clandestine, in many nations, it seemed likely to her that the Confederacy's autocratic neighbour would get a seat.

"... and Zyvetskistaahn to the Council", Helen looked up as the ambassador for the Rose League spoke their nomination of the Confederacy, snapped out of thought. Helen hadn't been informed in advance of any intended nomination from another delegation and as she rose to her feet she wondered why the Rose League had made it.

Perhaps it was the fact that the League and the Confederacy were similarly organised; certainly it wasn't due to geographic concerns or even particular closeness diplomatically.

"Mr Acting Chairman, I thank the delegate for the Rose League for their nomination of the Confederacy and accept it"

Maybe it was simply that the League wanted a nation with little history of involving itself, such a nation being unlikely to lend much strength to the Council's mission to ensure compliance with the Assocciation's law. Helen took another sip of water and continued to ponder.
Elizabeth O'Shea was the League's representative to the International Association of Nations. She was one of the senior members of the League Diplomatic Service and as such carried a large amount of autonomy when it came to dealings with foreign nations and foreign organizations. She was tasked by her superiors to nominate nations of her choosing and was mainly looking at nations that stood their ground against imperialistic outside influence, practiced non-interventionist policies or some combination of both, the extent of which was at her discretion. Elizabeth was also free to nominate nations that fell outside these requirements but those nominations would be few and far between. Having already seen the August state, Plembobria and Xentherida get nominated, she threw her support once more behind Plembobria and then also threw her support behind Zyvetskistaahn. Seeing the surprised look from the Zyvetskistaahn delegate, Elizabeth was contemplating making her intentions clear but then decided to stay quiet for the time being and see how the rest of the proceedings played out.
The delegation of Zelgathon, clearly a novice at this type of convention, was scrambling frantically as nominations poured in from much more prestigious nations. The man representing Zelgathon, Fitzgerald Spliff, was on the verge of having an anxiety attack. Why the hell did they bother sending me here? he muttered under his breath. Not much for diplomacy or regional politics, Spliff was shocked when the legislature announced him as the individual who would be sent to the Council of Nations nominations convention. Sure, he had experience as a lawyer before and had been out of the country on a vacation once or twice, but he was no international aficionado. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. I'm here for a reason, the balding forty two year old, grey tweed suit-wearing man thought and without a moments deliberation stood up and shouted.

"The People's Republic of Zelgathon would like to nominate itself!"

All the other heads in the room jerked around facing his direction and soon murmurs broke out. Some had wondered who this man was, heck, others wondered what this "Zelgathon" even was. Nonetheless, Spliff felt someone content, albeit awkward about what he had just done. Trying to look casual amidst the increased number of questions, he laid back, nearly fell over in his chair and feigned a smooth recovery.

Damn it Spliff, keep it together he said to himself. All you have to do now is ride it out and hope for the best.
After deliberation, the Myrorian delegation has decided to decline its nomination and endorse our allies, Imperium Augustum and Plembobria for seats in the Council.
The Triple Federation will gladly accept its nomination to the Council, we wish to thank The Stan Yera for our nomination, and hope to serve alongside them. We wish all our adversaries the best of luck in this historic election.
~Announcement by the Office of the Chairman of the Outreach Directorate of the League~

While it took very heated debate within the Legislative of the Northern Republic of the Itrean League on weather or not to join. It has quickly turned into a matter of not only international importance but an important matter for our nation. Due this this the Prime Minister of the League has declared to our government that the Itrean League shall stand for a seat within this Governing Council within the IAN.

- Chairman Julean el Trecht, MP of Trita-OstanMoras
The chair recognises the accepted nomination of Trinster and the nomination of Itrean League.
I now plan to open elections on the 31st of December. The election will run for 7 days. Further details will be provided closer to the time.