Favorite Things!


FT: Comedy Sex.

FT: "That's not flowers! It's a bouquet of ORGY!"

FT: "It looks like you traced the crabapple logo and added fangs!"

FT: "To suck the nectar out of a honeysuckle you have to remove the stem..."

FT: "Shh! SHH! SHHHHH! I have a secret......CRABAPPLES AREN'T FLOWERS!!"

FT: Posting all of that so Opa's not disappointed in me. :p


[size=-2]FT:Still not DD[/size]

FT: saying to a big overweight person .. " you are what you eat and you clearly went out and devoured a great big fat guy" .. I love "Scrubs" and more importantly .. John C Mcginley who is my hero!