1. Dinoium

    Stepping Back From NS

    I’m not going to try and made this seem like a sob story. I just thought I clear some things on regarding my activity. So you may have been wondering where I’ve been. Maybe I’m continuing my “position badging” job or I’m focusing on another region more than TNP. Well I’m afraid to say that all...
  2. Dinoium

    Dino for Speaker January 2019: Finally a humble nation for the job!

    DINOIUM FOR SPEAKER Greeting, fellow North Pacificans. As the January General Election has begun and candidacy declarations opened, a bright new light has shined. As we may know, incumbent Speaker Wonderess has been not the my favorite. He was voted to succeed someone who was also pretty...
  3. Dinoium

    1 Year of Citizenship (kinda)

    My citizenship check. I thought I applied on the 28th but I was wrong, sorry about that. :P So recently my Anniversary of Citizenship has passed and i'm happy i'm still part of the community I call Home! I thought I never would rise the ranks of this refion and look at me now, I'm a Deputy...