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    Your Current Mood in Emoticons

    ... :'[...
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    Welcome to the ministry of Home Affairs and the ministry of Culture, bla bla bla exciting introduction (I already know you so I'm skipping the fancies :P ) To join these groups on the forums, go to contact details and then type "join" next to culture and comms, bla bla bla, ask mcm for a link to...
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    Count to 10 before Cabinet, SC post

    i'm doing alright. Just busy as always, you know. School stuff and all my TNP work , and writing RPs too. Always something to be done! 6
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    Count to 10 before Cabinet, SC post

    hey Marcus! How are you? 4
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    Who Posts Next?

    no. me again! Or will it be Chuckie?
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    Vending Machine*

    you get Dorothy and Toto I insert a piece of hair
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    Count to 10 before Nessuno posts

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    Spooktacular Spectacular

    BOO!!!! Did I scare you? Probably not… oh well, no matter, maybe the reason I’m speaking to you will! I am here to present to you TNP’s new Spooktacular Spectacular! Muahahaaaa!!! The Spooktacular Spectacular is a writing contest created to honor the spookiness and spirit of the Halloween...
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    My Hill

    I expose the bribery and get you arrested, declaring that it is My hill after all!
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    Tell a Lie About the Person Above You

    ^ hates rubber ducks