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Oct 9, 1995 (Age: 24)
Formerly Loch Ness, now Po river near Pavia
Sea/Lake Monster




<Eumenor> I love the way getting a driving license and total war come in the same priority;-)

<Alunya (About the old motto "404 Error-Motto Not Founded")> That should read, "Error 405: End if Internet attained."

Because, really, once you've visited the Territorio di Nessuno, there is nothing else on the Internetz to see!!


<Avalon/Lennart> I love how a country called "nobody's land" is ruled by someone that nobody knew who he was.

<McMasterdonia> You just wanted to be featured in the special @Nessuno says hello to everyone post, didn't you?

<Syrixia> Your country makes my head hurt. :lol:

<McMasterdonia> Nessuno the nicest RMB nation!

<Aenglaland/Loh > You have just made my day

<Democatic Donkeys> Thank you, Nessie. You are truly too good for this place. :-)

<Aenglaland/Loh (Answering the post: "Also not really, i'm just Roleplaying as the Loch Ness Monster"> And a genuine one, only found in the clean, warm but mysterious waters of TNP, folks. Sir David Attenborough once described Nessie as a "gentle, friendly creature at most times, but when enraged it can but a Gyarados to shame"

<Anonymous (message in a bottle)> Hi, Nessuno! How has your day been? Good? Great! Hope you have a great time here

<Anonymous (message in a bottle)> You are an amazing person. Don't ever change <3

<Anonymous (message in a bottle)> I appreciate all of our playful banter on the RMB. You always make me smile and I look forward to all the adventures you and I have waiting for us in the future together! Thank you for helping to make me happy
Former Member of the Regional Guard
Former Soldier of First Class
Former Member of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former Ambassador to United Kingdom
Former Deputy Minister of Education
Former Standby Hearing Officer
Former Vice Chancellor at The North Pacific University
Former Professor of the Arts at The North Pacific University
Member of the Minister of Culture
Member of the Minister of Home Affairs
Lead Gameside Advocate
Security Councillor
Bartender/Cook at the Magically City Bar and Grill
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I only lick frogs.


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