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Got inspired by El Fiji, so here goes. I already got a pretty nice headstart, considering I can do 100 pushups in 20 minutes or so, that's including distractions and breaks. Pushups until failure is somewhere around 20 to 25, I haven't bothered to check. Thanks in part to school, I built up a decent physique, in which my biceps are visible. I kinda want to get back into my daily training routine, since I've stopped for over 2 months, and that's really weakened my muscles. Blogging was never my thing, but I'll give it a shot to track my progress. Probably going to update every week or so, that's what I hope anyway. Cheers!

Edit: This is now a blog about daily happenings in my life.
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Attempted doing some situps, and managed to do 30 or so. My goal is to try and get to 50 before May, which should be possible with consistency and effort. As stated in the opening, I did 100 pushups in roughly 20 minutes today, give or take a few minutes. I might bother going for a jog later, hopefully getting to do 2km in... 15 minutes. Maybe even 14 minutes if I feel like it. See you next week, or tomorrow.

EDIT: Decided to not bother. I'm filled on Tuesday, so hopefully I can jog on Wednesday. I'll also cycle to school tomorrow, hopefully.
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Cycled to school both yesterday and today. Also did ~60 sit-ups for gym class. If it doesn't rain for long (quite unlikely), I'll go for a jog today.

Today's workout goals:
120 pushups completed
40 sit-ups in a row failed (30 only)

Update: 100 pushups completed in 19 minutes. Eventually I want to improve this. Also failed to do 40 sit-ups in a row with no breaks. It's probably too high of a goal. Since it hasn't rained, I'll most likely take a jog later.
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Cycled to school, again. I didn't go for a jog, again. I know, I'm a huge procrastinator, bad habit. Anyway, without distractions, I completed 100 pushups in 10 minutes, I consider that an achievement. I also checked how many pushups I can do to failure, and it ended up being 30. 35 sit-ups to failure as well. Overall, today was an improvement from yesterday.

Workout status:
100 pushups in 10 minutes
120 pushups completed
35 sit-ups in a row

Was supposed to update it yesterday, but was too tired to do so. Because of CCA, I got to do 100 pushups and also got back pain. Hurray, I'm an old wheezer now.

Workout status:
100 pushups in 11 minutes (+ jumping jacks & running)
135 pushups completed
No sit-ups done

UPDATE: My back pain's faded a little after some rest. Also found out I have pain in my quads as well. I guess I have to apply more Counterpain and other pain-relieving things.
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Don't expect a long update today. Life being life, catching up with me. I will go for a jog today, the procrastination is enough!

Workout status:
100 pushups in 10 minutes
100 pushups completed
40 sit-ups total completed (25 in a row)
2km in 15mins

Update: I mean, I did go for the jog. 2km in 15 minutes, including incline and decline. Pretty proud of it.
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Forgot about this thread, lmao. Anyhoo, procrastination got the best of me, and so I've done nothing today. So far, I've been successfully cycling to school every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from the 19th of March. Rather proud of that. Also, procrastination has gotten the best of me. I recall I did workout a few times, got 100 pushups in 9 minutes or so.

Look, life can happen. I have a real life, outside of the digital world. "Oh, you're just making excuses-" shut up. I have other things to do, and of more importance.
Alright, enough of the negativity, let's talk about what I've done today. Coincidentally, it's also been a month since I started this up, hurray. I participated in my CCA and all that, whatever. I might ball with my friends tomorrow morning, I'll see what happens. Also, the timings for the CCA have been updated, meaning I only need to come once a week. Eh, that has its benefits and downsides. Less physical exercise - pushups, sit-ups, all that - but more time for jogging. I think my calves and achilles heel are already built insanely well, but more jogging couldn't hurt, no? Anyhoo, I hope I update this tomorrow. Please, memory.

Workout status:
absolutely nothing.
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Geez, a lot of things have happened since the last update. Most significantly, my mental health took an absolute swan dive as of last week, and I'm still suffering from the aftereffects. Don't worry, I'm recovering. Since my mental health dropped, that translated into a new coping mechanism for me - binging. And I do mean a lot of binging. I spent quite a couple of afternoons just binging a couple of animes and doing nothing with my life, which means: no exercise. On another note, numerous people have contributed to this plummet, including someone here. Sorry to bore you with all my problems, but honestly I haven't got anyone who I can spill this shit to. I'm sorry. I changed the title as well to reflect that this is just a calm place for me to vent or something. Who knows, I'll probably just spill a lot of intense negative feelings here. Maybe this thread just devolves into that.

Workout status:
still nothing.
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Good thing this isn't a workout blog or whatever. Still, I can include it whenever I want to. The healing process is definitely taking a while - to be expected. I also bought the first volume of a manga series, planning to buy the next few whenever I finish volume 1. 16 volumes, so much reading is needed. Mmh, ran out of things to say.

What a time, one of the worst days. I got super moody again, this time at home. At least now I have a third person to vent to if I have issues. This doesn't really count, since some of yall are assholes. (I'm really blunt about this)

Sorry about the previous update, it kinda got cut off. Anyway, I'm feeling much better, got a couple test results today and I've improved a lot, so I'm feeling proud of myself. Also went for a jog/run, ran a mile in 12mins. Not my fastest, not my slowest.

On Friday, we were tasked to run a mile, so I ran a mile. In 7 minutes. And we had a physical exam the day prior. And on Friday I had CCA. All those three events are a really good mix to cause period cramps a fuck ton of abdominal pain. Screw me, man. So far, I'm recovering well, I should be back to normal by... tomorrow.

I did indeed recover. My mood's swinging, as usual. I don't think there's much I can do about it, I just have to wait till my mood swings back into happiness. On other news, we were tasked to run a mile (again) for our physical exam. Totally smashed it out of the park with a 7 minute run (again). I can go vroom, bitch!

Again, I don't think much happened today. I'm pretty much cycling to school every day at this point, even when I have CCA. It's simply way faster than the bus. On a totally unrelated note, my PC screen got absolutely totalled. Getting a new one soon.
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My PC screen got even more totalled after my dad toyed with it. The replacement one is coming in a few days, so we've agreed to use the family TV as a temporary screen. It's stupid, but it works. Does anyone even read this? I don't care, really.

The monitor is coming in two days! Finally. The family TV screen is working just fine as my computer screen, only issue being that I can't do a split-screen. I'm also beginning to write a book somewhat based on TNP Asheron, so thanks for the inspiration! The book's going to be a novel.

I've been silently observing the total chaos currently occurring in TNP's halls through the perspective of other people I have contact with who are citizens or have higher ranks. Frankly, it's hilarious. I'm taking quite the stance here, but the government has been put into total chaos since Simone was elected. Just an opinion. I'm still rooting for TNP to sort itself out, though.

Nothing really special today. I've done my 100 pushups for today in the morning. Hopefully, I will go for my 2.4km jog if procrastination does not get the best of me and holds me captive by its sharp and delectable claws. For the rest of the day, I'll probably get back to putting out RP posts. Either that or just playing random games. Off I go.