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Commend The Atlae Isles
Category: Commendation | Target: The Atlae Isles
Proposed by: Zukchiva | Onsite Topic

The Security Council,

that The Atlae Isles (or Atlae) is a diligent, hard-working, and determined nation which has performed admirable deeds in the past few years.

Praising Atlae’s initiative in revealing pertinent and relevant issues for national governments across the globe to deliberate upon, including:
  • Issue #752 (nicknamed “The Immortal Cells of Mrs. Gratwick”), in which national leaders are called to consider the ethical implications of using the cells from a dead citizen to create a medical treatment for cancer;
  • Issue #816 (nicknamed “A Hot Topic”), where national leaders are asked to deliberate on the benefits of using controlled fires to prevent larger fires from becoming widespread;
  • Issue #967 (nicknamed “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”), an issue that asks leaders to consider fiercely combating misinformation after pizza is labelled as a healthy food in an obscure scientific journal.
Admiring the work of Atlae as the Overseeing Officer of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA), where the nation:
  • Revived the army and restored it to a capable operational capacity it last achieved in 2014;
  • Engaged the EPSA in countless joint operations with other regional militaries, deepening fruitful relations between The East Pacific and many of its allies such as the South Pacific, The North Pacific, Thaecia, and Europeia;
  • Trained newcomers to become future army officers, where these officers can now conduct their own operations, train underlings, and capably lead the Army- thanks to Atlae’s training.
Lauding Atlae’s service as Commander of the Phoenix Flock Fleet (South Pacific liberation forces) in 2020, where it recruited dozens of residents from The East Pacific, kept liberation infrastructure organized, assisted in timing military movement, and thus heavily contributed to the attempted liberation of South Pacific being one of the largest liberation attempts in modern history.

Applauding Atlae’s monumental work within The East Pacific’s international artwork organization (The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamental Traders) where the nominee assisted in founding the Association, hosted multiple artwork collection events, mentored multiple nations in artwork collection and management, and ultimately helped The East Pacific to develop a tight-knit artwork community.

Admiring the nation’s work in curating the portraitures of nations in The East Pacific into two separately maintained galleries, hosted in Atlae's art districts of S1 TEP Collector and S2 TEP Collector. These galleries have allowed East Pacifican nations to easily access the diverse artworks of their regionmates.

Noticing the nominee’s contributions to The East Pacific, which further prove the nation’s perseverance and willingness to serve for the greater good of a community, as:
  • Chief Officer of Justice, where it brought up multiple legal questions to the Conclave for legal clarifications, brought suspected nations to trial before the regional court, and otherwise diligently labored to improve and address ambiguity within the region’s laws where at all possible;
  • Deputy Minister of Information, where the nominee wrote high quality articles for the Eastern Pacific News Service (13% of all EPNS articles since 2019), mentored past and present Editors of the Service (such as Libertanny), and assisted new Editors (such as Tretrid and Eunopiar) in their tasks;
  • Magister for over 2 years, where it tirelessly debated Eastern Pacific law and constantly questioned executive officials and nominees to hold the government accountable, as well as facilitating debate and faithfully maintaining records for future reference as Provost;
  • Senior Diplomat of Foreign Affairs, where it advised Delegate Libertanny on how to navigate numerous foreign affairs crises, guided and oversaw the work of Eastern Pacifican ambassadors, and overall worked to improve The East Pacific’s relations with foreign regions;

Revering the nominee’s steadfast and consistent mentorship, as it continually introduced new nations to The East Pacific’s regional government and politics, with many of these nations becoming regional leaders thanks to the nominee’s extensive guidance. Examples of these nations include Libertanny (former Delegate), Eastern Alksearia (current Senior Diplomat), and Catiania (current EPSA Officer).

Believing that Atlae, through its contributions to The East Pacific and its assistance to foreign nations and regions, is an exemplary nation that embodies hard work and resilience.

Hereby commends The Atlae Isles.

Co-authored with: Libertanny
Note: Only votes from TNP WA nations and NPA personnel will be counted. If you do not meet these requirements, please add (non-WA) or something of that effect to your vote.
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I have very conflicting feelings. On the one hand, I'm not entirely sure that the last point really brings it home. The rest of this resolution (with EPSA, SPSF service, issues, cards) very much makes the case for me. Unless someone can really point out why that last bit really drags this thing to the ground, tentative For.


Hoppin' Around
Against, I have a number of issues with this resolution which I have raised but have not been addressed.

First, it attempts to commend Atlae for trying to liberate a region that was ultimately unsuccessful. This does not make much sense, it would be like commending someone for submitting an issue which does not make it into the game or proposing a GA resolution which ultimately does not pass.

Secondly, while a significant amount of government positions are listed, from what is presented, Atlae's performance is not demonstrated to be outstanding. Moreover, it is rather unspecific in a number of places as to what specifically it was that Atlae did. There are a number of TNPers with a similar experience in government as Atlae had, however, I'd be quite surprised if they were commended.

If this resolution passes, I think it would be a significant lowering of the bar for commendation.
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