Announcement regarding the Welcome Wagon



Announcement Regarding Welcome Wagon

Good afternoon everyone,

After some questions around the Welcome Wagon programme recently, I believe that it would be appropriate for me to clear up some confusion and set out an easier way for people to join and help welcome people to the regional discord.

The Welcome Wagon is a role on our discord that is given to citizens that want to help welcome people to the discord and help them get settled in by getting masked. Members that take on this role will be tasked with introducing new discord users to The North Pacific, help them get started, and direct them on how to get masked on our discord server. You would also be on hand to answer any questions that new discord users may have when joining the discord. Preferably I would have enough volunteers that there will be people around at most times, but this obviously would not always be the case. I am also extending this programme and making the applications public so that it is not limited to HA staffers and anyone can get involved and help out.

If anyone would like to be part of the Welcome Wagon feel free to reply below.

Kind Regards,
Minister of Home Affairs