It's Finally Time - Opening Statement for the First-ever Cards Ministry


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Hello everyone.

As @TlomzKrano announced earlier this week, a new, completely unheard-of ministry has been created. The specific function for this ministry is to oversee the vast majority of functions + introductions regarding The North Pacific's card programs, and the establishment of this ministry effectively represents the hard work, dedication, and monumental success in which the Cards Guild led by @Praetor achieved since its very founding.

You may be wondering as to why our region is in need of such a ministry (and better yet, why cards itself is such an important topic in NationStates). To answer those possible questions, I have addressed them all within the following section:

1. Cards itself is an entirely separate, fully functioning community outside that of regular Gameplay - First and foremost, I cannot sufficiently emphasize the sheer amount of importance in which the Cards community has achieved during the few years it has been existing. 1) There are many regions - The North Pacific being the first - that now possess their own card programs (with those card programs being effectively managed specifically by card traders, not by regular Gameplay figures); 2) off-site venues - including Discord servers - have been created that exclusively touch upon cards; and 3) entire resolutions have been passed by the World Assembly that recognize the sheer relevance in which Cards has presented itself during its relatively miniscule existence.

Cards have progressed in gameside to the point that it essentially separates itself into its own unique set of players, and I have never been more proud of such a momentous advancement in such a small period of time.

2. Unlike most communities, cards are immediately seen as a way to incentivize activity in regions - Particularly for The North Pacific, we have constantly been gifting out cards to those who have contributed to our regional integrity in many ways (whether it be endorsing our Delegate, contributing to our regional military, or something else related). Utilizing an entire aspect of one community to facilitate participation in an entirely different community speaks miles in which the community of Cards can be seen as a direct benefit to The North Pacific, and elevating the stance regarding Cards' importance to TNP (more accurately, elevating it to that of a ministry) is only going to be a natural response to all the good it has done ever since the introduction of those card-based programs.

(As a bonus fact, one of our most upvoted dispatches is one that exclusively talks about cards!)

3. The Cards community is still young, and therefore needs as much help as possible in order to grow - It is only (slightly) above 2 years since Cards have been introduced as a feature. As a result, there is a gargantuan amount of potential in which players from all over NationStates can decide on the path in which Cards are to take in the future, and whether it will become a relevant part of the game or remain an obscure introduction by the admins.

Of course, being the region that cherishes the aspect of progress, it would only be natural for us (The North Pacific) to go with the former!

We've always been welcome to the concept of change, and capitalizing on the potential of cards was one of the key reasons in which we've continued to be an immensely successful - possibly THE most successful - region in the entire game. With these points in mind, yet another change was made by our newest Delegate, and that was further emphasizing our progressive nature through the introduction of the Cards Ministry, the very first one to ever exist! Should the performance of this ministry prove to be successful during the next 4 months, then our willingness to experiment on novel additions to the game will yet again win out for us, and perhaps our already immense success within the world of Gameplay will ascend even further from that of before.

With these three core reasons in mind, we, the Ministry of Cards, wish for everyone reading this opening statement to welcome us just as much as you've welcomed many things in the past - and we promise to contribute in a way that will only serve the interests of The North Pacific (and perhaps the greater NationStates world) in the highest, most venerably successful manner ever to be thought doable.

Moving on from the background info leading up to the Ministry's creation, some of you may also be wondering as to who I am. This is a completely understandable question, seeing as I am not frequently known to post (either) on The North Pacific's RMB or its general Discord server. Be assured, however, that our Delegate has chosen someone that will only serve you, the reader, in the most heartfelt ways with regards to Cards administration.

Some background info about me is as followed (and in no particular order): 1) Deputy Guildmaster of the Cards Guild ever since the Guild's founding - i.e. since 11/19/2019; 2) initial writer of the Cards Guide - which is now one of the most upvoted dispatches in the entire game - previously mentioned above; 3) cards player previously ranked as #5 in the entire world for deck value, and still possesses one of the largest decks to date; 4) general writer of the Cards Guild's newspaper: the Monthly Snapshot; and 5) the first cards player to be commended by the World Assembly Security Council.

This little resume in mind, I hope that everyone gets to know me a little better, just as much as I'll strive to familiarize myself with all of you in return o7

Now let's cut the small talk; you're likely wanting to know what we, the Ministry of Cards will be working on for this term. Good question! Some rather lengthy discussion went on with regards to how we'll proceed these next few months, and the following was decided after input from a wide range of players:

1. See to the full introduction of Cards Integration for all regional ministries - You may be confused as to what Cards Integration may initially be. Practically, it's an overarching program that will incentivize participation in each ministry's staff through the rewarding of cards (and anything potentially associated with cards). Each ministry will have its own unique set of rewards to be earned through their respectable tasks, and the exact rewards to be given out will largely depend on 2 reward systems that we'll be working on: 1) efficiently + automatically gifted cards from The Northern Light upon the completion of certain tasks; and 2) a point-based system that will give full individual autonomy in which a member earns points (through task completion) to later use to purchase from a list of products (similar to that of a market if you will).

Should Cards Integration prove to be successful, then we can expect that participation rates in each ministry will (appropriately) increase due to the greater incentive for rewards through hard work.

2. Oversee the introduction of recruitment methods to draw new members into the Cards Guild - Due to us becoming a ministry, we now have greater flexibility to utilize TNP's methods (including Home Affairs) to increase overall membership. This will mainly benefit us and the Cards Guild that we immediately oversee, but it will also encourage newer players to become citizens - seeing that the Cards Guild requires applicants to become citizens before being accepted.

3. Determine whether cards are truly effective in incentivizing Delegate/Vice Delegate transitions - A highly specialized, temporary program will be swiftly released that will reward cards for endorsing our current elected officials @TlomzKrano and @Dreadton. As utilizing cards to encourage transitions has already been attempted before, this may very much prove to not be successful. However, we have also noted that those previous attempts were done before the founding of the Cards Guild. Things have changed since then regarding the stance of cards within the greater Gameplay community, so we thought it'd be best to give it one last try :D

4. Facilitate the introduction of a fully-fledged card tag for the entire game - A rather long time ago, the prospect of a card tag for regions was proposed by several players. Despite the site staff's open nature to such an addition, there unfortunately was no consensus on how the suggestion could proceed. That will change during this term. We will get the cards community to (once again) attempt to suggest this tag to the admins, and once it's (hypothetically) added then the Delegate will outfit The North Pacific with this addition in order to give us even more reference with regards to the presence of our cards programs. This is probably the easiest of the 4 goals, but it potentially yields just as much benefits to the region as the other 3; no-one will exactly know unless it's actually added to the game!

For the more Guild-centered objectives, here's what I have listed below:

1. See that regular staff members increasingly contribute towards our already-introduced programs - As the Cards Ministry leadership will primarily focus on the overarching agenda, we thought it was best for the general Cards Staff to maintain the programs already in place (whether it be the Monthly Snapshot newspaper, our Pull Event threads, et cetera). Not only will this help the Ministry leadership with regards to cutting down time, but it'll also provide regular staffers with much-needed experience in order to (one day) allow them to become part of the Ministry leadership themselves.

Additionally, any program they manage will be rewarded (most-likely with cards), so if you are interested in earning more for your deck, please be sure to apply for the Cards Staff in this thread: :squee:

2. Reform our already-introduced programs to encourage more participation - We've noted that an increasing lack of activity in our programs (particularly our monthly collection competition) has been occurring lately. Whether it be due to the frustrations in which 2020 has continued to throw out (or just a general lack of interest for cards), we intend on making any acts in which a regular Guild member (not even a Cards Ministry staff member!) can participate rewardable with cards (even for something as simple as voting in a thread we dish out!). Hopefully this will lead to a surge in activity in order to further expand the Guild's standing in TNP; if so then that'll bring the most joy I'll have ever experienced in a long while :P

3. Encourage a retaining of Guild membership status - Sometimes, people might not be interested in staying in the Guild anymore. That's fine if you've got an extremely serious reason going on, but if it's due to more on the lines of "the rewards just aren't coming to me" then you might be interested in what we're about to say:

Simply remaining a Guild member will increase your potential for better rewards in the future.

We intend on making this scalable according to the length of time you've been a Guild member, and while the exact details on how to proceed are still a massive work in progress, we already know that Guild (and by extension, citizenship) membership will be more retainable in the future - should this succeed. We'll be sure to update y'all in case this receives any significant degree of completion!

(Hopefully we'll also see to hyping up Season 3 of cards to meet Goal #3.)

4. See to the introduction of a minigame that will focus on knowledge of cards trading - This is rather close to being released already, and it will primarily deal with answering card-related questions in exchange for a reward. While not a major goal for this term, we do note that paying close attention to answering any of the future questions we'll release will greatly expand your knowledge regarding the mechanics + history of cards. Knowledge is power, as they say!

5. Work with the Ministry of Radio to create video-based cards guides - Naturally, our dispatch-based Cards Guide linked earlier has proven to be a massive success. However, as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Our intention is to release viewable cards reference tools that can better explain how trading works (along with how the Guild functions), with the tools being fully accessible for any player who might be a future card trader (just like how the Guide was intended).

Allow me to pre-emptively state that whoever contributes to the project listed in #5, much more valuable rewards will be promised to those who participate :3

Good lord that was a lot to take in, huh? Naturally so, but this plan practically outlines what we'll be doing for the span of several months. We'll be flexible to surprise ideas if need be, but that'll be what the Ministry of Cards will be focusing on for this term.

And of course, we won't be able to achieve any of these tasks without the aid of several deputies...

@Praetor - The most obvious choice at this point. He possesses nearly infinite experience due to them being my immediate predecessor. While he won't actually perform any Guild work per se, his advice will surely be a much-needed advantage with regards to how the Ministry should make certain decisions.

@r3naissanc3r - Similarly, they are also a (practically) required addition to the leadership team. They (like Praetor and I) have been serving as a manager for the Cards Guild since its founding, and they effectively manage the entire stockpile of cards for The North Pacific. Without r3n, none of us would even be here today.

@9003 - Interestingly enough, they've been serving as a Deputy for a span of several months. They've got the management experience, and they currently possess - and by far - the largest deck in the entire game. What the hell man? So many cards! They are also the current Minister of Defense, so they will provide much-needed insight into the current cards reward program that the NPA currently uses (perhaps we'll reform it to the point system mentioned as part of Cards Integration?).

@Noah's Second Country - A spectacular farmer who recently was the recipient of (both) a condemnation and appointment to Issues Editor. They're additionally a seasoned WA author with special emphasis on card-based resolutions, so (all-in-all) they possess the perspectives on many different backgrounds in order to provide exceptional advice regarding the Guild and how it can proceed in the greater NationStates universe.

@Rom - The previous Minister of Defense and an absolute GOAT in terms of knowledge of non-regional figures. ROM has been a long-time member of the Cards Guild Staff and he will (this time around) serve in an advisorial capacity in the context of foreign-related card actions. Communication with the wider Gameplay world can prove a huge boon for the Cards Ministry and it's quite difficult to think of anyone better than ROM to provide the insight necessary to achieve this :blush:

All in all, this will be the deputy structure comprising the Ministry leadership going forward, though I'm sure that there will be potential candidates to consider as the time passes!

The Ministry of Cards has an immense set of tasks to work on during this term. Some may not be finished, and some may be further refined to prove beneficial, but through immense effort from us and TNP as a whole then I believe that we can perform just as effectively as that of any other hard-working ministry. Once again, I am honored (and humbled) to be part of the growth that cards has been receiving from this region, and I hope to see our efforts lead to only the best form of approval from all of you viewing this message.

Thank You for Reading,



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@Praetor - The most obvious choice at this point. He possesses nearly infinite experience due to them being my immediate predecessor. While he won't actually perform any Guild work per se, his advice will surely be a much-needed advantage with regards to how the Ministry should make certain decisions.

Looking forward to the Cards Guild going to new heights and not having to process cards requests.


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Will management of the Cards Guild be transferred from Culture to the new ministry?


As the Ministry's structure primarily relies on that from the original Cards Guild, yes, the latter will (effectively) be overseen by us going forward.

We've noted that topics related to culture and cards were entirely separated from each other (i.e. there were 2 separate channels in the Executive server, 1 being for culture and the other for cards), and communication between cards-based and culture-based staffers was never really frequent anyway. Therefore, we felt as if it was best for there to be a ministry that would focus solely on cards, while leaving culture to focus on their own specialized agendas.

Are we now able to apply for the ministry?

Of course! Though the Executive Applications thread still lists the Cards Ministry staff as under "culture", you are fully capable of indicating your interest as either "Cards Ministry Staff" or "Cards Guild Staff". We'll know what you're talking about and will see to your full access to the cards channel already in place.

Hopefully this answers both of your questions adequately! :D
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