The West Vaasa Conflict Expeditionary Forces Thread


Papers, please.
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Here's where you can post applications for sending expeditionary military forces or volunteers to assist either the Second Arcanstotskan Republic or the West Vaasan Free State in the ongoing West Vaasan Conflict.

Please no more than 3,000 soldiers, 1,500 vehicles (both combative and non-combative) and 500 aircraft of any and all purposes (so fighters, bombers, surveilance, transports, etc). Additionally, it'd be appreciated if you were to include a justification for getting involved in the West Vaasa Conflict.

Land force unit name & size:
Number of vehicles:
Number of aircraft:
Which side are you supporting?
Justification for involvement:

Nation: Republic of Vanillatania
Land force unite name & size: Vanillatanian 3rd Expeditionary Brigade, 2,700 troops
Number of vehicles: 1,350
Number of aircraft: 270
Which side are you supporting? Arcanstotska/West Vaasa
Justification for involvement: we have an interest in preserving regional stability
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Nation: Second Empire of Malor-Kanada
Land force unit name & size: Kanadian 16th Armor Battalion (145 troops), Kanadian 24th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (2,110 troops). 2,255 total.
Number of vehicles: 31 tanks, 50 BPT armoured personnel carriers, 235 transport/supply trucks.
Number of aircraft: 12 close air support jets, 1 reconnaissance and attack helicopter. (idk, air combat isn't my forte)
Which side are you supporting: Second Arcanstotskan Republic
Justification for involvement: This conflict is happening in a neighbouring nation, Arcanstotska, which we are relatively close and friendly with. Malor-Kanada has always been focused on keeping Craviter as safe and stable as possible and will do their utmost to contain conflict wherever it flares up. While this can often come through diplomatic means to find a compromise, the disgusting and violent acts committed by the West Vaasan forces have convinced us that military intervention will have to be necessary.
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Nation: Unknown
Land force unit name & size: The Shepherds (25 troops), The Sheep (475 troops).
Number of vehicles: 10 HMMWVS, 20 Transport/supply Trucks.
Number of aircraft: 20 close air support jets, 4 recon and attack helicopters.
Which side are you supporting: West Vaasan Separatists
Justification for involvement: To destabilize the region and continent and to cause as much havoc as possible. And distract the other powers from the events to come.
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Nation: Empire of Norsia
Land force unit name & size: None
Number of vehicles: None.
Number of aircraft: 2 Refueling Tankers, 2 AWACs. 2 Air Squadrons, one attacker, and one Multirole, 24 planes in each.
Which side are you supporting?: Arcanstotska
Justification for involvement: To return peace and stability to Northern Craviter. Norsia has an Interventionist Foreign Policy regarding Craviter. To pacify a terror state on Norsia's National Borders.
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John Doe Smith

Grand Mæster
Nation: Mintoria

Land force unit name & size: A battlegroup consisting of three Army battalions, each containing 400 troops (A total of 1,200 personnel)

Number of vehicles: 30 main battle tanks, 35 infantry fighting vehicles, 60 armoured personnel carriers, and 180 support vehicles (A total of 305 vehicles)

Number of aircraft: 25 attack helicopters, 40 transport helicopters, and 20 transport aircraft (A total of 85 aircraft)

Which side are you supporting? Second Arcanstotskan Republic

Justification for involvement: The Mintorians have a vested interest in helping to keep Craviter safe and stable. Their involvement is motivated by a interest in keeping Arcanstotska united, and to prevent it from splitting apart. They do not recognise the Vest Vaasan State as a sovereign and legitimate state, and instead see it as a region in open rebellion.
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