Opening Address: September 2020


TNP Nation

The Ministry of Defense
9 September 2020

Hello all and I appreciate that @TlomzKrano has given me the opportunity to lead this ministry. I look forward to the many amazing things we can and will do during this term.

Now I like to keep things short so I won't ramble on and on about this or that but rather get right to the point. This term I would like to see more ops at minors as well as a better training programs from new recruits. One project I would like to see come to completion is the redoing of the NPA handbook. Working with our allies is key as well, by working with them to strengthen our diplomatic ties with other regions.

As for some over due promotions and challenges:
I hereby promote @Nimarya form LTN to CPT, Nim has shown great growth and has a wealth of knowledge to share with the NPA and I look forward to seeing her go far.
I hereby promote @Rom from LTN to COL For outstanding acvement I have deemd that after serving as a DMoD and MoD Rom is more then deserving of COL rank.
I hereby promote @BMWSurfer form MAJ to COL for his service as a DMoD last term and continued support of the NPA
I hereby promote @Robespierre from MAJ to COL A long overdue promotion.

As for Deputy appointments.
I hereby appoint @Gorundu as my deputy to assist me.

The following people are currently being considered for promotion to GEN

Both of this candidates are great officers for the NPA and I would like to see more of this in my term before continuing the promotion process. The most important thing that I want to see out of these two officers is continued leadership and activity.
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