[SC - At Vote] Condemn Cormactopia Prime


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Condemn Cormactopia Prime

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Cormactopia Prime
Proposed by: Jakker City | Onsite Topic

The Security Council,

Declaring that the nation of Cormactopia Prime has altered their allegiances on multiple occasions and double-crossed regions,

Shocked by Cormactopia Prime’s direct involvement in two successful coups of Osiris, including the removal of former government officials and establishing new governments that met this nominee's interests,

Detailing that due to those coups, the Sekhmet Legion, the first regional military in Osiris that exclusively focused on raiding, was established and still exists to this day,

Further detailing that Cormactopia Prime served as the first commander of the Sekhmet Legion and oversaw the refounding of Islamic Republics of Iran, as well as an occupation of Soviet Union for the purpose of antagonizing the Founderless Regions Alliance,

Appalled by this nation’s attempted coup d'état of The Rejected Realms because of their disagreement with the region's policies on individual rights and freedom of speech,

Dismayed that as the leading producer of the journal, Miniluv Messenger, Cormactopia Prime declared themselves as the “Big Brother” disrupting other regions by showcasing the nation's own regard of integrity and spotlighting internal workings of regional governance to the larger NationStates multiverse that counters the nation's values. These publications have included:
  • In 2014, highlighting disagreements and debates between nations who engage in defending as a means to further divide this unified movement of stopping raiding,
  • In 2015, spotlighting contention in The South Pacific between current and former government officials after disagreement arose from the results of an election,
Acknowledging Cormactopia Prime’s participation in multiple raiding organizations such as serving as the founder of Asgard, General of The Brotherhood of Malice and a Corporal in The Black Hawks,

Further acknowledging that Cormactopia Prime took over the delegacy of St Abbaddon in a 2014 Brotherhood of Malice raid which not only required this Security Council to pass a Liberation resolution, but the raid was also used as leverage on the delegate of The Rejected Realms (TRR) at the time, Frattastan IV, to extort restrictions on how the region handles their media,

Highlighting that in 2012, as a member of Asgard, the nominee led an occupation of the region, Christmas, for over three weeks that led to this Security Council needing to step in to pass the Liberation resolution, Liberate Christmas,

Noting that Cormactopia Prime has already been banned from multiple regions for their antagonistic actions over the years,

Affirming that this nominee has continuously engaged in practices to insert their own agenda into other regions,

Hereby Condemns Cormactopia Prime.
Voting Instructions:
  • Vote For if you want the Delegate to vote For the resolution.
  • Vote Against if you want the Delegate to vote Against the resolution.
  • Vote Abstain if you want the Delegate to abstain from voting on this resolution.
  • Vote Present if you are personally abstaining from this vote.

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Hoppin' Around
Against. You would really think that Jakker would be better at writing resolutions... And I thought raiding was commendable? He doesn't seem very consistent this Jakker guy...
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The one, the true, the great.
The Condemnation is dead. It's no longer a bad thing and hasn't been for years. It's a "Bad Boy"'s badge of honor. You can brag with it just as much as you can with a Commendation.

Against. Frankly the Condemnation should be consigned to the dustbin of history by the NS Mods.


I'm convinced to be against from Cormac's over-reactive, embarrassing forum posts.

My vote is invalid.
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