The Comprehensive Guide to NationStates Cards


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The Comprehensive Guide to NationStates Cards

Need a hand in how cards work? Take a look at the universal cards guide for info!

Card guide? What's that?

Hey guys, it's me, DGES! I've been noting how some people might not get the entire concept of NationStates Cards, so I spent over a month writing a multi-dispatch guide in order to get newer players immersed in the experience!

And of course, I've also taken the time to include more-advanced strategies if you wish to be a competitive collector :shades:

What's actually in the cards guide?

Good question. For the main page, I've included the basic method as to how you actually gain cards and what happens after you obtain some, along with a few basic tools to aid the process in trading. For the auction system page, I've discussed the basic definition for "auctions", along with the types of players who participate in said auctions. (And as a bonus, I've even included ways you can utilize auctions if you don't want to just buy cards!) For the gifting page, this is rather self-explanatory. I've included the basic definition + functions of gifting, along with how you actually do it and why you should do it.

For more advanced tips, see useful tips and strategies. If you wish to swiftly increase your deck value, gain more bank (in general), or simply obtain cards in a more efficient manner, this has it all covered! After this, you'll might read frequently asked questions for more background information regarding cards, including A) the factors that determine your card's rarity and B) the communities that have sprung as a result from cards.

And finally, there's the index for terms that prospective card traders might not know. Click on a term, and the guide will direct you towards the dispatch where said term is defined and explained!

How do I navigate through the cards guide?

Since all this info might overwhelm you, I (as I might've hinted above) have separated each dispatch into its own specialized topic. There are six headers (i.e. the "main page", "the auction system", "gifting", "useful tips and strategies", "frequently asked questions", and "index"), and clicking on each header will redirect you towards that page of interest.

Each page has its own table of contents, and clicking on a term/phrase (in said table of contents) will send you towards the section that discusses your desired topic!

What if I still have questions/suggestions?

If you've got any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to post in this thread! NationStates Cards is a constantly growing community and feature, so there's bound to be some edits to the guide! But of course, we (as in the guild leadership) can't singlehandedly locate all of these edits (we're only a few players, after all), so please take the time to comment! You'll be doing not only us, but the entire cards community a favor by sharing your thoughts.

One more thing. If you've developed a cards tool that's: 1) useful (for all traders), 2) legal (see this section for further clarification), and 3) understandable for new players, we'll add it to the guide! Here's the current ones we've included:

Have fun, let us know what you think (especially me), and upvote the guide if you enjoyed it.

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