[GA - Failed] Subject State Enforcement Act


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Subject State Enforcement Act
Category: Political Stability | Strength: Significant
Proposed by: Morover | Onsite Topic
The World Assembly,

Aware that the World Assembly may not affect non-member-states directly,

Concerned, however, at the possibility for nations to bypass international legislation through the use of vassals, protectorates, thralls, tributaries, or any other type of state at the mercy of a parent state,

Recognizing the possibility to resolve this issue,

Believing that no reasonable state should hold a subject state at any standard which it does not hold itself,

And convinced that, despite the inability to directly affect non-member-states, the World Assembly may impose its will upon member-states, which, in turn, can affect non-member-states,


  1. Defines the following, for the purposes of this resolution:
    1. "Subject state" as any state which totally or partially lacks sovereignty, especially with regards to its military, economic, or political aspects; and

    2. "Parent state" as any state which is a member of the World Assembly and has one or more subject states either totally or partially under its control;

  2. Demands that all parent states hold all of their subject states to the same laws, both national and international, to which the parent state is subject, insofar as it has the legislative authority to do so;
    1. Notes that an exception may be made for national laws which are only directly relevant to the parent state and can either cause harm or unintended consequences which the parent state is not also at risk of having;

    2. Clarifies that laws may be enacted in subject states which are not enacted in a parent state, given that said law is in no contradiction of World Assembly Law and will not cause undue harm to residents or visitors to the subject state;

  3. Clarifies that any subject state which is currently a member of the World Assembly, under the dominion of a non-member-state, need not appeal to their parent state to follow World Assembly Law;

  4. Demands that the above provisions supplied by the resolution be equally applied to any subject states whose parent states are subject states to a member-state; and

  5. Asks that member-states, in a nonviolent manner, urge non-member-states, even if the non-member-states are not affected by this resolution, to follow World Assembly Law, either partially or fully.
Voting Instructions:
  • Vote For if you want the Delegate to vote For the resolution.
  • Vote Against if you want the Delegate to vote Against the resolution.
  • Vote Abstain if you want the Delegate to abstain from voting on this resolution.
  • Vote Present if you are personally abstaining from this vote.

Detailed opinions with your vote are appreciated and encouraged!


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This is a much-needed resolution that would prevent some World Assembly members from circumventing the enforcement of resolutions in parts of their territories. In doing so, it would ensure General Assembly resolutions are applied more fairly across all member states. Thus, all member states would have General Assembly resolution apply to all parts of its territory, closing any loopholes in this area that may have previously existed.

For the above reasons, the ministry recommends a vote For this resolution.
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For. I believe this is a long overdue fix to solve a loophole with regards to following GA regulations.