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    Greetings TNP and Guest.

    I am excited to announce the beta launch of my mock trial program. A mock trial is a composition where two sides argue a fictional case before a simulated court, often using real world procedures.

    In this Beta Launch, we will be testing the Court Room Discord server, roles, and procedures; in order to iron out any bugs before I start a regular program of trials.

    Our First Case
    On the evening of May 18, 2018, a fire engulfed the Lincoln Dormitory at Prairie Lake Preparatory Academy in Lake City, Illinois, killing student Carly Walsh, who lived in the dormitory. The Defendant, Alex Buckley, a former student at Prairie Lake Preparatory Academy, has been charged by the People of the State of Illinois with having committed the criminal offenses of Aggravated Arson and First Degree Murder in connection with the death of Carly Walsh. The Defendant has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

    Persons Needed
    We will need people to fill the following roles:
    1. Prosecutor
    2. Defendant
    3. Defendants Counsel
    4. Prosecution Witness 1, Dakota Pope, Student
    5. Prosecution Witness 2, Hayden Rodriguez, Guidance Counselor
    6. Prosecution Witness 3, Casey Burke, LCPD Division Chief
    7. Defendant Witness 1, Jordan Calvin, Store Owner
    8. Defendant Witness 2, Kennedy Felder, Forensic Psychologist
    9. Jury Members (Multiple)
    If you are interested in one or more of the roles, please post in this thread with the roles you would like and the times you are available.

    How This Works
    Both sides will be given a copy of the statements and reports from the witnesses, some premade evidence, the Grand Jury indictment, and the criminal statutes. Each side will have time to prepare their cases. Each side will have the opportunity to challenge evidence, witnesses, and conduct other pretrial activities before the jury is seated. However, there are several stipulations that binding on the case and will be published after a pre-trial meeting with both parties.

    Once the court is called into session, a jury will be impaneled and will be provided pre-trail instructions on their conduct, the basic charges being presented, and court room procedures.

    Then the trial will begin. The Prosecution will present their case first, then the defense. Formal procedures will be provided once we have established the players in the case.


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    I'd be interested in being a member of the jury, if that is okay with you.
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    I'll take up a jury spot. This sounds awesome!
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    I'll take Defendant Witness 2, Kennedy Felder, Forensic Psychologist
  5. Dinoium

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    I’ll serve as the Prosecutor for the case if needed.
  6. Great Bights Mum

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    I'd like to take the role of Alex Buckley, Defendant.
  7. Gorundu

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    I would like to be Prosecution Witness 3, Casey Burke.
  8. Kaschovia

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    Oooh, this looks fun. I'd like to be Jordan Calvin, please.
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    I'd like to join the jury please