2018-2019 Silien Electric Racing Series

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    International Motorsports Commission
    Silien Electric Racing Series

    The Story So Far

    Season 1: 2017-2018

    Following the ascension of Claidie Dorsett as 17th Princess of Sil Dorsett, her first major initiative was to subsidize, develop, and promote clean energy technologies. With motorsport being popular in the Principality and having the most to gain from a shift away from fossil fuels, the government encouraged the Automotive Club of Sil Dorsett to make efforts to build a championship focused on electric powertrain development.

    In late 2017, this effort culminated in the creation of the Silien Racing Series - Electric Division. Car manufacturers Aventeur Automotive (under the Coweta brand), Maxima Motors, and race car chassis developer Harper-Valera were the three manufacturers to sign on, with privateer teams Green Lightning, Millenium Motion, Dragon Dynamics and Aeon Automotive using the platform to entirely focus on building better electric motors.

    The drivers weren't necessarily the best of racers as the elite stayed with the Premier Division, the pinnacle of Silien national motorsport. Those who signed onto the electric division came from all walks of life, businessmen, e-sports gamers, nobility, and even royalty looking to put their endorsement on the program and test their skills. If they could get the sponsorship, the would likely have the drive.

    The season focused heavily on street courses in larger cities in the principality, featuring a May race in Norvalle as the season's Crown Jewel, but when word of the championship spread, deals were made to demonstrate the series in Goyanes and Prydania.

    The season was dominated by the privateers' superior development pace, as while Coweta kept pace on the track, Maxima Motors fell off, unable to compete. Green Lightning would take both the Drivers' Championship with Lillian Warren by eight points and the Constructor's Championship by nine points, ahead of Coweta and their drivers for both. Warren would leave the championship for a Premier Series seat at the end of the season.

    Season 2: 2018-2019

    During the off-season, the International Motorsports Commission asked the Automotive Club of Sil Dorsett if they felt it was possible to turn the national series into a World Championship by expanding all over the globe. Surprised by the offer, the ACSD agreed to attempt to establish a world championship series for 2019-2020, but also agreed they would bring on new teams and schedule new races on short notice for the current season whenever the opportunity arised. Most of the negotiations happened during a winter break, and the first three races of the season had already run by the time all the new teams were ready to compete. Only the Prydanian Midland Motorar Taurínmáttur would make the third round, with others preparing for the fourth round in Ninhundland.

    The Privateer teams continue their domination over the major manufacturers, with Green Lightning again holding a twenty-two point lead over their closest rival, Millenium Motion. However, after running into financial trouble, Dragon Dynamics was forced to withdraw from the season to preserve capital and prepare for when the Sil Dorsettian teams split back into a national feeder series next year.

    With concerns over the late entries being disadvantaged having not been in the first three races, the ACSD developed a scheme to reset the standings. With the race in Ninhundland being seen as a testing event for the significantly larger field, the race in Goyanes would be the first in where the championship would be expanded to a National Cup that has the Sil Dorsettian teams competing between themselves, and an International Cup with the new entries competing against Green Lightning, the Season One Constructors' Champions.


    The teams now turn their attention to the race at Ninhundland, on a 27-km track in Pilzenstad, which will be a test for how the field shakes up with the field doubling in size.

    2018-2019 Season Roster

    (Player)TeamDriver 1Driver 2Reserve
    @Sil DorsettGreen LightningMathis ParmentierPierre HarstonLillian Warren
    @PrydaniaM.M. TaurínmátturAdam VorsterMie Hougaard-
    @GoyanesVMV ElekstriskverkenAnders YvendråssonHøyt Skermerhorn-
    @AndrenneZveive RTAndrew VellsaElias Niirkelld-
    @HightonRennen CRHinrich SpindlerNiko Klugman-
    @bootsieTundra MotorsDavid SørensonSayuri Tanaka-
    @primebie1CMT RasioBronwen PowyllOwyn Llewellyn-
    @Notboss DragonkingDraconics Electric RacingSerkren DrakeJake Drake-
    @mcmasterdoniaRMA-MercadozAzar LamerzaNoor Lamerza-
    (NPC)Coweta MotorsportHarmonie HerrissidaOliver DeFriesClaidie Dorsett
    (NPC)Maxima MotorsClaudia RapaceFrancis DemontAnton Constantine
    (NPC)Millenium MotionNathan CarrellMiles BarnettJonathan Brading
    (NPC)Aeon AutomotiveKaneko ShijoAubin Bouthillier-
    (NPC)Harper-ValeraMatthieu BardinNicholas OdgersCordelia Fisher

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    International Field Blows Away Principality Cars

    Gojannestad, Goyanes

    An all-star cast of international players put the principality on notice, with teams from Goyanes, Trinster, Draconics, and Prydania, and McMasterdonia all taking points in the overall standings at the Gojannestad Elektrisksegerpris. The first round with the expanded field proved to be a hometown favorite, with local driver Anders Yvendråsson coming from fifth on the grid to take the top step of the podium.

    Vereignt Electric Automobiles and defending constructors champions Green Lightning were the best in the class, with both teams earning a double points finish in the overall standings as well as the newly introduced International Cup. Things didn't work out this time around for the Highton, Andrenne and Guslantis teams, as they fell outside of the points overall, although the Highton team does take a double points finish in the International Cup.

    The blame game is sure to be in full swing following a lap three incident involving Guslantis driver David Sørenson and McMasterdonia driver Azar Lamerza at the turn three hairpin, while Coweta Motorsport will again be looking for answers for their seemingly faulty power unit following another failure which prevented Harmonie Herrissida's second car from even starting up.

    The expanded field is already making this year's championship even more interesting as the international field attempts to catch up to the championship leaders, all ahead of next years inaugural IMC E-Series Championship. The championship now heads back home for a four-race series leading up to this years Norvalle Prix Électrique before heading off for another international tour.

    1YVEAnders YvendråssonVereignt Electric Automobiles42:58.9732525-
    2HARPierre HarstonGreen Lightning+ 10.819181825
    3LLEOwyn LlewellynCMT Rasio+ 1:02.9021515-
    4BOUAubin BouthillierAeon Automotive+ 1:06.37412-18
    5PARMathis ParmentierGreen Lightning+ 1:18.642101215
    6DRASerkren DrakeDraconics Electric Racing+ 1:24.806810-
    7CARNathan CarrellMillenium Motion+ 1:50.2226-12
    8HOYHøyt SkermerhornVereignt Electric Automobiles+ 1:51.10748-
    9HOUMie HougaardM.M. Taurínmáttur+ 2:05.52726-
    10NLANoor LamerzaRMA-Mercadoz+ 2:07.41014-
    11KLUNiko KlugmanRennen CR+ 2:10.63502-
    12SPIHinrich SpindlerRennen CR+ 2:28.55901-
    13TANSayuri TanakaTundra Motors+ 2:31.20300-
    14RAPClaudia RapaceMaxima Motors+ 2:31.6630-10
    15POWBronwen PowyllCMT Rasio+ 2:41.57600-
    16DEMFrancis DemontMaxima Motors+ 2:53.1090-8
    17DEFOliver DeFriesCoweta Motorsport+1 Lap0-6
    18BARMatthieu BardinHarper-Valera+1 Lap0-4
    19VELAndrew VellsaZveive RT+1 Lap00-
    20SHIKaneko ShijoAeon Automotive+1 Lap0-2
    21BRNMiles BarnettMillenium Motion+1 Lap0-1
    22DRKJake DrakeDraconics Electric Racing+1 Lap00-
    23ODGNicholas OdgersHarper-Valera+1 Lap0-0
    24VORAdam VorsterM.M. Taurínmáttur+1 Lap00-
    DNFHERHarmonie HerrissidaCoweta MotorsportRet. lap 80-0
    DNFNIIElias NiirkelldZveive RTRet. lap 600-
    DNFALAAzar LamerzaRMA-MercadozRet. lap 300-
    DNFSORDavid SørensonTundra MotorsRet. lap 300-
    * Overall Championship Points
    ** International Cup Points (for international competitors)
    *** National Cup Points (for domestic manufacturers)

    Drivers' Championships
    Mathis ParmentierGreen Lightning71
    Nathan CarrellMillenium Motion36
    Pierre HarstonGreen Lightning34
    Aubin BouthillierAeon Automotive34
    Matthieu BardinHarper-Valera31
    Harmonie HerrissidaCoweta Motorsport30
    Anders YvendråssonVereignt Electric Automobiles25
    Miles BarnettMillenium Motion25
    Kaneko ShijoAeon Automotive25
    Claudia RapaceMaxima Motors19
    Owyn LlewellynCMT Rasio15
    Enzo AugerDragon Dynamics12
    Oliver DeFriesCoweta Motorsport10
    Francis DemontMaxima Motors10
    Serkren DrakeDraconic Wyverns8
    Mie HougaardM.M. Taurínmáttur8
    Høyt SkermerhornVereignt Electric Automobiles4
    Claidie DorsettCoweta Motorsport3
    Nicholas OdgersHarper-Valera3
    Noor LamerzaRMA-Mercadoz1
    Adam VorsterM.M. Taurínmáttur0
    Hinrich SpindlerRennen CR0
    Niko KlugmanRennen CR0
    Sayuri TanakaTundra Motors0
    Bronwen PowyllCMT Rasio0
    Andrew VellsaZveive RT0
    Jake DrakeDraconic Wyverns0
    Elias NiirkelldZveive RT0
    Anders YvendråssonVereignt Electric Automobiles25
    Pierre HarstonGreen Lightning18
    Owyn LlewellynCMT Rasio15
    Mathis ParmentierGreen Lightning12
    Serkren DrakeDraconic Wyverns10
    Høyt SkermerhornVereignt Electric Automobiles8
    Mie HougaardM.M. Taurínmáttur6
    Noor LamerzaRMA-Mercadoz4
    Niko KlugmanRennen CR2
    Hinrich SpindlerRennen CR1
    Sayuri TanakaTundra Motors0
    Bronwen PowyllCMT Rasio0
    Andrew VellsaZveive RT0
    Jake DrakeDraconic Wyverns0
    Adam VorsterM.M. Taurínmáttur0
    Elias NiirkelldZveive RT0
    David SørensonTundra Motors0
    Azar LamerzaRMA-Mercadoz0
    Mathis ParmentierGreen Lightning76
    Matthieu BardinHarper-Valera35
    Nathan CarrellMillenium Motion42
    Harmonie HerrissidaCoweta Motorsport30
    Miles BarnettMillenium Motion26
    Kaneko ShijoAeon Automotive27
    Aubin BouthillierAeon Automotive41
    Claudia RapaceMaxima Motors31
    Pierre HarstonGreen Lightning41
    Enzo AugerDragon Dynamics12
    Oliver DeFriesCoweta Motorsport16
    Francis DemontMaxima Motors18
    Nicholas OdgersHarper-Valera5
    Claidie DorsettCoweta Motorsport3

    Constructors' Championships
    Green Lightning105
    Millenium Motion61
    Aeon Automotive59
    Coweta Motorsport33
    Vereignt Electric Automobiles29
    Maxima Motors29
    Dragon Dynamics22
    CMT Rasio15
    Draconic Wyverns8
    M.M. Taurínmáttur8
    Rennen CR0
    Tundra Motors0
    Zveive RT0
    Vereignt Electric Automobiles33
    Green Lightning30
    CMT Rasio15
    Draconic Wyverns10
    M.M. Taurínmáttur6
    Rennen CR3
    Tundra Motors0
    Zveive RT0
    Green Lightning117
    Millenium Motion68
    Aeon Automotive68
    Coweta Motorsport40
    Maxima Motors49
    Dragon Dynamics22
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    Rylond Jórvík was trying to keep Adam Vorster calm and keeping to Prydanian Makari. It wasn't that well known a language and he was hoping any press that was poking around wouldn't have someone who knew it off hand. So long as he didn't spot the RUV? It was manageable.

    "Fucking hell, I can't find my groove out there!" Adam knocked a water bottle from a table.

    "Hey, hey calm down. Calm down" Rylond tried to reassure him.
    "You're putting too much pressure on yourself man, come on. It's a miracle we even got a team ready. Trust me, no one's going to give you a hard time."

    "Yeah" Mie added, "try to loosen up out there. No one expected us to much just chill..."

    "Easy for you to say" Adam growled.

    "Excuse me?" Mie replied, looking to confront her team mate before Rylond got between them.

    "Calm down right now! Ok? Ok. Adam? Take five, get some air and water in you. Mie, come with me. The RUV will be here any moment...."

    "Oh you want her to talk to the media?" Adam asked defensively.

    "Yeah, Adam, I do because she's not knocking shit around. Calm down, get your head clear. We'll talk later ok?"

    Adam just glared before nodding.

    "Ok" Rylond replied, patting him on the shoulder.
    "It's going to be cool man, just unwind."

    "We ready?" Mie asked.

    "Yeah, come with me" Rylond instructed.

    Gojannestad- It was a lively day at the Gojannestad Elektrisksegerpris that saw Anders Yvendråsson of Vereignt Electric Automobiles take first place in his home country. The first place finish makes for an interesting showdown between VEA and Green Lighting in the standings, adding to an already exciting debut for the expanded field concept.
    The Prydanian Midland Mótorar Taurínmáttur Racing team isn't making much waves but driver Mie Hougaard has turned a few heads with some respectable finishes. She finished 8th place at Gojannestad. Her teammate, Adam Vorster, finished 24th.

    "Disappointed? No" Rylond Jórvík replied with his usually disarming chuckle.
    "We barely got a team together. Just competing is pretty much the prize for us at this point. Will we look at how our cars and drivers perform and build on it. Right now though? MM Taurínmáttur is feeling everything out."

    "I'm happy Adam and I are participating. I hope it helps back home" Hougaard replied.
    "This is a fantastic sport. I hope we can raise its prominence in Prydania."

    Hougaard tried to downplay her relatively respectable showing so far.
    "I think that, really, our expectations are just to compete. If we can manage something more than that people will talk. I hope it helps us figure out where to go from here though. Everything we do is a building block to the future."
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    bootsie TNPer - - -

    Ralph Sørenson stood and overlooked one of the assembly lines of the Tundra Motors factory. He watched with delight on one of his most exciting and innovative projects to date, Horizon Nexus.

    "Mr. Sørenson," said a voice from behind him, causing him to grab his fur coat in terror. It was Tatiana, one of his SVPs.

    "Ms. Fredricksen, I didn't hear you approach," replied Ralph.

    "My apologies, sir, I just got back from Pigletville. The Cabinet is really excited about the race, a Guslant electric race car! People are eating this up!" she said with glee.

    "Come to my office, Ms. Fredricksen, we have much to discuss," said Ralph, before leading Fredricksen toward the elevator to his office.

    When they got to the office, Ralph closed the door behind him and walked over to his desk.

    "Ms. Fredricksen, what happened during that race?" he asked, quite angrily.

    "Our global marketing reach was a bit low. Morale just wasn't what we were expecting," said Fredricksen, honestly disappointed.

    "What does that have to do with the race?" barked Sørenson.

    "Sir, in case you've forgotten, I'm your Senior Vice President of Marketing. I don't know the first thing about racing or engineering electric cars," argued Fredricksen.

    "Who put you in charge of this then?!" yelled Sørenson.

    "You did, sir. You said it was better for you to focus on the Nexus project, Horizon Nexus that is," replied Fredricksen, calmly.

    "That's a preposterous idea!" yelled Sørenson, rubbing his forehead.

    "Herr Sørenson," said Sørenson's assistant through the intercom.

    "What is it now, Karen?" he barked.

    "You have a visitor--," Karen replied, before being cut off by Sørenson.

    "Not at the moment, I'm busy," he said, sitting in his chair at the desk.

    "It's your nephew sir, he wants to talk about the race," Karen replied.

    "Let him in," Sørenson said before he placed his hands over his face, leaned back in the chair, and moaned. His company was falling apart at the seams.

    David entered the room, beaming with excitement. That was until his saw his uncle visibly angry.

    "Uncle Ralph, you alright?" he asked, afraid to hear the answer.

    "Glad to see you've shown the excellence and grace of Tundra Motors at the races, my dear boy," replied Ralph, still leaning back in his chair.

    "Oh, you mean the crash? Yeah, crazy it was Mercadoz, huh? Out of all the racers, it was the two luxury car manufacturers from Meterra," replied David.

    "Maybe if you were a less aggressive racer, you might've been able to finish, might've been able to win," argued Ralph.

    "Sayuri finished in 13th, uncle! I mean, it's not good, but for a team that's never raced competitively before, that's not bad either!" said David.

    Ralph took his hands off his face, sat upright again, and glared at Fredricksen.

    "Sayuri got 13th, did you hear? Isn't that just delightful?" mocked Ralph.

    "Sir, I promise I'll make sure that our team makes the necessary improvements for the next race. With Pigletville now properly marketed towards, more Guslant eyes will be on the track when our team races. I will not let you down," replied Fredricksen.

    "Good. Begin your preparations, you've got a lot of work to do, both of you," barked Sørenson, before the two exited the room.

    He looked to the left side of the room where a portrait of his father was hung. The man who rarely smiled was smiling as wide as Ralph had ever seen him smile. He loved cars, but never showed that same love to his only child. Ralph ran his fingers across his eyebrow, where he could still feel one of the scars his father gave him. Maybe he was a bit harsh on David and Tatiana.

    "Karen, get me some mead. Please," he said, before leaning back in his chair, a long day almost over.
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    Highton Islands
    Julius Niedenthal

    Gojannesstad, NY -- Highton's two racers are off to a slow start in its inaugural Electric Racing Series (E-Series). Niko Klugman and Henrich Spindler, both representing AMW-Elektric's Rennen CR, came agonizingly close to earning points, with Klugman finishing just three points outside of the top ten. Spindler was only 18 seconds behind his teammate in 12th. Despite the disappointment of coming so close, both racers can find consolation in that they earned a small number of points (2 for Klugman and 1 for Spindler) in the International Cup.

    Helmut Kaufmann, the owner of AMW and AMW-Elektric, is pleased with the performance despite not placing within the top ten. "This is just day one. There are still plenty more races this season. I'm proud of Niko and Henrich, and I know they will come back even stronger in the next Prix". He then spoke about the upcoming Highton Prix in July. "The 6th of July is going to be a big day. There are still a few races before that, and those need to be the priority for the racers, but I still have that day circled on my calendar. If Niko or Henrich can take the checkered flag in Victoria it would be incredible."

    While the 2019 Highton Prix is set to take place in Victoria at the Reyterra Speedway, there are rumors that if the race is successful next year's event, a part of the IMC E-Series Championship, could take place on the streets of the capital city rather than in the smaller Victoria. Victoria was set as the venue for this year's event due to how quickly it needed to be organized. If this season, including the Victoria event, is successful, then Rennen CR may grow as a brand and receive additional funding. "Perhaps, racing will grow in Highton as a sport," said Klugman after the race in Goyanes, "but if we want that to happen, we need to show that Hightonians can do well on the global stage on the racetrack. That is me and Henrich's job. So we will need your support at every race. Áfram Highton!"
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    Coweta Rebounds From Power Unit Trouble To Take Victory

    Avonville, Sil Dorsett

    Home track advantage played out in the principality's favor following a poor showing at the Gojannestad Elektrisksegerpris, with the Avonville Prix Électrique going in the other direction, at least on the podium. Struggling manufacturer Coweta Motorsport managed to take victory despite losing one of their cars in the second half of the race to yet another power unit problem. With that victory, the domestic manufacturers outscored the international competitors 58 to 43. Defending champions Green Lightning, however, suffered their first non-points finish in the overall standings, allowing Millennium Motion to close up the points gap.

    The accident filled race left much of the field unable to finish, and even left the National Cup awarding only 100 out of a possible 101 points. While the only collision was between Matthieu Bardin and Nathan Carrell, others suffered from their own self-inflicted wounds and mechanical failures. Championship leading positions didn't change hands, but the gaps between first and second closed up significantly, as none of the leading competitors put on a good showing with all of the accidents switching up the order.

    Next week's event will be in Côte de Bannard, and we'll have the opportunity to see if this week's event was just an anomaly.

    Race Results
    Pos ID. Driver                   Constructor                  Time
    --- --- ---------------------    ---------------------------  -------------
      1 DEF Oliver DeFries           Coweta Motorsport            00:58:48.419
      2 BRN Miles Barnett            Millennium Motion            00:00:25.370
      3 ALA Azar Lamerza             RMA-Mercadoz                 00:00:50.881
      4 SHI Kaneko Shijo             Aeon Automotive              Laps Down: 1
      5 HOU Mie Hougaard             M.M. Taurínmáttur            Laps Down: 1
      6 HOY Høyt Skermerhorn         Vereignt Electric            Laps Down: 1
      7 VEL Andrew Vellsa            Zveive RT                    Laps Down: 1
      8 KLU Niko Klugman             Rennen CR                    Laps Down: 1
      9 ODG Nicholas Odgers          Harper-Valera                Laps Down: 1
     10 BOU Aubin Bouthillier        Aeon Automotive              Laps Down: 1
     11 DRA Serkren Drake            Draconics Electric Racing    Laps Down: 1
     12 HAR Pierre Harston           Green Lightning              Laps Down: 1
     13 TAN Sayuri Tanaka            Tundra Motors                Laps Down: 1
     14 RAP Claudia Rapace           Maxima Motors                Laps Down: 1
     15 SOR David Sørenson           Tundra Motors                Laps Down: 1
     16 DEM Francis Demont           Maxima Motors                Laps Down: 2
     17 YVE Anders Yvendråsson       Vereignt Electric            Laps Down: 2
     18 PAR Mathis Parmentier        Green Lightning              Laps Down: 2
    DNF DRK Jake Drake               Draconics Electric Racing    Ret. lap 47
    DNF NLA Noor Lamerza             RMA-Mercadoz                 Ret. lap 47
    DNF HER Harmonie Herrissida      Coweta Motorsport            Ret. lap 32
    DNF NII Elias Niirkelld          Zveive RT                    Ret. lap 15
    DNF LLE Owyn Llewellyn           CMT Rasio                    Ret. lap 12
    DNF POW Bronwen Powyll           CMT Rasio                    Ret. lap 10
    DNF BAR Matthieu Bardin          Harper-Valera                Ret. lap 4
    DNF CAR Nathan Carrell           Millennium Motion            Ret. lap 4
    DNF VOR Adam Vorster             M.M. Taurínmáttur            Ret. lap 3
    DNF SPI Hinrich Spindler         Rennen CR                    Ret. lap 3
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