The Force Flyer - Issue XXI

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    Elections for Prime Minister and House of Representatives took place, the Prime Minister announced a new Cabinet, Roleplay is finally becoming active, and an official cheese of the month has been named.

    Elections: Closer than Expected

    The January 2019 elections were quite exciting, with many winning by a landslide vote, and with others struggling to be elected.

    House elections for this term were very successful for some, and devastating for others. For example, Seoul Pyongyang, who had served in the House prior to this election and been in Force for some time, lost due to a 9-9 tie. Contrarily, Marcelli, Edjerhan, Wracobia, and Carropia won by landslides. Marcelli and Wracobia had both been in the House the term before. The Scottish Republic had a close win, with one abstaining vote. While the elections were taking place, they were constantly switching from being ahead in the polls to behind. And lastly, NotTheLibertyEmpire suffered a hard loss of 7-11.

    For Prime Minister Elections, New Legland and Libertatis fought for the position. Arguably the most surprising event of the elections was New Legland running against Libertatis Regalis, a time-proven Prime Minister who has spent a long time with Force. New Legland did eventually fall to Libertatis Regalis, but nonetheless showed perseverance in such a situation. Both Candidates supported bringing together new ministers, and moving ministers to different ministries. For example, New Legland supported moving Elysium to Minister of Culture, and also supported replacing the prior Minister of Culture. Libertatis Regalis planned to remove about 80% of the cabinet, due to events such as inactivity, ministers not performing their jobs to par, etc. Libertatis was also much more experienced in the position, and pointed out that an experienced Prime Minister was needed to perform duties correctly.

    Cabinet Appointments: the SCUT Triumphs?

    Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis has appointed a new cabinet for the first session of 2019. Going off of his plan to remove approximately 80% of the cabinet, there were many changes in the Cabinet with prominent members such as Elysium, being removed.

    Deputy Prime Minister: Vamperiall
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: New Legland
    Minister of Internal Affairs: Chundukeratopia (now resigned)
    Minister of Culture: Carropia
    Minister of Communications: Marcelli
    Minister of Defense: Lashnakia (now resigned), currently The Chariot
    Domestic Policy Advisor: Waltonburg-Vallonheim
    Foreign Policy Advisor: Sword BJ

    Two of the initial appointments to the Cabinet as well as one of the appointments later on were all former high-ranking officers in the SCUT, a now defunct alliance Force was once at war with. New Legland served as their head of Foreign Affairs, Chundukeratopia served as their head of Internal Affairs, and The Chariot was head of their Armed Forces. With Chundukeratopia choosing to resign from the Cabinet, this now leaves two. Could the SCUT be making a comeback? Only time will tell.

    Roleplay: Finally Active!

    Roleplay in Force has finally become more active, with many new people joining, especially with the introduction of the new Official RP Community. This system introduces a number of programs designed to maximize the realism of the RP and help make calculating things such as populations and GDPs easier. There have been many map annexations and thus, the map of Force will soon be expanded. Many nations have chose to introduce policies; most notably tariffs on goods from other countries. Additionally, some nations have chose to form pacts to try and wield greater influence on the world stage. With this new activity, it is our hope that the lore of Force will continue to expand and reach new horizons.

    Cheese of the Month

    In recent news, the Prime Minister has declared Extra-Sharp Cheddar to be the official cheese of Force. Anyone caught consuming other types of cheese may be subject to dirty looks and peer pressure.



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    Sorry for any inconveniences our inactivity may have posed! We hope to do more business soon.
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