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    Similar to the Local News topic, but sports(!)
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    Current League Tables

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    Wildstars launch investigation after brawl video leaked

    High-Rise Steel Second Division leader Boango Wildstars have suspended 3 players and launched an investigation after video of what seems to be an organised fight between two of the clubs' youth players. A third player, alleged to be a member of the senior squad, is heard urging the players on as they fight. Two youth team coaches have also been suspended.

    The former three-time Wahönngö-Mba winners were relegated last season and the clubs new Sporting Director Ize Ifi made a brief statement to the press, announcing the investigation and stating that the club expects all players to abide by its code of conduct, which prohibits violence. Wahönngö-Mba leaders SuperSport Rangers are said to be concerned for the safety of a number of their players who are on loan at the club, and are considering moves to end these loan agreements early.

    Boango's police force is awaiting the results of the investigation before filing charges against anyone, and is said to be following the investigation closely, as are league officials, who have already reminded Wiildstars of their safeguarding responsibilities to young players.
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    The Race is on

    Trier FC 1-2 Lighton

    TRIER, AL — Full time at AMW Stadium, and Athletic Lighton has emerged as the 2-1 victory over league leaders Trier FC. With 2nd place Highton City FC’s 3-1 over North Highton FC, the gap drops to just three points with only 7 matches remaining in league play before cup season begins. FC Trier took an early lead in the match, with Alex Muñoz giving the hosts an early lead in the 11th minute. It was not to last, however, and by the 24th minute Lighton had tied the game through Iago Cornes. Just before halftime, Joseph Vard slotted home what would turn out the be the winning goal. The orange defense held strong and held out for the win.

    Highton City 3-1 North Highton

    HIGHTON CITY, NH — Since NHFC has emerged as a growing threat in the HPL, a rivalry has started to develop between the two teams. This one would have huge implications on the league, with Highton City only 6 point behind league leaders Trier coming into the match. With Trier’s loss, the league holders had an opportunity to cut the gap to one match. They duly delivered, finding the net three times before the hour mark. Alexís has two of those goals, with Brown wrapping up the scoring in the 54th minute. North Highton’s consolation was a header from Gregor Toria in the 86th.

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    Sundeon Sørstatenes doubles down on Road Trip
    By: Johan Sverden
    Feb 1, Sundeon 2 - Senneran 1

    The Sundeon Sørstatenes score a tough win against the Senneran Høydetoppes on the First of February, winning by a goal in overtime.

    Period One
    18:19 Offsides by Sun.
    17:01 Icing by Manohaun, Sun.
    16:42 Offsides by Sen.
    14:58 Icing by Selchuk, Sun.
    14:12 Tripping by Altrecht, Sen. Penalty. 5 on 4
    13:45 Offsides by Sen.
    12:12 Altrecht, Sen. Released. 5 on 5
    10:29 Icing by Feltraut, Sen
    8:06 Offsides by Sun.
    6:54 Play paused, resumed.
    6: 04 Offsides by Sen.
    5:11 Icing by Manohaun, Sun.
    4:12 Roughing by Selchuk, Sun. Penalty. 5 on 4.
    3:49 Offsides by Sen.
    3: 02 Slegli scores for Sen.! 1-0
    3:00 Offsides by Sun.
    2:40 Icing by Slegli, Sen.
    1: 09 Icing by Endski, Sun.

    End of Period, First Intermission.

    Period Two

    17:03 Icing by Edinsen, Sen.
    16: 02 Offsides by Sun.
    15:54 Offsides by Sun.
    13:29 Icing by Levensen, Sun.
    10:49 Fight started between Selchuk, Sun. and M. Eriksen, Sen. Eriksen wins. Both penalized. 5 on 5.
    8:15 Icing by Autens, Sun.
    4:49 Selchuk and M. Eriksen released.
    4:16 Offsides by Sen.
    2:44 Icing by Manohaun, Sun.
    1:29 Offsides by Sun.

    End of Period, Second Intermission.

    Period Three

    18:19 Offsides by Sen.
    16:53 Offsides by Sen.
    16: 02 Selchuk scores for Sun.! 1-1
    14:19 Offsides by Sun.
    13:44 Edinsen scores for Sen.! Contested as Offsides!
    13:44 Kalgary responds to contestion. No Goal, 1-1.
    11:54 Icing by Levensen, Sun.
    11:46 Icing by Esraltsen, Sen.
    8: 02 Offsides by Sen.
    5:53 Offsides by Sun.
    4:29 Puck out of bounds.
    3: 33Icing by Levensen, Sun.
    1:21 Offsides by Sun.

    End of Period, Third Intermission


    4: 32 Offsides by Sun.
    3:58 Autens scores for Sun.! 2-1. Sundeon Wins.

    Feb 3, Sundeon 3 - Wehrspaht 0

    On the third, Sundeon secures another win, three to null against the Wehrspaht Rustngjøres. Sundeon's Selchuk is injured in the jaw and taken off the ice for a few games.

    Feb 5, Sundeon 4 - Kalgary 3

    The Capital was defeated by Sundeon on the fifth, with four goals for the Sørstatenes and three for the Militiamen. Two fights, one between Kauko and Serdan, the other between Levensen and A. Ofson.

    Feb 7, Sundeon 1 - Håperbyen 0

    The Håperbyen Sentraler couldn't secure the win last night, with the Sundeonians scoring in the last 5 minutes of the game, thus continuing their streak.

    With these wins, Sundeon has pulled ahead of Kalgary as top of the Kanadian League, and the victories may keep coming, the Sundeonians to travel to two more cities before returning home.

    More Ice Hockey at KSF.ka/ishockey/new

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    Prince's Cup 2019

    Since the 19th century, the Prince's Cup has been a tradition entrenched in Hightonian culture. At the conclusion of the season, eight teams spread across the nation face off for the sacred trophy. The structure of the competition allows minnows to occasionally strike gold and not only qualify but do the unthinkable and make a deep run. Although a non-professional team has not won the Cup in over 50 years, some lower leagues teams have hoisted the trophy or come very close. The champions of each state tournament are qualified, and while the structures of these competitions vary, it allows lower league teams to appear. In addition to the state champions, the winner of the Hightonian Premier League and HFA Cup are also entered. The road to the Prince's Cup 2019 was intense before a relatively unfancied team took the crown.

    Road to the Cup

    HFA Premier League

    The Premier League season in 2018/19 had a fascinating title race between age-old rivals Trier FC and Highton City. The two have represented the Aleman and North Hightonian rivalry for years and their annual clashes, Der Klassiker, is the most anticipated game of the HPL calendar. Trier jumped out to an early lead at the beginning of the season, emerging with a 14 point lead over then-second placed Capital FC. Highton City had an extremely poor start, falling to 11th after week 6, but was able to come back and find themselves in the Champion's Cup places by week 12. As the season continued, the gap between Trier and City narrowed. Trier's 2-1 loss to Lighton in February brought the difference to just 3 points. City went top of the table a week later when Trier fell 3-0 at the hand of their local rival Neu Club Trier. City's seven-match winning streak toward the end of the campaign came to an end of the final day of the season with a loss to Aleman FC, but they had already secured the title a week earlier. Trier FC finished the season an agonizingly close three points behind the champions.

    HFA Cup

    The HFA Cup began in August with amateur and semi-pro teams beginning play. Following the conclusion of the HPL, league champions Highton City aimed to win the double. Their first match in the hunt for the Cup came against third-tier Rocket Maia, and away in Talanskland, City lost a 4-3 thriller. Rocket Maia would go on to be one of the feel-good stories of the Hightonian football season across multiple competitions, but they fell just short in the H2L Promotion Playoff with a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to West Alexandria 1933. H2L champions Vaasa PS knocked out top-flight struggled FC Jefferson in the opening round but were eliminated in the second stage by Wölfe Victoria. Wölfe would be the last lower league team standing in the Cup, taking on Capital FC in the semi-final. Capital emerged victorious 4-0 and marched on to their first final in a decade. They defeated local rival North Highton FC 2-0 at Coco's Park and qualified for their first Prince's Cup since 2012.

    Alemaner Pokal

    The Alemaner Pokal was the first of the state tournaments to be established and has been dominated by Trier FC and Neu Club Trier. After falling just short in the HPL title race, and having suffered early elimination from the HFA Cup at the hands of the Phoenix Coast Warriors, Trier FC made qualification for the Prince's Cup their priority. The boys in blue marched their way to the final without conceding a single goal, but they did need penalties to get past Borussia Einestadt in the second round after a 0-0 stalemate. In the final, they defeated city rivals Neu Club in a 5-0 drubbing, becoming the first team to with the Pokal without conceding a single goal.

    North Highton Cup

    After victory in the league and elimination from the HFA Cup, Highton City FC turned their attention directly to the Prince's Cup. Despite fielding a mostly rotated squad throughout the tournament, City still managed to reach the final following a 1-0 win over newly-promoted Czyville in the semifinal. City was to face HFA Cup winners Capital FC in the final but fell 2-1 after leading at half time as Capital secured a famous double for the first time in their history. With both finalists already qualified for the Prince's Cup, semifinalists Bolton Central qualified for their first ever Prince's Cup.

    Pobfénix Cup

    The teams from along the coast as well as the city of Alexandria prepared to fight for the crown. Phoenix Coast Warriors, regular qualifiers for the CEFA Champions Cup, had won the last six state cups on the bounce and were heavily favored to do the same again, but were stunned 3-0 in the quarterfinals by West Alexandria 1933. The absence of the Warriors allowed for an unusual final between Jefferson AFC and Club Alexandria, which resulted in Alexandria winning the trophy, remarkably for the first time since 2005. Alexandria returned to the Prince's Cup after three years absence.

    Copa Reyterra

    The newest state cup, the Copa Reyterra is a relatively open competition with a lack of strong teams hailing from the state. The two top-tier sides, Victoria United and 3City FC, met in the first round and Victoria's 4-1 win saw them move on to the next stage. Victoria's run to the final would be easy, and they secured the trophy in their home stadium with a 6-0 win over Ele. It was Victoria's fifth successive win in the Copa Reyterra.

    Rixion States Cup

    The Rixion States Cup comprises of teams from the largest geographic area but is generally considered the weakest of the six state competitions. Rixion Sports Club aimed to win the tournament after being relegated from the HPL this season and were one of the favorites to do so. The other favorites included top-flight Georgetown and H1L side Hightonia FC, but none of these sides could hoist the trophy. In front of about 10,000 fans at a mostly empty Rixion Bowl, H2L champions Vaasa PS stunned Georgetown FC 1-0 to claim their first Cup. They celebrated their first ever qualification to the Prince's Cup.

    Talanskland Cup

    This season, favored teams being bounced in the early rounds of state tournaments was a common trend. This was continued in Talanskland when HPL contenders AS Nola lost in the opening round to Rocket Maia. Maia did the unthinkable, beating Vidi Nola and SpVgg Soan to reach a final clash with Calabria United. Maia won 5-1, sending shockwaves around the Hightonian football scene in doing so. Rocket Maia may have clinched their first Prince's Cup qualification since the early 90s, but they still failed to gain promotion from the third tier and will continue to play there next season.

    The Cup Itself


    In the opening match of the Prince's Cup, league winner Highton City welcomed mid-table Victoria, the champions of the Copa Reyterra. The mediocre United team could not cope with the attacking capabilities of City. Two third division teams met for a place in the semifinals, ensuring that at least one member of the H2L would be represented in the final four. Vaasa overturned a 2-1 lead at the half to emerge 3-2 victors in an exciting quarterfinal clash. Maia's fairytale season came to an end with them winning their first piece of Cup silverware since the 90s, but they failed to be promoted. Alemaner Pokal champions Trier FC took on Club Alexandria in a highly anticipated clash at AMW Stadium. Trier jumped to a 2-0 lead within 15 minutes, something Alexandria could not overturn, in a match that finished 2-1. Bolton Central only qualified due to City and Capital having already have booked their places in the tournament, and their lack of quality showed in their home game against the state champions. Capital, hunting for their first ever treble, annihilated their opponents in a humiliating 5-0 loss, Capital's biggest ever win in the tournament.


    HPL champions Highton City FC prepared to face H2L champions VPS confidently, and City believed the match would be a walkover. They were very wrong, with Vaasa's keeper playing the game of his life and making 11 saves. VPS struck on the counter-attack, with a goal in the 62nd minutes putting the Rixion Cup champions ahead 1-0. Alexís had a chance from the penalty spot in stoppage time to tie the game, but hit the shot off the post, sending Vaasa, remarkably, to its first-ever Prince's Cup final. In the other game, Trier FC opened with an early penalty at AMW to give them the lead but let in three goals before half time against Capital FC to drop down to 1-3. Neither team could score in a somewhat eventless half, which saw preparations made for the extremely unlikely final matchup of Vaasa PS and Capital FC.


    Capital FC was dominant from start to finish against Vaasa but still struggled to finish their chances in the first half. They had an 87th-minute strike called back for offsides after a VAR review, which allowed Vaasa to conclude the ninety still at a 0-0 stalemate. The level-pegging scoreline would only last six minutes into the extra period, with Capital taking the lead in the 96th minute. With seven minutes left on the clock, Vaasa equalized hoping to send the game to penalties following a wonderful strike from 32 yards out, which would be awarded goal of the tournament. Vaasa had barely finished celebrating when Capital broke through and restored the lead with five minutes to play. Vaasa's two shots on goal could not provide enough to keep up with the treble winners, who celebrated that accomplishment for the first time. Although the accolade was unexpected, it was well deserved for a Capital FC team who hit their stride at just the right time to take home the trophies they played for during Cup season.

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    It was a difficult debut for Santana

    Vincent Küpfer -- 7th of September, 2019

    PORT PHOENIX, PX -- The Hightonian men's national team fell 3-0 to Prydania in a Kravinjaklassiker that fans will surely want to forget. The match saw a debut at fullback for dual-national Julien Santana, who has been tipped to possibly play for the country of his birth, Cojedes. With the exception of Santana, Wehr played a mostly first eleven. Alexís started on the wing, with Vard up top. The debutant Santana had a promising start, hitting the crossbar from long range, but despite a good first 20 minutes, the Hightonian momentum came to a screeching halt when Prydania broke through with a header in the 21st minute. The Blue Cocos were uninspiring for the rest of the first half. A winding Alexís run not long before the half may have been impressive, but he was forced into the corner and a long-range first time hit from Franz Müller struggled to hit the target.

    Prydania dominated the second half. The hosts could barely even see any of the ball. Santana was substituted in the 49th minute, and replaced by another debutant, Bernard Halter. Arne Havenstein was introduced for his 10th cap in the 69th minute. Prydania doubled the lead after a sloppy giveaway by Elsner. Three minutes later, the lead became three as the game entered the final 7 minutes. Arthur Thiel on a penalty with five minutes remaining. Alexís handed the ball for Thiel to take the penalty, a shot at consolation. The 22-year-old's shot was saved, being parried wide by the keeper. The game ended 3-0. Overall, an uninspiring performance from a Hightonian team which has greatly declined since the 2017 World Cup triumph.

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    On verge of the sack, Wehr announces 26 man squad for games in Kalety and Trier

    This is Rydz's first call-up

    Vincent Küpfer -- 6th of October, 2019

    HIGHTON CITY, NH -- Eric Wehr has announced the Hightonian roster ahead of a pair of international friendlies against Syrixia and Essalanea. The matches, which will be played in Kalety and Trier, will be an attempt to bounce back after a humiliating 3-0 defeat at the hands of Prydania. After a quarterfinal shootout exit at the hands of Andrenne in the World Cup, many believed Wehr would step down as head coach, but he has opted to stay on. Highton have failed to win in three matches; not since the 2-0 win over Essalanea in the World Cup group stage have the Blue Cocos won a watch outright. There are little surprises in the 26-man roster, perhaps with the exception of the absence of Julien Santana who is still deciding whether to represent Highton or his native Cojedes. Mario Rydz, Timothee Barnett, Stefan Berhalter, and Matija Paunović have all received their first ever national team callups; Lorenz Lobsenz was called up for the Prydania match but did not play. Arne Havenstein will not take part in this set of matches, as he has opted to join up with the Highton U-23s in preparation for Odinspyl Qualifying. It is likely that Havenstein will be absent from the senior squad for the next few months due to the upcoming Odinspyls in which he is expected to represent Highton should they qualify.

    #NamePositionPlace of BirthAgeClub
    1John CheckerGKJefferson, Pobfénix37Capital FC
    2Francis JúniorRBVictoria, Reyterra25Trier FC
    3Jordaan BrownLBHighton City, North Highton26Highton City FC
    4Mario Küpfer (VC)CBEssen, Aleman28Trier FC
    5Thomas MännCBTrier, Aleman24Trier FC
    6Franz MüllerCMDuisburg, Aleman21Highton City FC
    7Iago CornesLWEle, North Highton31Haslantestone (ULS)
    8Fernando RossiCMSoanborg, Talanskland31Capital FC
    9Joseph VardSTWestfälisches, Aleman28Rotslo (ULS)
    10Alexís (C)RWEssen, Aleman32Highton City FC
    11Jonas LettmanSTTrier, Aleman21Trier FC
    12Alex WeisskopfRWMinheim, Aleman18Highton City FC
    13Arthur ThielLWBad Bertrich, Aleman22Capital FC
    14Samy ChaseCMNorrkøping, Gotmark24Aleman FC
    15Emil GaletaCBGlöckenkirchen, Aleman18Glöckenkirchen Union
    16Thomas ElsnerCBKalety, Syrixia23Midland FT (PRY)
    17Karl WenzelCMTrier, Aleman22Capital FC
    18Anthony HeathGKHighton City, North Highton30Trier FC
    19Helmut VogtGKHighton City, North Highton31Highton City FC
    20Bernard HalterRBRixion City, Hightonia23Capital FC
    21Lorenz LobsenzLBIzhevsk, Pobfénix26Aleman FC
    22Marko MertzCBAachen, Aleman24Trier FC
    23Mario RydzLWLincoln Park, Aleman21Neu Club Trier
    24Timothee BarnettCMLincoln Park, Aleman26Lincoln Park Town
    25Stefan BerhalterCMVictoria, Reyterra26Victoria United
    26Matija PaunovićSTIzhevsk, Pobfénix22Neu Club Trier
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    New Surprising Call Ups
    There has been a pattern over the last couple of decades, a pattern where players not from the main island of Ulstome had turned down call ups to play for their national team. It was a pattern we were all accustomed to with most of those called up from such areas often turning it down for whatever reason they each chose to site. The lackluster performance of the Ulstome national team to progress far in international tournaments, often qualifying but lacking consistent performances in group stages, hadn't given much intensive to attract those players to accept their call ups. But is the pattern now coming to an end?

    In a surprising series of events to both fans and most likely the team itself, several players each who had excellent performances in their domestic teams had all accepted their call ups after turning down them previously for the Goyanes World Cup. This unexpected change has left many fans full of excitement as these new players replace their Goyanes World Cup teammates on the expected starting 11's. The biggest names of the call ups, which we are eager to see in action playing for their nation, are the Defender Grich, the Midfielder Homfra and forward Monlerin from Rotslo FC replacing O'Irin, Varson and Iskan on the starting 11. The Goal Keeper Etron from Sist Krincaster replacing Stegg in goal and the forward Frederickson from Sost Krincaster replacing Porterson.


    These new call ups are expected to be a much better team than the one that was presented at the Goyanes World Cup. Vaas who had played an important role in the offences of the Ulstome team in its matches and had clearly shown himself to be a more than capable captain is expected to remain as captain although many would say his position which many viewed as the best player of the team will be changed as the new call ups fit themselves into their new roles. The two new forwards of the team, Frederickson and Monlerin held the positions as the top two goalscorers of Ulstome's Seapion Ligithe and are expected to greatly improve the teams offensive capabilities with the support of players such as Vaas and the rest of the midfield. Both have a long history together with Vaas as they played together as part of the Rotslo under 16's and under 21's before going to different teams. Will they be able to play together like they did then? We will have to see.

    The change in the midfield with the replacement of Varson with Homfra will undeniable strengthen the midfield with Homfra not only being widely considered a better player than Varson but also his experience as a midfielder from Rotslo. As uncommon as it is to have a team with most of its players from the same domestic club then this Ulstome team is very unusual, the four starting eleven midfielders are all from Rotslo and the team uses the same formation, the midfield has already been nicknamed "the four Lancers" after Rotslo's nickname of "Lancers" originating from its highly effective cavalry of the medieval era. The already exceptional teamwork by the midfielders in their home team is much to the hopes of the fans going to be a crucial advantage that translates into their national performance and overcomes and difficulties which were encountered in previous games.

    The area that is the concern however is the defence, although Iskan has been switched with Grich many still question how much of a change this will make to the teams defensive performance. Although many agree Grich would be a better choice than Iskan based on their performance last season, many are unsure how much of an improvement will be made.

    Lastly the Keeper, Etron is a well regarded keeper and was decided as the best keeper last season of the Seapion Ligithe. He will need to work closely with the defence and learn from Stegg's mistakes in the Goyanes World Cup if he does not want to repeat them and instead have a successful time as the teams new keeper.
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    HightonSport World Power Rankings
    Sasalak is guiding Syrixia up the rankings
    Vincent Küpfer -- 7th of September, 2019

    1. GOYANES
    The world champions have look unstoppable this year and are easily the number one team in the world at the moment. Admusson is the favorite to win World Player of the Year.

    2. SYRIXIA
    Syrixia were dumped out by Andrenne in the semifinals of the World Cup, but in recent months the team was established itself as an emerging power. The Phönixklassiker on Tuesday will be a big indicator of whether Syrixia can compete at the top of the rankings.

    3. ULSTOME
    With all of Ulstome's star players now availible for selection for the national team, the future is very, very bright. They have the chance to show what they can do in friendlies against Ponterre and Oclusia this week.

    After narrowly losing the final against Goyanes, Andrenne are still a force and are hoping to return to their heights of the 80's.

    Despite an early exit from the World Cup, Prydania are far from a bad team. A statement 3-0 win against Highton set the tone for a bright future.

    Naizerre had an early exit from the World Cup, losing a thriller quarterfinal to Syrixia, but remain a strong team.

    7. HIGHTON
    Highton is a team in crisis at the moment; there is a large gap between the top older players and the younger generation. Head coach Eric Wehr could be fired if the matches against Syrixia and Essalanea don't go well.


    10. SKANDA
    13. IRAELIA
    14. PREDICE
    15. DEMESCIA
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    An Actual Walrus#6526

    by Xiao "Wei" Yin

    "Bring on the silver scrapes! Nine Heaven has done it! Nine Heavens HAS ACTUALLY DONE IT! They've CRUSHED NubuTama Anarchy in game #4, and they're going to even out the series to bring it to a climatic GAME, NUMBER, 5!" exclaims Araki "Hunter" Lee.

    Champions of the Rift as a sport has come a long way. From it's humble beginnings of being hosted at the Blue Ocean Hotel & Resort, to hosting its championship game at the Nuia International Esports Arena, Champions of the Rift, has grown both in prominence, and as a game.

    Which makes Nine Heaven's win in the Regional Qualifier, all the more amazing.

    A few years ago, the Nuian Champions of the Rift Tournament (NCR) tournament introduced a new way for teams to make it to the International Championship, the Regional Qualifer Tournament. The Regional Qualifier Tournament is a grueling, three-week affair that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place teams compete in to earn that second seed spot to go to the ILC. Starting with the 5th place team going up against the 4th, the winner out of each best of five moves on up to face the 3rd, and then the 2nd.

    Ever since it's start, there hasn't really been any sort of major upset, with the second place team having always taken the second seed spot for Internationals. Which makes this Season's Regional run all the more unprecedented.

    No one could've ever pictured this outcome.

    "Nine Heavens, through thick and thin! Through three weeks of adversity, trial, hard work and tears, they have done it! I say it again, Nine Heavens is going to the International Championship as your second seed NCR representative!"

    Nine Heavens was supposed to have been finished. After their fifth season slump, everyone expected for Nine Heavens' dream of going to International to be over. They went from finishing first in Seasons 2, 3, and 4, to finishing second to last in Season 5. In that Season's promotional tournament, Nine Heavens narrowly managed to retain their spot in the NCR against Season 7's newcomers, Elite Gaming Esports, with two of the four games going past the thirty-minute mark.

    So what changed? How did Nine Heavens go from being second to last in Season 5, to placing fifth in Season 6, to placing fifth again in Season 7, only to win it all and go to International's?

    "I think, what the team really needed, was a clear, and decisive shotcaller," explains Game Analyst Himiko "Nora" Shumei in an interview with

    "In Season 5, we see the departure of High, due to a exhaustion. And so, the logic here was that since High was now out of the picture, NoFear, who was kind of also helping High to make the calls, could easily pick up the reins," she continues.

    "That clearly did not happen."

    "NoFear, when High was around, was instrumental in this team's success," insists Game Analyst Mark "Zeek" Itsumo. "NoFear would feed High the information that High needed to call the play. With High gone, NoFear wasn't really in a position to fill High's shoes. He tried, we really do see him trying to do that in Seasons 5 and 6, but he just didn't cut it."

    Nine Heavens needed High back. Nine Heavens needed their leader back.

    "So what do you think about High coming back to the NCR?" questions Desk Analyst Alex "Aura" Murai.

    "I think that Nine Heavens is getting desperate and that bringing High back might solve some of their problems but not all of them," answers Himiko "Nora" Shumei. "Nine Heavens has been floundering these past two Seasons. I'm not going to say anything beyond the fact that I wish only for the best for both Nine Heavens and High, going into Season 7."

    "When I first heard that High was coming back, I was kind of worried," says Nora. "If you followed High's stream for those two years, you'll know that he wasn't really taking a break. He was busy fighting his own inner demons."

    "Honestly, I wasn't really sure I was coming back until I got back up on that stage," comments Ethan "High" Hai in an interview with, "My family, although they're really supportive of me in my endeavors, really wanted me to go back to school to get my degree."

    "I also kind of was worried about that kind of thing too, you know? Like, 'was I going to keep on playing video games my entire life?' or 'how long would I be able to keep this going?' or even 'should I go back to college and, you know, finish?"

    "Even to this very moment, I don't know if I'm making the right decision," he says, "I don't know if this is truly the right decision in the long-run."

    "But do you think," questions Interviewer Jason Metaru, "that you made the right decision for right now?"

    "Yes," answers High, after a long pause, "I know that in my heart, coming back to the NCR, back to Nine Heavens, was the right decision for me."


    Oh, it was the right decision alright. In Season 7, the NCR saw the revival of one of its most storied organizations.

    "That's right! Ladies and gentlemen! Nine Heavens has CRUSHED NubuTama Anarchy in a best of FIVE series! And have punched their ticket to International's!" exclaims Araki "Hunter" Lee.

    Although they got off to a rocky start, Nine Heavens would eventually prove their critics wrong, game-by-game, series-by-series.

    "Do you think, we're seeing a Nine Heavens revival?" questions Alex "Aura" Murai.

    "Not so much a revival, more so a comeuppance for all the teams here in the NCR," explains Ryan "PapaRoach" Ayato.

    "To all the teams here, despite Nine Heavens' clear history of dominating the NCR, Nine Heavens these last two seasons has shown that legacy does not lend credence to truth. But like all rules, there are exceptions. This Season's performance by Nine Heavens is a clear, unmistakable, exception to that rule. And we all have High to thank for that."

    "Teams that dismissed Nine Heavens out of circumstance quickly see their unpreparedness punished for by Nine Heavens' signature style of outplaying opponents in the macro-game, while soaking up all that these teams can throw at them."

    And now, Nine Heavens has their eyes set on Internationals.

    "So how do we feel about NCR's Nine Heavens going back to International's?" questions Desk Analyst Alvah "KingAlam" Shapiro.

    "I think, that they'll make it out of Groups this year," jokes Desk Analyst Zephan "Zephyr" Stern

    "I think... that Nine Heavens, right now? Have the potential to go all the way to the Finals," counters Tali "CuddleBunny" Landau.

    "Now, why do you say that Bunny?" Zephyr questions further.

    "Nine Heavens, despite their troubles these last two seasons, has looked extraordinarily strong in this year's NCR tournament. If they bring their aggressively-controlling play style to International's as they have in the past, in the current meta, this play style may be too much for the other teams," explains CuddleBunny. "If the NCR is anything to judge by, just because your team is extremely aggressive and can throw, with finesse if I might add, off-meta picks at Nine Heavens with confidence, doesn't mean you'll win. NubuTama Anarchy tried to do that and was met with utter and complete defeat at the hands of Nine Heavens."

    Nine Heavens has been around since the start of the NCR back in 2010. Originally the U2 Esports Club, Nine Heavens was acquired by the company Intelligent Programming Inc. in 2012, and was renamed to Nine Heaven Gaming, or simply, Nine Heavens.

    Throughout the organization's history, Nine Heavens has gone to Internationals thrice, finishing in first in Season 2, and Quarters in Seasons 3 and 4. This year, they're going to try and bring the trophy back.

    "This year, we have almost no expectations," explains Ethan "High" Hai, "this year, I feel like as long as we do our best and play to our strengths, I think that's all that we can really do at International's."

    "You don't think that due to Nine Heavens' prior performance at International's, that there wouldn't be a certain expectation for you guys to do well at the tournament?" counters Interviewer Jason Metaru.

    "I think that yes, people will have expectations for us going back to International's," High begins, "but no, I think that people are just happy that Nine Heavens has shown a great amount of growth this season. So much growth, that we can go back to International's, even as the NCR's second seed."

    "I think that we shouldn't really be judged by our past performance, because the game has changed since then. And even, Chronos retired and Indra is now just streaming. I've gotten the privilege of playing alongside SwiftFalcon and Mako. Like, my team has changed. But I think that if the people should judge anyone, it should be me."

    "I might've grown as a player, and as a person, these past few years, but I'm still the same old High that everyone knows. So judge me, and I can promise you that I will live up to everyone's expectations now that I'm back."

    "A bold choice of words," remarks Jason, "but I can tell you, that, after following your story from the beginning to now, it really is good to say that I, as part of the people, am glad that you're back on Nine Heavens, High."

    Nine Heavens was drawn into a group with Retandha (Sandstorm) and Green Hills Dreams. Whereas Glory or Death (NCR's first seed) drew into a group with the Coconut Shrimp and Praetor. Both of the NCR's teams face a tough way to Quarters with Retandha only dropping two games, in their entire season, and Praetor coming off a 5-game winning streak to finish first in their local tournament.

    Only time will tell if Nine Heavens can make it out of the group stage at International's this year. And in the end, only a singe enemy nexus stands between Nine Heavens and their spot at the top of the world.
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    TNP Nation:
    Highton Islands
    Sainte-Hélène Local News Network

    Local man wins cooking competition
    Roméo Beauvau, a chef from Sainte-Hélène, has won a nationwide cooking competition in our nation's capital, Ouestal. In the competition, the five featured chefs were instructed to make a dish of escargot and whichever one tasted the best according to the three judges would win. Beauvau, who owns a restaurant in the Ville de Sainte-Hélène, entered the competition online and was randomly selected by the random number generator to participate. It was difficult for him to make the escargot, however, because he, like most people, finds it revolting and it is not on the menu of his restaurant that he works at. Remarkably, through following a Saintongean recipe he found online, he won the competition. Two of the three judges voted for him. After his victory, Beauvau remarked that he was pleased to have "reached the peak of this great sport."

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    BritishBayonet TNPer - -

    A New Team
    With the recent call ups of many of Ulstome's best players who had previously not played for the team in competition such as the Goyanes World Cup many are interested in what this new team can do. A good performance in the Goyanes World Cup will have many feeling confident in knowing that those who remained on the teams lineup have great flexibility and capability, confidence further bolstered by the fact that with the new call ups the Ulstome team is ranked 3rd in the HightonSport World Power Rankings. A position they would be happy with but even more keen to improve.

    The new call ups will have their chance to show the world what they can do as players on the Ulstome team as two friendly's are lined up for them to play. Their first game at home is against the Oclusia team. Followed by a friendly against Ponterre. It is expected that even though the Ulstome team will have difficulties as they adjust from club to national football that the Ulstome team will perform well against Oclusia in their first friendly where they test how their new players mix with the rest of the team. The teams performance and experience from this first friendly will likely translate to whether the team will perform well against Ponterre or if the Ponterre team will dominate the game.

    The Ulstome team has been fiercely practising its teamwork and coordination as it works to fit in its new players as soon as it can ahead of the teams first friendly. As Ulstome coach Lance Isone said to UNN sport "I want to focus on the basics for now, getting the players to coordinate and work together on the basics of the game. From there I can take them any direction and they will perform excellently. For you don't need fancy plays and strategies to win, you can't win like that if your players can't work together and they can't excel at the basics. I will train my team to excel and then they will win, I would be able to leave the stadium and I would still have full confidence they could win any match against any opponent. But a team must master the basics first to go anywhere."

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    TNP Nation:
    Highton Islands
    Rydz scored in his first Highton match
    Vincent Küpfer -- 12th of October, 2019

    KALETY -- The Blue Cocos played the Syrixian Lions to a 1-1 draw earlier today, keeping Highton winless since the 2-0 group stage win over Essalanea. Since defeating the Horde in the World Cup thanks to second-half goals from Alexís and Galeta, Highton have tied 3-3 with Ascalon (winning on penalties), tied 1-1 with Andrenne (losing on penalties), and lost 3-0 to Prydania. Mario Rydz, who scored the only goal in this week's Trier derby, made his debut. The 21-year-old is one of the most exciting young Hightonian talents; the winger is seen as a long term replacement for Alexís, with Arthur Thiel and Alex Weisskopf not quite living up to expectations. There were a few other debutants; Lorenz Lobsenz was given his first chance at left-back, while Timothee Barnett, Stefan Berhalter, and Matija Paunović all made substitute appearance. The breakthrough in the match came in the 18th minute- the Lions took the lead through sensational captain Sasalak, with a right-footed shot tucked under John Checker. The match remained 1-0 until the 73rd minute; Alexís launched a free-kick from a wide position to the far side of the area, where Berhalter headed the ball to the edge of the area. Barnett took a pop but the weak shot was not strong enough the reach the net. Rydz stuck out his leg, prodding the ball past the Syrixian keeper and into the net. Timothee Barnett had a chance to win it at the end, but the shot flew over the bar. Going into the home game against Essalanea on Tuesday, one thing is for certain: Wehr's job is on the line.