January General Update

Thomas Insaniac

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January 2019 Update
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The Empire of Mare Nostrum

Emperor: Rex Ciphra

Praetorian Prefect: Khosrow

Legatus Prefect: Thomas Insaniac
Legatus: Khosrow
Vicarius: Barzai ux Loddhan

Tribunal Prefect: Sarah
Tribune of Naturalization: Bdurham07
Tribune of Culture: AngryScientist77
Tribune of Communications: Drinarius
People’s Tribune: Lord Eros Anphedite

Senatorial Prefect: Lord Eros Anphedite
Delegate: Shapirius

Hail Emperor Ciphra!

The humble crown of our New Emperor

Senatorial Prefect and an original founder of the Empire, Rex Ciphra, has ascended to the highest office in the Empire. On January the 20th, in full attendance by the Triumvirate, the Praetorian Prefect, the Revelators of the Most High, the citizenry of the Empire, and the general public, Rex Ciphra was crowned as Rex Ciphra Pertinax, Augustus of Mare Nostrum. The occasion was marked with speeches from government figures, kind remarks from citizens and diplomatic friends, and with general revelry.

Rex is one of the original founders of Mare Nostrum. In his time here, he has served as Senatorial Prefect, a Revelator of the Most High Gods, and as an active soldier in the Marian Legions, along with immense contributions to our community socially. His ascension to the Imperial Office follows the departure of Paulus Gaius. Rex Ciphra will serve as the third Emperor of Mare Nostrum. His position as Senatorial Prefect is succeeded by Lord Eros Anphedite.

Legatus Developments

Sigil of the First Class Urban Cohort

January was a rather busy month for the Marian Legions. The highlight of the month was our participation in the successful campaign in Politics Amino. In an operation headed by the Osiran Sekhmet Legion, the Marian Legion were a part of the update and occupying force. In recognition of the campaign, the Legion has released the Politics Amino Campaign Ribbon to all troops who participated. January also saw the Marian Legions participate as a piling force in St Abbadon, and in the attempted occupation of Grand Central. During this time period, the Marian Legions also participated in regular tag raiding and training operations.

In other parts of the Legatus, January saw the launch of the Urban Cohort program. The Urban Cohort is a domestic World Assembly Development Initiative seeking to recognize and reward those members of the region who have successfully joined the World Assembly and have endorsed the regional delegate. The Urban Cohort is divided into classes, recognizing those who have just joined the World Assembly and further recognizing those who have endorsed the regional delegate. The program is expected to continue in the following months, in order to continually reward and build the regional World Assembly base.

  • Lord Eros Anphedite has been appointed to serve as People’s Tribune
  • The Marian Roleplay Community has seen a particularly active month, especially in the Orphans of Rome RP.
  • January elections concluded with the re-election of Sarah as Tribunal Prefect
  • The Regional Discord server achieved 21,977 posts in the month of January!