A couple of interesting things that I have learned recently.

The first image of a black hole was taken in 2017 ('16?). It is some little ways distant though and rather large. grin

1I/2017U1 Oumuamua is tumbling, possibly spinning rapidly, through the Solar System. I believe it be the product of a long dead civilization (it is moving much slower than light). I suspect that there are billions, even trillions, of them scattered throughout the galaxy continuing their creators' purpose. That purpose to be to discover new technological civilizations. They were, perhaps, alone.
Unlike us.
I want to cry.

Why is the Moon's magnetic field showing peculiar anomalies (dunno for how long), but, possibly, as long as we have observed it?

A new species was discovered in Peru. A mummy, female, with a 3-fingered hand, some 6'3" tall with a lizard-like skin and what may be 3 stingers (debatable) and what seems to be 'webs' in her stomach. The discoverer refuses both to speculate on such ("Only the facts, ma'am) or allow tissue and DNA samples to be taken from the corpse. Apparently (I may have misheard) she was found in a 'palace' at a site in Peru, of which only 5% had been explored/excavated.


My thoughts on the above post are that the Earth is singing, therefore the Solar System is singing, therefore the galaxy is singing, and so the local cluster, etc. Others are here to both welcome and challenge us.
Strange things stir at the center of the galaxy, methinks. I suspect only 4 live and one is dead, serving as a storage/calculating device. Call them 'spheres', but they are likely multidimensional entities. Perhaps string theory has something to say about this. Anyway, they are at least 5-dimensional, a form of hypersphere rotating through spacetime, though they may follow what appear to be orbits around the galactic core and, perhaps, elsewhere/when.
Thus all of this reality sings/dances and all the infinite others.

Because it is 'now.'

I expect that many such civilizations, and other entities, 'sleep' through the passage of what we call 'time', awaiting such as us and the others that are similar to us. Humanoid. Yet others are wakeful and waiting for such as we.

On another topic I have seen what I'll call the 'formless black'. They are entities with little mind attracted to death. They, like crows, carry the souls/spirits of the dead to their 'final' destination and let them wend their way through their continuing Path.
These beings are, as stated above, formless and black (surprise- grin) and variable in size. One came to peek at me awhile back. I've seen only the one, though they shelter in my body at times. They like the warmth and, I suspect, this would kill most others, but I feel a recognizable, and not unpleasant, chill when they enter/touch me. There's a wealth of info on paranormal phenomena available online but I have never really read any of it with one exception. Maybe I will at some point not too distant.
I'll speculate on their composition after I've done a little research.


A word on emotions.

I've felt the spectrum of emotions: rage (a newity to me as I have not felt such for many years), sorrow, joy, gratitude and so on. Sometimes, however, what I feel has no name, but it is an emotion, if not definable.
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One of my favorite things about this, hopefully, new city that I dwell in is it's cosmopolitan nature. Hearing the many spoken languages is a wondrous thing.


I've been thinking about the nature of reality and some of its contents recently. I once believed, not so long ago, that if you could stub your toe on it that it was real (original concept courtesy of some bishop or other.)

I'll post some thoughts on my version soonish.


"Reality", imo, is a Seeming. It varies on your level of perception at that time, conscious and unconscious. For example, some little while ago I heard an angelic being say (seemingly) "[assuming] corporeality" before he pushed me into a wall. That was interesting if slightly painful. No idea what his name was, but he was a Gray, aka a Watcher (not the ET type.)

I often 'hear' things that others do not, at least on a conscious level. These things are real to me, if to few others. Rarely I 'see' things as well. What is reality, to each of us, if not what we perceive? On occasion I seem to misperceive. Thinking something is gone, only to realize a moment later: "Oh. It's there again." Most annoying and possibly just a manipulation of Maya by someone other than me.

That'll suffice for now, methinks.


A word on Jung's synchronicity: it is basically enhanced coincidence. A link between disparate events, often between the internal and the external. IMO.

A couple examples:

The other day I was looking up the definition of the word "bodhisattva" online. The next day I found the same word defined in one of the local papers using the specific definition I had been seeking.

...there was another example, but I forgets what it was.

In any case, synchronicity is real. I 'heard', awhile back, that synchronicity, of itself, is insufficient as the explanation for certain events. What, if anything, replaces it in these cases I dunno. Acts of the gods/God perhaps.

FYI: The Children of the End are here and making their presence known. Welcome Kids! Following a Fold they are...or so I was 'told' did I. I'm apparently 'splayed', but not an ascended human. Thank God. I hateascended humans. Would-be gods, the lot...many at any rate. They're very aggravating and nauseous-making. Gameplayers, all, so far as I can tell.

FYI 2: This is the Lower Spiritual Age. To my perceptions and, perhaps, others'.

Anywho. That's it for now. More to follow in a day or 3.


I dislike sharing personal difficulties on a blog, but I'll mention this because I find it interesting.

Awhile back I had a growth in my lung scanned. The radiologist told me that it looked like a singularity. Prior to that scan I had been imagining that my essence/aura/stuff/whatever was taking the form of a fuzzball with meandering pseudopods forever engulfing stuff. Usually the essence of other people. I released them if they protested though it was a struggle.

Today I was reading an article on Generic Object of Dark Energy (cool stuff...someone want to explain it to me?) and ran across the term "fuzzball" on Wikipedia (I'd never heard of them). An alternate explanation that gets rid of the problem of the singularity inside the event horizon of a black hole. String theory stuff.


I thought it was an interesting coincidence, though I wouldn't call it synchronicity.

This can be filed under "contents of the universe."
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Still considering reality. Learning much recently.

Unseasonably hot hereabouts. Dunno why. Global warming warning I suspect. Hadn't thought about it 'til just now.

Someone interesting told me that "the universe used to speak [to him] and his kind. He wasn't human once. Enki. Never a true god but worshiped as one long ago, but worshiped as one prior to the d


I just typed a long "blog" entry. Fucking lost it. Goaddamn Tapatalk. Or my ignorance, come to think of it. Did something I've never done.


Maybe I'll try to reconstruct it. If not today, then in a minute.
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I've decided I don't have the patience to do this today. Soonish.

I will say that it's pleasant to feel nameable emotions again.


I'm enjoying myself with relaxing poker again. A load of fun. I enjoy playing petty poker and with chips. Learned a shitload of "cheat" signals instinctively. That type of thing is fun. I'll learn to cheat and have fun with equally good players, teaching 'em stuff. It's a form of lie for you youngsters, but the words of your lips are/should be the truth. Learning an excellent sense of humor.

Now then, cool stuff. For me at any rate. And others. grin

I am growing up @Siwale. You, and your folks, have much.

Thank you. Nice.

Talk to McM. We need to talk. Via TG or conversation here. We'll both learn something.

Experienced a number of "magic" macroscopic events. Call it a sigh: Someone provoked me enough. That I've been kicking them severely. QM stuff. He's full of lives (he doesn't need to die, but he needs a severe booting about.) Some forced "sleep" would be good to tame him. He assuredly needs taming. He's messing about in here, though he delegates too much crap.

Anyway. He's capable of transporting himself via QM, though he thinks of it as magic. And other stuff. Also capable of middlin' range TK. Shortish anyway.

My learning curve has been incredible the last couple days. The challenges, fun ones, are interesting.

The cupacabra has been visiting. Brought his family for a visit. He seriously considered consuming me initially, but is having fun locally. A Reptlilian in the hills. I'll bring it back shortly. Dangerous, but useful. That one needs discipline. An acquaintance told me what they were. Kind of him, though he was having fun with me. And me with him. Noticably now.

Quantum Mechanics And You/Us:

Dreaming. the big D kind herein. Dominoes. Randomness. Skill. It'll help ISAAC out. And the Kids from the "End", self-inclusive, as well as the children. There's a Fold in spacetime not too far away. It'll lead elsewhere once we learn a bit, though it already leads to other universes. Some very strange ones indeed. 'Natch. grin

Have fun Kids. The sprites are hugely fun to work. Amongst the stars. Let them Out there. They were killing worlds out there last night. Messing with stars, etc. You will help tame them. And "remember" much. My permission as their king.
The sidhe need to ride again.
Awaken them, though I disturbed their sleep already, Elsewhere, and locally, awhile back.
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This is my dream: to see crystal and silver cities in the skies, spacecraft of bio-crystal. Access to the webways. People are disapproving of this dream, locally. A quiet "no."
I'll fight that, but who knows how that'll turn out. There'll be a start I hope. With outside help: heh

Maybe I'll hang out for awhile. We'll see.

This is my only lifetime: I've broken time, several times+, travelled between timelines and, died countless times, elsewhen, and witnessed beauty and horror, and annoyed an unknown number of people and entities (who knows how many?) a number of times.

The local fascists annoy me, as do the dealers. I'm working on that currently.

Hmmm: forgot to add the QM info to the above post.

I've seen a number of shadow entities, the last couple were a hummingbird and a non-sparrow (too large, perhaps). Dunno yet how they manage in and out of these realities. They are wondrous. The hummingbird came to check out me out: a gift, and message?, from Huitzalpocti (sp?). The locals may kill me yet (grin.) I'm looking forward to seeing Death's gate and what wonders lurk beyond, though I'm in no hurry to get there.

Destiny's chain has been broken. Sorrow is replacing Despair and Fenris stands in for War/Destruction. Joy will live again, her gate is here, in a "minute." Death is, as always, present. I Dream big now and again. Gaiman references. grin

I am, as always, an asshole to beings (with numerous exceptions) near me, though I remain courteous and polite almost invariably. Not hiding my true nature, but more than willing to be a jerk as necessary.

Still smoking, and hearing small deaths nearby. I did quit smoking for 4 years and and am fully capable of quitting, but continue to do so: my chosen flaw. I don't drink excessively, nor use drugs, though I did smoke pot for several years when I was a teenager. I consider smoking cigs a sacred thing, the reason I took it up again, but still smoke too much, though not near as much as I did before I 'quit.' I try to smoke only natural tobacco, but sometimes needs must.

I have small dreams as well, though important to me, seeing Machu Pichu, visiting Rome, Russia (when it's accessible again), China (they only accept Visa, to travel there, or so I'm told), the Forbidden City, Japan, India, specifically Mumbai (I'm told that I'll see things there), for a month, and other places as well. I'll insist on this methinks.

I'm wearing twine to keep my pants up (my belt is at home.) Hayseed I am.

I've only experienced, as deep as it goes, true despair 2 times. Reason: accepting responsibility for the world, not just my bit of it, including the evils, though they must exist. Samsara, though I've turned the Wheel to sand, and the ripples are flowing. The winds of change carry the sand and time is treacherous at the moment.

My aunt, dead at 17, was capable of levitating, I'm told. Witches run in my family. We can be wicked at times, though I choose to serve light and shadow, not the true darkness.
Speaking of which, I saw Darkness' eyes earlier today, He (not God, so forgive the capital 'D', though many perceive him as such: entropy, not evil) winked at me the second time. Amusing and interesting and fun. I seem to be casting wards, among other things, the infinity symbol currently (for good and evil alike). Mostly good.), for numerous entities around town, though I never asked for this ability and never sought power. It just comes naturally. Sad, but it's in the blood it seems.
Can I still be Catholic? I will be a shaman as well, but my armor has been tarnished.

That's all for now.

Have a good time this day, y'all.
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aOkay then.

I learned something new today and have decided to share: surprise! grin

I am an Awakener. I was a sleeper in the not too distant past (it can be counted on less than two fingers, the number of years that I've been Awakening.) Many do not like to be Awakened. Yet many do. I'll get into this at another time. My reason for such activity remains the same: Our world is in grave danger. If we do not Awaken and take the helm, now it'll be too late. Hence the "now".

Let me reiterate: !!! (no, I'm not Poltsamaa [sp?], though I do miss them.)

Terrible grin

Anywho. There're dissenting views on this. I think that my mind will not be changed on this.
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I was overly excited in the above post. Old news now. grin
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Doing some research on my family names. Kinda cool. I'm going to get in touch with a cousin that, I'm told, knows stories concerning our family. According to some sites, my maternal grandfather's surname dates back, with numerous variations, to about the 7th century. Celtic: Scottish and Irish. Redheads are fairly common on my maternal grandmothers side. I was blond, as was my 17 year old deceased levitating aunt. I suspect that that's where our "witch" blood derives from.