NBS News Show: Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Semi-retired legal nerd.

This is the Northern Broadcasting Service, brought to you by The North Pacific’s Ministry of Communications. I am Brendog, and I am joined today by Bobberino and Yalkan. El Fiji Grande and others may also join us later, but we'll have to see about that. Today we will be discussing the Drama surrounding the New Pacific Order, the recent flurry of activity in the Regional Assembly, the recent resignation of Defense Minister Loz and Zaz returning to power, some recent events, and the revival of Dear Yalkan. Before we get started, I'd like to note that participants in this news show are free to voice their opinion as they see fit. As such, the opinions expressed in this episode do not necessarily represent the Ministry of Communications or The North Pacific. So with that aside, let's do some introductions and get started.
Topics List NBS #15:
1. New Pacific Order

  • Why do you think The North Pacific intervened into St. Abbaddon?
  • Do you think the situation could had been avoided?
  • Do you think Emperor Aleisyr's and Consul Pergamon's resignation was enough?
  • Was the Condemnation needed?
  • If you were Emperor in that situation, would you had ordered the ejection of local native Topid?
  • Do you accept the apology from Emperor East Durthang?
2. RA Activity
  • A number of bills to discuss
    [**] Delegate Advisor Law
    [**] Citizenship Amendment
    [**] Artemis's Security Council Application
    [**] Election Commission Nominations of Brendog and Artemis
    [**] Election Commission Confirmation of Eluvatar and Owenstacy
    [**] Andrew's Citizenship
  • Do you think the Regional Assembly Standing Procedures should be amended?
3. Loz's resignation and Zaz brought back as MoD
  • Do you think Loz did a good job as Minister of Defense?
  • D you think Zaz can do well during this 3 week period as Minister of Defense?
  • How many operations do you think Zaz can get into this term?
  • Do you object to any of the recent Developments of the North Pacific Army.
4. Recent Events
  • Endorsement Frenzy
    [**]Do you think the Endorsement Frenzy is a good idea?
    [**]Do you think the Endorsement Frenzy is hurting the North Pacific Army?
  • Harry Potter and the Festival of Friendship
    [**]Do you support the idea of the event?
    [**]Do you like the book series Harry Potter?
    [**]If you could choose the them for another event like this, what would it be?
5. Dear Yalkan
  • N/A
Extra topics, if time permits
  • January General Election predictions
  • Opinions of the term