NBS News Show: Saturday, October 20, 2018

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El Fiji Grande

Minister of Radio

This is the Northern Broadcasting Service, brought to you by The North Pacific’s Ministry of Communications. I am El Fiji Grande, and I am joined today by Bobberino, Brendog, and Hardonius. Today we will be discussing the recently completed election cycle, ministers and their plans, and recent and upcoming NS events. Before we get started, I'd like to note that participants in this news show are free to voice their opinion as they see fit. As such, the opinions expressed in this episode do not necessarily represent the Ministry of Communications or The North Pacific. So with that aside, let's get started.

Topics List NBS #13:

1. Elections Completed
  • Results
  • Any surprises? Upsets? How large was RON as compared to normal?
  • Thoughts on the fact that it was rescheduled twice, for three total ballots?
  • Thoughts on Prydania's Request for Review?
  • Thoughts on BluieGamer's Amendment to extend term and delay next elections?
2. Minister Selections/Plans
  • Comments on Ministers and their Deputies?
  • How has the transition been so far?
  • Comments/suggestions for future plans?
3. N-Day
  • UPPERCUT Alliance: Does this improve our foreign relations with the Pacifics?
  • Should we ally with other regions in subsequent years or should Uppercut continue to be composed of Feeders?
4. Z-Day Preparations
  • For newcomers, brief review of what Z-Day is
  • Poll stacking with QuietDad and other NPA members trying to get us to embrace the zombie horde
  • Should we try cure each and every year?
  • Is there a specific goal we're trying to hit? If we achieve that, will there be a badge much like the AAAAAAA badge after N-Day?
5. Join NBS, Comms, NPA

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to listen in. This is NBS: your compass to The North Pacific and the wider NS World!
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I like this, it's just that QuietDad didnt just stack, other NPA members did too.


Hoppin' Around
Minister of communication can you appoint me as a ministry of communication
As you have already applied for the position in the correct thread, in addition to posting (twice) on his profile and then here, I do believe he will become aware of your interest and get back to you regarding joining the Ministry of Communication.
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