Discussion of Roleplay-Related Opinions


the sentient Ry Bread, at your service!
What do you guys as writers, authors and roleplayers believe makes a "good" roleplay post? What is your definition of a "good" one? Are there some techniques that may work in novel/short story writing but not in writing for roleplay, or vice versa? What are your thoughts/opinions on these questions! Let's have a friendly discussion!


A good roleplay post cannot be described. Instead, it must be ACTED!

Usually, for forums, I see it like this:

Remnant, home of Faunus, Humanity, and Grimm. Three kinds of beings which cannot learn to live in peace. Mistral is a product of such, as the night went on. Three Faunus stood outside the Schnee Dust Company Production Center as they looked at each other. "So this is the building," asked one of them, looking at the locked door. The second one responded, "Should be. I dunno, I just work in Processing." The three argued before they heard the voice of their mission leader right next to them. "It doesn't matter at this point," he said, hand on his katana hilt, "it's now or never in which we make a difference..."