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Krevt has been Resource manager , Map Co-ordinator, RMB Co-ordinator, Defence Secretary (The Allied States), RP-Managing Head in more than 5 regions prior entering TNP.
Nations from The Regions have kept on appreciating KREVT for care for the Nations and policies that improve the quality of RMBing and any other sort of Stuff that highly affects the nations.

I Dont know whether TNP has a sense of Hospitality or not, Whether the other candidates are NO-CORRUPT nations or not. I surely know that people love only those who have a special place for them in heart.



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Why have you just now posted a Campaign Thread, when in fact you declared your candidacy for Vice-Delegate on July 14th?


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Your newness to the region, lack of any solid platform, age of thirteen (yes I know age shouldn't be an issue, but we cannot deny that with age comes maturity, and thus reliability. Not saying all are reliable, but in general this holds true), being late to post a campaign thread, posting a campaign thread while voting is already ongoing, horrible formatting and unsubstantiated claims are all glaring signs to not vote for you. Take it as you may, but these are my opinions. I wholeheartedly advise that you stay a while and observe and learn, like I've told you before. I don't know what you did in those regions (if those claims are true, I would like some evidence), but TNP isn't electing people just for kicks. We have a huge community, and a functional government is necessary to keep things running smoothly. Again, sit back, and watch how life in TNP is. Once you've made a name for yourself (in a good way, not as that guy who randomly tried to run for Vice Delegate on some half-baked campaign), been here for maybe a year, acquired some positions through hard work, participated a lot, and made good friends with people around, only then should you even consider running for Vice Delegate. This may be a game, but it is a game we play quite seriously.

That is all.

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I don’t mean to make accusations but it concerns me your thread has just started, in the past this has been done to dodge the bulk of questioning, how would you respond?


I don’t do this often, so please forgive me.

While I do think your campaign is too little, too late, if you’re serious about becoming Vice Delegate in the future, do reach out to me, and I’ll do my best to help get you there.

The North Pacific is a place of opportunity, and I want to give you that chance. Best of luck in this election, but do reach out to me if you aren’t elected.


This place clearly needs younger more able-bodied people to lead its inhabitants! Allow Krevt to usher in a new TNP order! All hail the glorious patriarchy!

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This might feel like dog piling questions but I have two more that need to be answered.

1.) The Vice-Delegate is primarily a Security position in TNP. It fills the role as the chair of the Security Council and is the primary person to take over the seat of Delegate in the case of a Delegate who has gone rogue, resigned, or disappeared. How is the quality of "RMBing" any concern of the Vice Delegate and not the sole responsibility of the RMB Moderation Team and their partners in the Gameside Advocate's Office?

2.) The Vice-Delegate has a mandated minimum amount of World Assembly Endorsements in relation to the Delegate. Your nation is not even part of the World Assembly. The Delegate currently has just under 1,200 Endorsements and the Security Council averages roughly ~850. The Vice Delegate needs to have ~1,000 or so to get into the #2 position. So why are you running for Vice Delegate and have neglected to join the WA or to gain WA endorsements?