Schedule of Seminars


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Time/Date - shown in GMT[c]Speaker[c]Topic[c]1AM Wednesday 13 June[c]Lamoni[c]Effective Moderation of Roleplay[c]4AM Thursday 14 June[c]The State of Monavia[c]NationStates Diplomacy[c]10AM Friday 15 June[c]Starblaydia[c]Introduction to NS Sports[c]1AM Saturday 16 June[c]The Macabees[c]OPing a RP Thread[c]4AM Sunday 17 June[c]Olivia[c]Roleplay Flaws and Quirks: Interesting Character Development[c]1AM Monday 18 June[c]Prydania[c]Creation of Mythology/Religion[c]10AM Tuesday 19 June[c]The Scandinvans[c]Creating Religion/Mythology[c]1AM Wednesday 20 June[c]Ghant[c]Key differences between Nation Roleplay and Character Roleplay

A special group seminar on the design of military equipment will also be held. The final date and time for this is TBC.