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    Welcome to the second annual Democracy Day kickstarter! Some of you may recall last year's event, which was by all measures wildly successful. Well, we're doing it again this year, with some new and exciting swag to collect! We've also upgraded the free item that everyone will get from a Pocket Constitution to a Pocket Constibillocode. Exciting!


    We have been advised that promoting this project on the NationStates site is a violation of NS rules and could get us all in trouble. DO NOT MENTION A WORD OF THIS PROJECT ON THE NS WEB SITE. That means do not discuss this Kickstarter or the pocket constibillocode on the RMB, through telegram, on the on-site NS forums, in customized nation fields, or in polls, WFEs, etc. This will be promoted and discussed entirely through Discord and off-site forums, which we have confirmed is permitted.


    The Kickstarter is live. Go get your rewards and support the dissemination of TNP Democracy!


    Democracy Day is on July 7th, and the Culture Ministry plans to produce hard-copy miniature paperbacks containing the TNP Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Legal Code, and then offer to mail them anywhere in the world for free. On Democracy Day, all residents on the TNP forum and discord will be offered the opportunity to anonymously fill out a google form with their address (and no other information whatsoever) and we will send them their free constibillocode.

    Last year, we received 46 requests, including kickstarter backers, but there were several people who missed the cutoff and did not get the chance to order their booklet. This year, we plan to order 75, and continue to take requests and ship until we run out.


    The pocket constibillocode will be a perfect bound miniature paperback book, measuring 3.5" x 5" and containing approximately 90 pages. In addition to the current text of the constitution, bill of rights, and legal code, it will feature an afterword by the delegate, a page with information about the project, a page or two containing the current government officials, and possibly a few other pages of remarks from significant TNPers.


    Exclusive rewards are available to those who back the Kickstarter. In addition to a free constibillocode, all backers contributing at least $1 will receive a bookmark with the complete Flemingovian Constitution printed on it, front and back. Higher tier pledges can get you a commemorative shot glass with the TNP Coat of Arms in full color, a set of coasters featuring the seals of all government bodies, or the Compendium of Law, which includes everything in the Constibillocode plus the rules and procedures for the Regional Assembly, Security Council, Election Commission, and Court, as well as all current treaties.

    Questions can be posted here, or directed to the staff of the Culture Ministry, in particular SillyString and Crushing Our Enemies.
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    Everyone needs a TNP shot glass in their life! :jack:
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    Here is the Constibillocode from last year, open to a relevant page. It was only available as a Kickstarter reward last year, but it will be mailed for free to anyone who requests one on Democracy Day this year:


    Here you get a good look at the cover of the Constibillocode from last year, as well as the Compendium of Law (available as a Kickstarter reward at the $10 level). The covers will probably be tweaked a bit this year:


    No previews of the shot glass, coasters, or bookmark cause we've never done those before. We're almost to our goal! Un-used funds will go first towards re-hosting our forums in the post-Zeta era, and second towards future TNP holiday celebrations.
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    So pleased to see this going ahead & happy to contribute.

    I encourage all citizens to do so - every dollar helps!
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    I remember this from last year. Great to see it again! :D
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    Great cause, lets keep it going!
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    Happy to be a part of this, :tnp:
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    As the creator of the term Constibillocode do I get any credit :tb3:
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    It's a bargain. On its own the bookmark is worth twice the price.
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    seems like there may be a little bias here :)
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    The bookmark contains the literary and political diamond in the midst of the coal that is the rest of the Constabollocode.
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    Being charged with the protection of our laws, I feel like Im supposed to be offended to this XD
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    You should, but so also should the one that came up with "Constabollocode", in this very thread. Mean but classy.
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    inb4 we all start calling it the Constabollocode.