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Discussion in 'The Agora' started by Syrixia, May 15, 2018.

  1. Syrixia

    Syrixia LBer Citizen

    Two years ago, around the time 2016 began, I drew this slightly embarrassing picture of the TNP Roleplay gang at that time in countryballs. Today, I was inspired to do an updated version, specifically for Eras RP.

    I'd like to preface this with two things: 1. Andrenne helped a bunch with certain tidbits around the image; so props go to him as well. And 2. I didn't have room for everyone, so I'm sorry if you didn't make it on.

    Now, without further ado...
  2. Dinoium

    Dinoium Deputy Attorney General Citizen

    Looks nice Syrixia, but I like the old one, especially the old one with Tomb being all authoritarian like always :P
  3. Darcania

    Darcania LBer

    Looking forward to 2020 now, maybe by then I can re-join the squad :P
  4. Syrixia

    Syrixia LBer Citizen

    Totally! :D

    or maybe you can post things lbrllbrlblrlblrlblr
  5. Wonderess

    Wonderess Deputy Speaker Deputy Speaker Citizen

    How fun!
  6. mcmasterdonia

    mcmasterdonia Minister of Culture Staff Member Administrator Minister Security Council Citizen NPA

    Could you put the old one up too?
  7. Syrixia

    Syrixia LBer Citizen

    I linked it. Do you mean as an image in a spoiler?
  8. Ema Skye

    Ema Skye LBer

    wjere am i!!!!!!
  9. Syrixia

    Syrixia LBer Citizen

    Andy and I updated the picture today; due to Sutherland and Arrandal's flag changes. Andy did the meat of the update, so props to him! :3
  10. Nessuno

    Nessuno LBer

    :cry: :cry: :cry:

    The good old days of the beginning