May 2018 Term Summary

Discussion in 'Office of Attorney General' started by Goyanes, May 12, 2018.

  1. Goyanes

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    Office of the Attorney General
    Effective May 12, 2018

    Hello TNP,
    I am your Attorney General, Goyanes, but feel free to call me Goy. I am extremely happy to have won my second re-election, but we have to get to business. Continuing the precedent, feel free to leave suggestions, questions, or requests here and I'll try to get to them.

    In my capacity as Attorney General, I re-appoint Deropia, Tlomz, and Asta as Deputy Attorneys General. I will also continue Darcania's vacancy-protection-plan and and designate Asta to become acting AG should my vacancy become a reality. I hope we as an office will not have to resort to this during the term.

    Thank You,
  2. Dinoium

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    :rum: I wish you good luck on your 2nd term and I wish you and your deputies good luck this term!!
    :tnp: :tnp: :tnp: :tnp: :tnp:
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